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In the digital age, home security systems are becoming increasingly important in keeping your family and property safe. However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find a system that meets your needs. That's why we've put together this list of the eight best home security systems for 2023.

From complete packages with all the bells and whistles to more basic solutions, these top systems will make you feel safe, no matter what level of protection you're looking for. So whether you want a simple motion detector or a complete monitoring service with cameras and alarms, this guide has something for everyone! Find out which home security system is perfect for your needs.

What is a home security system?

A home security system is a set of electronic components designed to protect a property from intruders. It usually includes security locks, motion detectors, alarm stations, cameras and other devices to detect potential threats and notify the home owner. Home security systems can also be connected to smart home devices, such as doorbells with video capabilities or temperature sensors that detect changes in the environment. Many systems offer additional features such as glass break sensors and 24/7 surveillance services.

By investing in a home security system, homeowners can be confident that their property is protected from unwanted visitors. With the right system in place, they can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that their family and belongings are safe.

The 8 Best Home Security Systems for 2023

Now that you know the basics, let's take a look at what's available on the market. Here are our top eight picks for the best home security systems in 2023:

Comcast Xfinity Home

Comcast Xfinity Home is a complete home security system that provides 24/7 online security monitoring. According to CNET, it's the best professionally installed home security system, with features like motion sensors, 24/7 video cameras, and automated rules that can be managed from a single app. With Xfinity Home, you can rest easy knowing your family is safe.


  • Professional installation included in the package
  • 24/7 professional security
  • Motion sensors and video cameras 24/7
  • Automated rules customizable from one app
  • Notifications are sent directly to your phone via email
  • Easy installation and use of the system
  • It can be used for energy management purposes


  • Limited customization options for automation rules
  • Lack of easy integration with other innovative home products
  • Higher monthly subscription cost than some competitors

Wyze Home Monitoring

Wyze Home Monitoring is an affordable and reliable home security system that provides professional remote monitoring and viewing. With the Wyze Home Monitoring Kit, you get a hub, keypad, motion sensor, and two door/window sensors for just $9.99/month with no hidden costs. Additionally, the Wyze Cam v3 is rated four out of five stars, making it a great low-cost option for home security.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with more door/window sensors than other basic kits on the market
  • 24/7 help from real people and third-party monitoring from Noonlight at no extra cost


  • Limited range of devices available for purchase
  • Lack of features compared to other systems on the market (e.g. face recognition or voice control)

Ring Alarm Pro

Ring Alarm Pro is an all-in-one solution for your home security and Wi-Fi. It's easy to set up, has a fast router, and offers extensive security features. In addition, it has many accessories to choose from. I found the alerts to be quick and accurate, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable home security system.


  • Easy to set up
  • Fast router
  • Extensive security features
  • Lots of accessories to choose from
  • Fast and accurate notifications


  • High monthly subscription cost
  • Not compatible with other home automation systems


SimpliSafe is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable, inexpensive DIY security system. It offers different packages to suit every budget and offers standard security features without sacrificing value. The installation process is impressively simple and the discreet equipment makes it ideal for small living spaces. In addition, SimpliSafe has received high ratings from many sources, including PCMag and US News & World Report.


  • Reliable security system
  • Reasonable prices
  • Easy to install
  • Discreet equipment design
  • High ratings from industry sources


  • Limited complete home automation options
  • There is no free professional monitoring option

Live Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is a great security system for homeowners who want an intuitive and efficient way to protect their home. With their app and well-designed Smart Hub, it's easy to monitor your home wherever you are. Plus, plans start at just $19.99 per month, making it an affordable option, and the setup process is user-friendly and durable.


  • Intuitive smart hub
  • User friendly application
  • Affordable price plans
  • Durable equipment
  • Easy installation process


  • Requires a professional monitoring plan for 24/7 coverage
  • Limited options for home automation


Securitas is a security company that has been providing quality services for many years. According to employee ratings, Securitas has an overall rating of 3.2 out of 5, with 55% of employees recommending working there.


  • Positive opportunities for management and career development
  • Attention is paid to the welfare of the employee
  • High ratings for job security


  • Limited growth opportunities
  • Low pay for some positions

Home Security System

The Abode Home Security System is a great choice for those looking for a DIY home security system. It offers many features and integrations with popular smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Nest, Philips Hue lights and more. The starter kit is affordable at just $279.99 for equipment and there are no monthly fees. According to US News & World Report, Abode is ranked #6 in the Best Home Security Systems of 2023.


