13 Best P.F. Chang's Menu Items, Ranked (2023)

When it comes to Asian cuisine, you have several choices. You can head to the local hole in the wall down the street or an upscale fine-dining Asian restaurant downtown -- but when you're looking for a place that's the best of both worlds, it's hard to beat P.F. by Chang.

13 Best P.F. Chang's Menu Items, Ranked (1)

The challenge, of course, is that when you get to the P.F. Chang's, you have so many restaurants that it can be difficult to choose.

Fear not though: having thoroughly and deeply dived into their menu, here I am with a first-hand guide for all P.F. Chang's menu items to choose from.

These dishes range from meaty main courses to delicious side dishes, so mix and match to suit your tastes. I also made sure to include items for vegetarians!

Mongolian beef

Despite its name, Mongolian beef isn't actually a Mongolian dish — it was created in Taiwan and made its way to the United States, where it's become a mainstay in Chinese restaurants.

FEDERAL POLICE. Chang's Mongolian Beef is a premium take on this classic, serving perfectly tender beef with flavorful onions, spicy garlic and P.F. Chang's Signature Sweet Soy Mongolian Meat Sauce.

This sauce is the main attraction, hitting your taste buds with just the right touches of salt and sweetness.

If you love the sauce but don't like the meat, the dish can also substitute tofu for the meat—a win-win situation.

Changs Spicy Chicken

Chang's Spicy Chicken emits a warm, golden glow from its perfectly cooked exterior - but not for long, because sooner or later you'll finish your dish.

One of P.F. Chang's menu, Chang's Spicy Chicken, consists of chicken that's infused with a delicious marinade, then fried until crispy and topped with a chili paste sauce, sesame oil and veggie dark sauce.

I recommend serving the dish with white rice, which both soaks up the sauce and helps refresh your tongue from the spice.

While the spicy dish isn't for everyone, it's one of my favorite options when watching P.F. by Chang.

Dynamite Shrimp

I found Dynamite Shrimp to be one of the best Japanese-inspired items on Chang's P.F. menu.

Imagine the taste of tender, delicate shrimp nestled in the light, crispy flavor of deep-fried tempura batter and topped with a rich Sriracha aioli - this is Dynamite Shrimp Delight.

You can even enhance the flavors by serving it over a fresh, crunchy salad.

Like the Spicy Chang Chicken, this is a spicier dish that may not be the best choice for those with a soft stomach.

However, if you are a fan of spices and seafood, there is no better option than this.

As a bonus, unlike most fried fish, Dynamite Shrimp is dairy free - so no problem for those who are lactose intolerant!

Glazed salmon with miso

There are many things in life that I love – walking on the beach at sunrise, being with loved ones, etc. – but my favorite might be a well-grilled salmon fillet.

Needless to say, P.F. Chang's Miso Glazed Salmon is what you need.

With a succulent, smoky fillet that's grilled to perfection and topped with a miso topping, this dish is like fireworks for the taste buds.

Even better, the chefs at P.F. Changs cracked the code for the salmon sides and served them with Asian mushrooms, spinach, cabbage, and garlic and ginger flavors.

It's a divine blend of umami and sweet that will get your taste buds jumping.

crispy chicken with honey

Speaking of awesome flavor combinations, I'd be remiss if I had one of the P.F. Chang's best menu items, the Crispy Honey Chicken.

Although this option is available for both chicken and shrimp, I went with the former - and I certainly have no regrets.

The dish offers a combination of flavors that are both foreign and familiar: hints of sweetness and hints of spiciness, like a great Memphis barbecue sauce.

In this case, P.F.A Change channels more traditional Asian flavors by marrying the sauce with perfectly breaded and fried chicken, then topping it with spicy spring onions.

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Crispy green beans

Want that light tempura crunch but not that it's your favorite item? Spring for crispy green beans, one of the most unique side dishes there is at P.F. by Chang.

This appetizer consists of fresh green beans mashed tempura-style and then fried to perfection, served with a signature hot sauce.

It doesn't quite have the full-bodied flavor of shrimp tempura, but that's the point — and it's absolutely amazing.

You could share this dish, but if you're like me, you won't want to.

Sesame Chicken

For a modern take on a Chinese classic, you can't go wrong with the sesame chicken.

The chicken, which arrives steaming hot and bathed in a delicious crimson sesame sauce, brought me back to all my favorite memories of dining at unassuming restaurants but added a touch of sophistication.

