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What is a negative attitude?

People who behave badly and are easily attracted to the bad in everything are called people who have a negative attitude. They usually spot anything negative, be it people, situations, or behaviors.

In any work environment, there are different types of employees with different attitudes. The most common different types of configuration are

  1. be positive
  2. very diplomatic
  3. negative mindset

The first two ways of thinking will mostly not disturb the environment. butEmployees with bad attitudes are very difficult to deal with.since they alter the environment and also contaminate the work ethic.

11 Types of Negative Attitudes in the Workplace: How to Deal With Them - Wisestep (1)

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that it is very difficult to detect or identify people's negative attitudes in the workplace, as they are like a grenade. It would only be found if it exploded.

Therefore, it is very important to identify these people with negative attitudes and stop making them interfere with work performance or generate negative vibrations in the work environment.

Unacceptable behavior at work:

Bad behavior cannot be tolerated, especially in the workplace. It can affect the good working environment in the workplace, which can affect the productivity of the employees.

Even if your employees don't talk about it, bad behavior is bound to irritate them. This can lead to a breakdown in the relationship between your colleagues.

10 terrible behaviors at work:

  1. discrimination in the workplace
  2. Behave as inferior to service providers.
  3. Unpredictable/aggressive driving that endangers others.
  4. Mocking of race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or religion.
  5. Accept credit for the work of others.
  6. Littering.
  7. Disability rights abuse.
  8. Behaving aggressively or intimidating others.
  9. Smoking in non-smoking premises
  10. Using cell phones or sending text messages while on a call or in a meeting.

Effects of a Negative Attitude in the Workplace:

Before we move on to the detrimental effects of bad attitudes in the workplace, let's take a look at some characteristics of effective teams.

JoyaJ Richard Hackman, in his book Leading Teams, "Effective teams are those that deliver results that go beyond what the customer expects.

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The work process leads the team to become a cohesive group in the long term.

It is a team of individuals working together and improving together.

Now, with the above points in mind, let's discuss the implications of having a negative attitude.

  • The inability of the team to deliver the project to its client on time.
  • Destroys team cohesion
  • It will cause the team members within the team to have adverse effects.

There are few other effects of negative attitudes in the workplace.

  • decrease in performance
  • dissatisfied customers
  • Identify problem situations.
  • Look for solutions

Read this post to learn more about the different types of negative attitudes in the workplace.

List of bad or negative attitudes in the workplace:

Here are some of the most common negative workplace traits or different types of workplace attitude problems.

1. Exaggerating the mistakes made by teammates:

One of the most common negative attitudes in the workplace is exaggerating the faults of others, which is not a very decent attitude. It is natural for an employee to make a mistake at work.

There are few people with a negative attitude who will try to ruin other people's careers by pointing out the mistakes they have made. Yes, it is very important that they understand their mistake and help them.recover from it. But he doesn't spread it all over the office, as it will eventually bring them down and make them feel bad.

2. Talking bad about other employees or spreading rumors:

There are times when few employees fall short in their personal or professional lives. And it could also reach the workplace through many loopholes. In these cases, few employees with negative attitudes spread rumors or comment on the personal lives of others in the workplace.

This will totally ruin the affected person and create a negative image of him.spreading rumorsIt's one of the most common types of negative attitude that has a huge impact in the workplace.

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3. Gossip about superiors or employees:

It is a very bad way to talk about a person if they are not there. This doesn't mean you should never talk about someone in the workplace, but it is very negative to talk bad about others or comment on others when they are outside the workplace.

In particular, commenting on the manager's opinion or talking about the way of thinking of others is a very negative attitude in the work environment.

4. Dominating the team or disagreeing with senior officials:

Not being in line with the motive of the organization is also a negative attitude on the part of the employees. For example, there are few employees who always try to dominate the team or never get in sync with the team's opinion.

It's good to have individuality in a team, but don't create chaos and don't always try to challenge the senior official's judgment on workplace issues.

5. Never accept criticism:

Any employee can receive both types of criticism from their peers or senior officials. It's natural to feel bad about receiving negative feedback. However, this does not mean that negative feedback cannot be accepted.

One of the most common negative attitudes is to fight back or fight back when they don't get good reviews. show attitudeRetribution for negative commentsnot a good way to show resistance.