  • Affordable and easy to install starter kit
  • No monthly costs
  • Ranked #6 in the Best Home Security Systems of 2023 by US News & World Report
  • Wide range of functions and integration with popular smart home devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Nest and Philips Hue bulbs.


  • Limited access control options – only one user can log in at a time.
  • Limited customer service options - no live chat support for customers after installation.

Home Security Scout Alarm System

The Scout Alarm Home Security System is a great choice for affordable and reliable DIY security systems. It offers a variety of features, including customizable notifications, temporary access through the app, and sensors that activate individually for control. It also has a ton of smart home integrations and works with Amazon Alexa. In addition, the Scout Alarm Video Doorbell is easy to set up and can be used as a stand-alone device or as an accessory to the Scout security system.

Additionally, Scout alarm systems are designed to be customized for any type or size of home. Finally, the accompanying mobile app makes it easy to monitor your home from anywhere. Overall, the Scout Alarm Home Security System is a great choice for anyone looking for a complete home security system.


  • Easy installation with no monthly fees.
  • High-quality, customizable alerts and sensors that trigger individually for evaluation.
  • Wide range of smart home integrations including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Philips Hue bulbs.
  • Ranked #6 in the Best Home Security Systems of 2023 by US News & World Report.


  • Limited access control options where only one user can log in at a time.
  • Limited customer service options with no live chat support after installation.

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To obstruct

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8 Best Home Security Systems in 2023 | ReliaBills? ›

Vivint is our pick for the best overall security system. With an average rating of 4.6 stars across numerous customer review forums, Vivint reaches a wide range of customers through its system's compatibility with many smart home products.

What is the #1 rated home security? ›

Vivint is our pick for the best overall security system. With an average rating of 4.6 stars across numerous customer review forums, Vivint reaches a wide range of customers through its system's compatibility with many smart home products.

What is the number 1 security system in the US? ›

Compare the best home security systems
BrandBest forSmart home compatibility
VivintBest overallAmazon, Google, Z-Wave
SimpliSafeBest DIY securityAmazon, Google
ADTMost experiencedAmazon, Google, Z-Wave
CoveBest customer experienceAmazon, Google
6 more rows

What is the future of security systems? ›

Analysts predict that the global market for home security systems will be worth over $75 billion by 2023. The latest DIY Home Security system utilizes cutting-edge WiFi wave-based technology that redefines the ways in which we can protect ourselves while preserving our privacy.

What security is better than ADT? ›

1. Vivint vs. ADT: Reputation and Customer Reviews. Vivint is known as one of the best professionally installed and monitored home security systems on the market and has an outstanding score of 4.0 out of 5 on Trustpilot after almost 30,000 Vivint reviews at the time of writing.

Which home security systems can be hacked? ›

Local alarm systems, for instance, aren't connected to the internet and thus aren't hackable. Smart home security systems, on the other hand, are connected to the internet, so there is a possibility of hacking, like any other internet-connected product. What is the safest home security system?

What is the cost of ADT a month? ›

Professional monitoring plans for traditional ADT home security systems range from $45.99 per month to $59.99 per month. DIY home security systems range from $219.99 for the Starter System to $419.99 for the Premium System, and you can add professional monitoring starting at $19.99 per month.

What is the most popular security? ›

Best Home Security Systems of 2023
  • ADT - Most Trusted Home Security Brand.
  • SimpliSafe - Best No Contract System.
  • Vivint - Best Pro Installation.
  • Alder Security - Best for Response Times.
  • Cove - Best for Installation & Convenience.
  • Frontpoint - Best For Automation.
  • Brinks Home Security - Best DIY Home Security System.
May 17, 2023

Which sensor is best for motion detection? ›

The best motion sensor is passive infrared (PIR). At least, it's by far the most widely used and most affordable form of motion sensing. There are concerns about the impact microwaves have on humans, while sound waves will be unpleasant for young children and pets. Active sensors are more expensive technologies.