I recommend pairing the sesame chicken with a bowl of hot white rice - there's nothing quite like taking a big bite of rice loaded with all the raw flavors of P.F. Chang's unforgettable sesame sauce blended with tender chicken and crispy red pepper.

Vegetable spring rolls

Spring rolls hold a special place in my heart.

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When I was little, every time I visited my grandparents, my grandmother would be waiting for me with a plate of warm, toasted spring rolls (and a bowl of sweet chili sauce, of course), and I'm reminded of her every time I eat 1.

That said, I'm serious about my spring rolls - and I'm happy to say that P.F. Chang's lives up to expectations.

FEDERAL POLICE. Chang's Vegetable Spring Rolls are everything you want in spring rolls: they're crispy but not chewy, flavorful but not overwhelming, and delicious without being overly filling.

The restaurant's chefs found a perfect balance between the diced vegetables and the egg-based bowl, and I can count it as one of my favorite appetizers.

Beef with broccoli

If you want Asian flavors coupled with a quality cut of meat, go for Broccoli Beef.

This dish serves a tender and juicy flank steak in a delicious sauce that exudes the aroma of ginger and garlic.

Plus, chives and garlic add a pop of color and a satisfying crunch to the dish.

This is an especially good dish if you're looking to add some veggies to your diet, as broccoli florets are both delicious and healthy.

Hand-formed Crabs-Won-Tans

Simply the most beautiful appetizer in P.F. Chang's are the crab wantons.

My first reaction when they arrived at my table was just "wow" because the floral looking treats were probably the most sophisticated Chinese appetizers I've ever seen.

Taste-matched aesthetics. When you bite into these crunchy delights, you'll immediately taste the creamy, soft and delicate flavor of crab, along with the crunch of chives and paprika.

If you want a dipping sauce - which of course you do - you can pair these wontons with an amazingly flavorful plum sauce, which packs a kick of spice and a sweet hug in quick succession.


When I was a kid there was nothing like going out to the bay to catch lobsters, cages in hand.

This dish, perfect for sushi lovers, is the full realization of that indescribable experience.

Like all P.F. At Chang's, the dish is hand-rolled and accompanied by homemade sauces—in this case, a curried aioli that's as beautiful as it is delicious.

I recommend being fairly generous with this aioli as its creamy spiciness brings out the best flavors of the lobster avocado roll, from the sweet, meaty flavor of the lobster, the fresh umami of the avocado, and the smoky flavor of theSushi-Reis.

Prawns with lobster sauce

While I have an undying love for lobster, this dish doesn't actually contain it - although that hasn't stopped me from loving it!

In fact, lobster sauce originated in American Chinese restaurants as a sauce for serving lobster, which means it's a lot more adaptable — and it's a perfect base for this dish.

If you choose this as an appetizer, you'll have perfectly cooked shrimp spread on a plate with Asian umami mushrooms, chopped black beans, egg and spring onions - an eclectic mix of ingredients that came as a very pleasant surprise when I arrived one took a bite.

The lobster sauce itself adds a lot to this dish, giving it a smooth flavor that perfectly combines the different ingredients.

Lo My Subscription

The last of these best-of-P.F. Chang's list is Signature Lo Mein - which I can tell you from experience is called Signature for a reason!

Lo Mein is one of my favorite Chinese dishes and P.F. Chang's version sidesteps problems that plague other restaurants — namely, too much salt or too little meat — by heaping on tender noodles, meaty shiitake mushrooms, and lots of vegetables.

These include peas, broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, onions and togarashi bean sprouts, bursting with multiple flavors in every bite.

Add protein of your choice to prepare this dish, specially designed to make your taste buds explode with flavor.

13 best P.F. Chang's menu items

  1. Mongolian beef
  2. Changs Spicy Chicken
  3. Dynamite Shrimp
  4. Glazed salmon with miso
  5. crispy chicken with honey
  6. crispy green beans
  7. Sesame Chicken
  8. Vegetable spring rolls
  9. Beef with broccoli
  10. Hand-formed Crabs-Won-Tans
  11. Hummer-Avocado-Rolle
  12. Prawns with lobster sauce
  13. Lo My Subscription

final thoughts

As we have seen, P.F. Chang's has a wide range of outstanding options on its menu, perfect for any dinner.

Feel free to try the dishes on this list and share your thoughts - but in the meantime, if you're curious about what makes the best P.F. Chang's menu items, pick anything from this list and you won't be disappointed.