6. Don't compliment other people's good work, instead try to put them down by speaking negatively:

There are times when the teammates give their best or have a good setback for their project.

Few employees these days don't appreciate each other's good work or never compliment other employees in the office.

This is one of the worst negative attitudes that completely ruins the character of an individual.appreciation at worko Peer encouragement is very important in the workplace.

At worst, people with negative attitudes also badmouth an employee who performs above average in the workplace.

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7. Too many expectations of his presence in the team:

In an office environment, senior managers may not encourage or compliment their team members every day. It's natural to forget or lose some employees, even if they perform better as a team.

One of the most common negative attitudes is expecting too much appreciation or always expecting to be the center of attention in your organization. This is a very stifling attitude, as it could unsettle the entire team, as everyone could become very aware of each other.

8. Expressing opinions very rudely:

It is not always necessary for a team to accept the opinion of each individual employee. The point of view or opinion of some employees may be rejected when making a progressive decision for the team. One of the worst ways to show a negative attitude is to express discontent in a very rude way.

Sometimes an employee can display a negative attitudeworst behavior in the workplacesuch as banging on the table or yelling in a higher pitch as a team to show their discontent. This is a very worrying attitude, as it could upset the work ethic and ruin the general atmosphere in the workplace.

9. Showing disrespect for other emotions:

Each individual employee in an organization may have a different lifestyle or personal opinion on many issues. One of the most worrying negative attitudes is the lack of respect for the opinions of others.

For exampleIn an office where thousands of people work together, only a few employees may want to take a break from work or have some personal emergencies. In such cases, few senior executives do not respect or value the decision of their team members.

Either they try to ignore the emotions of their teammates or they make fun of them in a very harsh way. This type of negative attitude is very common among employers.

10. A very non-confidential attitude towards team matters:

Any organization can have highly confidential matters that cannot be discussed outside of the team. And there is a need to share the confidential matter within the team but not outside the team.

In such cases, there are few employees who always spread highly confidential things outside the team or do not keep secrets. This type of negative attitude can damage the team and create a bad image of the person.

11. No property if a mistake is made:

It is very common for teams to make mistakes. There are few people who are afraid to take responsibility for making a mistake or willfully avoid acknowledging the mistake they made. This kind of attitude is unhealthy and creates negative vibes throughout the team.

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Taking ownership is a must, in both positive and negative circumstances. And not taking personal responsibility in the workplace is a very negative attitude.

12. The introverted nature is not always acceptable:

It is not necessary for every employee to socialize with all team members and be a very outgoing person. But it is important not to be a very moody person or have a very introverted nature. This cannot be called a negative attitude, but there is a chance that the team will misunderstand them, since they do not share anything or tend to stay away from the team most of the time. This overly introverted nature becomes a problem when the employee stays away from a team while working.important decision makingscenarios.

For information on how to deal with negative attitudes in the workplace, check out this article (pdf):How to deal with negative attitudes in the workplace

Examples of negative behavior in the workplace:

Here are the 4 types of employees that could be the downfall of your business.


These types of employees break the rules without realizing it.


These employees engage in self-defeating ways of working


These types of employees intentionally harm the organization.

Serial Offender:

Employees engage in self-defeating behavior that undermines the authority of their employers.

Changing Employee Behavior: A Best Practice Guide for Managers:

The behaviors of past employees can be avoided if leaders can take a professional step. Some of the steps managers can take to reduce these behaviors

  • Be fair and consistent.
  • Development of organizational citizenship
  • Effective communication with employees.
  • Escuchar
  • be a role model

An office environment will have all kinds of people. And it should be understood that even if one employee has a negative attitude, it affects the entire environment. And most importantly, all negative vibes can disrupt the productivity of the organization.

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A team leader or manager is not solely responsible for this.make the atmosphere positive. It is the duty of each individual employee to be diligent and control his attitude towards work.

It is very important to remember that any kind of problem or problem in the team or related to work can only be addressed by having a positive attitude towards everything. Like computer virus-detection software, each individual employee should work to help each other, not display negative attitudes toward others. This not only improves the workplace, but also each individual employee grows personally. I hope this post helps you learn more about what a negative attitude is and the different types of negative attitudes in the workplace.


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