This page may contain affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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Why did PF Chang's change their menu? ›

The newest menu items were created to reflect the evolving and diverse palettes, flavors, and ingredients found throughout Asia. “We want to remind people of the excitement they felt when they first discovered P.F.

What does PF mean in PF Chang? ›

P.F. Chang's was conceived and developed by Paul Fleming (P.F.) and Philip Chiang (Chang) so both names were incorporated into the name of the concept.

What is the cheaper version of PF Changs? ›

The cheaper version of PF Changs. They are owned by the same company and it's basically the cheaper version of PF Changs. You get the same quality of food, same taste and flavor.

Is PF Chang's sesame chicken spicy? ›

No. P.F. Chang's Sesame Chicken is not spicy. If you prefer a hint of spice, ask your server about customization options.

Is PF Chang's owned by Mcdonald's? ›

Centerbridge Partners owned and operated Chang's until acquired by the private equity firm TriArtisan Capital Advisors on March 2, 2019.
P. F. Chang's.
Trade nameP.F. Chang's China Bistro
ProductsAmerican Asian cuisine
RevenueUS$1 billion (2021)
OwnerTriArtisan Capital Advisors, Paulson & Co
Number of employees26,000 (2021)
12 more rows

Is Chang's spicy chicken like General Tso? ›

Have you ever eaten at P.F. Chang's? They have “Chang's Spicy Chicken” on the menu, which is basically their version of general tso's. It has the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, and the sauce is light in color, which indicates it's not overloaded with soy sauce.

Which PF is best? ›

Which one is better?
EPF (Employee's Provident Fund)VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund)
Opening AccountEmployees in India (Salaried Individuals)
Interest Rate8.75% p.a.8.75% p.a.
Tax BenefitUp to Rs. 1 Lakh per year under Sec 80C
Period of InvestmentUp to retirement or resignation, whichever is earlier
4 more rows

Is PF Chang Japanese or Chinese? ›

We're not just Chinese food. Our co-founder, Philip Chiang, was born in Shanghai but grew up in Tokyo and was inspired by the Japanese emphasis on balance and simplicity in food. From the very beginning, our menu has been inspired by the great street food cities across Asia.

What oil does PF Chang's use? ›

Additionally, the chain uses soybean oil – not peanut oil – for cooking.

Does PF Chang's have free appetizers? ›

Members get a free dessert or appetizer on their birthday. Sign up for P.F. Chang's Preferred today!

Does PF Chang's give free birthday dessert? ›

Birthday Reward. If a Member has completed their full Member profile, including their birthday month, the Member will receive a Birthday Reward—a complimentary dessert of the Member's choice to enjoy any time during the Member's birthday month.

What does PF Chang's dynamite ranch taste like? ›

This ranch dressing is our version of a classic favorite with a kick. Our Dynamite Ranch blends tangy sriracha with smoky chipotle and brings just the right amount of heat to any meal.

What does PF Chang's orange chicken taste like? ›

And boy howdy, is this ever soaked! PF Chang's was not stingy on the sauce here — there's a ton of it, and the flavor is very potent. It's a super sweet, super citrusy taste, which we think is pretty alright.

Is PF Chang's kung pao sauce sweet? ›

Chang's Kung Pao Sauce mixes bold ingredients like fermented chili bean sauce, chili flakes, apple juice from concentrate, and vinegar for a sweet and tangy flavor you're sure to love.

What is PF Chang's orange chicken? ›

White meat chicken is paired with carrots, water chestnuts and edamame glazed with a spicy orange sauce.

What is the sister company of PF Changs? ›

The restaurant chain was created as Pei Wei Asian Diner in 2000 by P. F. Chang's China Bistro (PFCB) to compete in the fast casual restaurant segment with a Pan Asian menu and quick, made-to-order service model, while P. F. Chang's remained in the full-service restaurant segment.

Is PF Chang's made from scratch? ›

P.F. Chang's is an Asian restaurant concept founded on making food from scratch every day in every restaurant. Created in 1993 by Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming, P.F.

Does PF Chang's use MSG? ›

We do not use any MSG in our food. Sorry to hear your'e not feeling well.

Is General Tso or sweet and sour chicken better? ›

Difference Between General Tso and other Chinese Dishes

I've listed out their main difference below to make it a little more clear. Sweet and sour chicken: The two are super similar. The main difference is that General Tso sauce has more ginger flavor, as well as a little more heat from the hot sauce or chili flakes.

Is Kung Pao or General Tso better? ›

Kung Pao vs General Tso

Kung Pao is hot and spicy, whereas General Tso is sweet and spicy. There are no peanuts in General Tso, whereas peanuts are integral to Kung Pao. Kung Pao is a much older dish than General Tso.

What is Szechuan chicken vs General Tso? ›

What is the difference between Szechuan chicken and General Tso's chicken? Szechuan chicken tender to be spicier than General Tso's chicken and contains the Sichuan peppercorns. General Tso's chicken has a heavier batter on the chicken, and the chicken is deep fried instead of pan fried.

How can I maximize my PF? ›

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What are the disadvantages of PF? ›

Liquidity: Despite the return the risk and tax benefits are one drawback of the Provident Fund is the lack of liquidity with regards to access to these funds. Money that you invest in Provident Fund cannot be withdrawn until you're unemployed for 2 months or until retirement.

What is better PF or PPF? ›

Both are safe due to statutory backing. But EPF is riskier due to equity exposure in it. The EPFO declares the EPF rate every year based on the returns of the EPF corpus. The current EPF rate is 8.50% while the current PPF rate is 7.1%.

Does PF Chang's use frozen food? ›

For such a large chain, it's impressive that all P.F. Chang's kitchens make their menu items from scratch. Produce is local whenever possible, and vegetables and meat are prepped fresh each day.

Is Chang a boy or a girl? ›

Chang is a boy's name of Chinese origin that stretches back 4,500 years.

Who owns PF Chang's now? ›

P. F. Chang's

What kind of rice do they use at PF Changs? ›

Chang's Home Menu Jasmine White Rice Frozen Side brings restaurant-inspired food into your home. This delicious, long grain rice is the perfect side dish or base for any spectacular Asian-inspired meal. P.F.

What kind of rice does PF Changs use? ›

P.F. Chang's Home Menu Signature Rice Frozen Side features jasmine rice blended with carrots, peas and green onions and seasoned with savory sesame oil.

What kind of brown rice does PF Changs use? ›

Cooked Whole Grain Brown Rice (water, Brown Rice).

What should I bring to a bring and share? ›

Savoury Bring A Plate Ideas
  • Spicy meatballs.
  • Mini quiches or savoury tarts. What is this? Report Ad.
  • Spring rolls.
  • Sausage rolls and party pies.
  • Pizza scrolls.
  • Chicken or beef skewers.
  • Mini pizzas.
  • Savoury muffins.
15 Aug 2022

Does Olive Garden give you anything free on your birthday? ›

Is there a free birthday offer in the restaurant? Olive Garden guests can receive a complimentary dessert on their birthday when they dine with us.

Do you get a free piece of cheesecake on your birthday? ›

Complimentary Slices of Cheesecake

Get one for your birthday and one for just signing up!

What is the birthday reward for PF Changs? ›

Chang's locations, for every 2,000 points earned. Upon completion of your full Member profile, including your birthday month, you will also receive a Birthday Reward—a complimentary dessert or appetizer of your choice to enjoy any time during your birthday month.

What does PF Chang's kung pao sauce taste like? ›

Spicy yet balanced, our Kung Pao Sauce is anything but ordinary thanks to bold ingredients like fermented chili bean sauce and chili flakes, which are complemented with sweet and tangy flavors from apple juice concentrate and vinegar.

What does PF Chang's signature vinaigrette dressing taste like? ›

Bring the bistro home with the bold, unique flavor of our Signature Vinaigrette, a sweet and savory Asian vinaigrette dressing with a hint of mango. From salads to marinades to dipping sauces, it's just the burst of Asian-inspired umami flavor your meal is looking for.

What does Blue ranch taste like? ›

Blue cheese dressing has a strong and tangy flavor. On the other hand, the ranch is mild in flavor and has buttermilk, parsley, dill, garlic, onion, and onion chives.

Is PF Chang's kung pao chicken spicy? ›

Yes. P.F. Chang's Kung Pao Chicken/Kung Pao Shrimp is one of our signature spicy items.

Why is Orange Chicken so good? ›

Wang says it's the sauce's combination of sweet, sour, and savory flavor profiles that makes it stand out. The recipe includes brown sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, and crushed chili to give it a little bit of a kick, without making it spicy. To get the fresh orange taste, they use oils from the citrus peel.

Is PF Chang's sesame sauce sweet? ›

Simple yet bold, our Sesame Sauce highlights sweet, tangy and roasted notes with toasted sesame seeds, ginger, michiu flavored wine and brown sugar.

Which is hotter Szechuan or kung pao? ›

Kung pao chicken is mildly spicy, sweet and nutty. Meanwhile, Szechuan chicken is spicier and is not sweet or nutty. These two dishes are pretty similar. Therefore, many people confuse between the two dishes.

Is Szechuan sauce the same as kung pao? ›

However, the main difference between the Szechuan and kung pao versions is their spice level. Although both dishes have almost the same ingredient mix of sugar or honey, bell peppers, prawns and other seasonings, the Kung Pao variant adds nuts and has lesser spicy ingredients.

What are the three sauces at PF Changs? ›

PF Chang's Teriyaki, Kung Pao, Sesame and Mongolian Sauces.

What does Gfo mean on PF Chang's menu? ›

Gluten-Free Menu

Those with a gluten allergy or intolerance can order P.F. Chang's favorites like Chang's Lettuce Wraps and Chang's Spicy Chicken knowing their food will be made completely free of gluten. Our chefs use a designated gluten-free cooking area with gluten-free woks and cooking utensils.

What is a peach Boba breeze at PF Changs? ›

Peach Boba Breeze – Black tea and popping Boba pearls sweetened with peach and fresh-squeezed lemon. Spike it with Knob Creek Bourbon. House-Made Ginger Beer – Freshly juiced ginger root, lemon juice mixed with pure cane sugar. Spike it with Hendricks Gin.

Why is there a horse outside PF Changs? ›

The iconic horse statues found at the entrance of every P.F. Chang's weren't introduced until our third restaurant, located in La Jolla, California. The horses stand guard as a symbol of strength.

What's the difference between PF Chang's and Pei Wei? ›

If you like PF Chang restaurant, you'll appreciate the convenience of Pei Wei, a subsidiary of Chang's. Most of the Pei Wei menu items duplicate or approach the PF Chang menu both in variety and quality. Prices are more reasonable than Chang's because it is less service and more "fast-food" style.

How much do PF Chang horses cost? ›

A post-applied polymer concrete surface is sandblasted and finished with acrylic stains to achieve the antique appearance. P.F. Chang's has paid dearly for the museum-quality horses, but likes the style. Installation of a pair of 11-foot-high horses, their pedestals and lighting costs $40,000-$50,000 per location.

What kind of oil does PF Chang's use? ›

Additionally, the chain uses soybean oil – not peanut oil – for cooking.

What does FFF mean in food? ›

Feds Feed Families (FFF) is a food drive that encourages employees from all federal departments and agencies to give in-kind contributions – food, services, and time – directly to food banks and pantries of their choice.

Whats NF mean on a menu? ›

There is also an egg free diet (EF) and a nut free diet (NF) that concerns individuals who are allergic to these specific foods.

What does WG mean on menu? ›

Definitions for whole grain (WG) have been published by governments, the food industry, and grain organizations and generally fall into 2 categories: WG and WG food.

Does Pei Wei taste like PF Changs? ›

The menu is very similar to Chang's but without some of the more expensive entrees (for example, no salmon dishes). Pei Wei is similar to a fastfood restaurant. Similar, but not quite.

What does PF Chang's spicy chicken taste like? ›

P.F. Chang's Spicy Chicken is the perfect copycat dinner. It's tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet with pineapple juice, chili sauce, green onions, and vinegar. There's nothing like finding Copycat Recipes for your favorite takeout dishes, and this Spicy Chicken dish fits the bill perfectly!

Does PF Changs use frozen food? ›

For such a large chain, it's impressive that all P.F. Chang's kitchens make their menu items from scratch. Produce is local whenever possible, and vegetables and meat are prepped fresh each day.

What is David Chang's signature dish? ›

Pork-Belly Buns

We knew Chang was something special the minute we tasted his signature dish. He plays with the classic Chinese pork bun, retaining its pillowy white wrapping, adding crisp cucumbers and scallions, and transforming it into an American original with pork belly.

Is PF Changs salmon wild caught? ›

P.F. Chang's China Bistro yesterday rolled out a new Chinese Grill Menu that includes Citrus Soy Wild Salmon. The line-caught Alaska salmon is seasoned with lemon wasabi oil, grilled and served with a citrus soy sauce and steamed rice. The dish is priced at $17.


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