What is the trend in home security systems? ›

The most conspicuous home security trend is smart home automation. Smart home automation is predicted to grow at a rate of 15% by 2028. What we once secured manually with a key or monitored through a third-party alarm system we can now protect with sensors, cameras, a smart lock or even video doorbell smart locks.

What is the latest security technology? ›

Ans. The latest technologies in cybersecurity include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Behavioral Biometrics, Zero Trust Architecture, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cloud Security, and IoT Security.

Can burglars disable ADT? ›

If you have your security system monitored through a home phone line, a burglar can easily disable your alarm communication.

Does ADT give free systems? ›

Does ADT have a monthly fee? ADT does have a monthly fee. All of its systems require full 24/7 professional monitoring. Monitoring prices vary greatly depending on what specific components you purchase with your system, but they start at $45.99 per month.

Which home security systems Cannot be hacked? ›

The most hack-proof home security cameras
  • Blue by ADT Indoor Camera.
  • Wyze Pan Cam.
  • Frontpoint Slimline Doorbell Camera.
  • Abode Iota Gateway Cam.
  • Haicam E23 Encryption Cam.
Mar 9, 2021

What camera Cannot be hacked? ›

Any device connected to the internet can be hacked, and that includes home security cameras. Wired cameras are less vulnerable than Wi-Fi cameras, and those with local storage are less vulnerable than cameras that store video on a cloud-based server. However, all cameras can be hacked.

Can burglars jam your wireless security system? ›

Jamming attacks are technically possible, but they're very unlikely to happen in real life,” says Fred Garcia, a CR test engineer for privacy and security. “We don't recommend you throw out these systems, but you should be aware that they're vulnerable.” There's no real way to avoid systems with wireless technology.

Does ADT give senior discounts? ›

ADT Senior Discounts

ADT offers a 20 percent discount on installation and $2 off monthly costs for AARP members. In addition, they regularly run limited-time deals.

Do I own my ADT equipment? ›

Do I own or lease the home security system? With ADT, you lease the equipment. The price of the equipment is rolled into your monthly monitoring payment.

Does ADT put cameras in your house? ›

ADT home security cameras and Google Nest are the next best thing to being there to watch over the things in your life you value most. Indoor, outdoor, and at your door, we have the security cameras that meet your needs.

What is the weakest security? ›

Security is about trust, and trust is generally considered the weakest link in the security chain.

What is the #1 threat to information security? ›

1) Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks occur when an attacker pretends to be a trusted contact, and entices a user to click a malicious link, download a malicious file, or give them access to sensitive information, account details or credentials.

Is there a security system that doesn t require internet? ›

1. Defender PHOENIXM2 Security Cameras. This is a tank of a security camera setup, and doesn't just work without WiFi, but also doesn't even need any internet at all.

How do I block my neighbors motion sensor? ›

Put Objects to Confuse Cameras

In order to prevent your neighbor from using cameras with motion detection, set up or install moving objects in or around your house like flags or windmills that move whenever there's wind.

What is the difference between motion sensor and motion detector? ›

A motion sensor, or motion detector, is an electronic device that uses a sensor to detect nearby people or objects. Motion sensors are an important component of any security system. When a sensor detects motion, it will send an alert to your security system, and with newer systems, right to your mobile phone.

Can a magnet disable a security camera? ›

A security camera can be disabled with a magnet if the wrong kind of magnet is used. First, The magnetic field generated by the magnet will disrupt the electrical current in the camera, causing it to stop working.

What is grade 1 vs grade 2 security? ›

Grade 1 not only meets commercial building requirements, it also provides the best security available against vandalism and heavy usage. Grade 2 meets light commercial requirements and exceeds residential building requirements. These locks are adequate for lighter duty doors where security is less of an issue.

Is ADT and Protection 1 the same company? ›

In 2016, a company called Apollo Group Management acquired ADT and merged it with Protection One, so the two are essentially the same company but technically two separate entities with slightly different services and price points. Protection One currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

What is the difference between ADT and Protection 1? ›

They are largely the same in that they both monitor for environmental and intrusion alerts, dispatching help if they can't reach you first. The biggest difference is that ADT has its own monitoring stations (six spread across North America) while Protection 1 outsources its monitoring to a third-party company.

What are the top surveillance companies? ›

The top 10 biggest manufacturers in video surveillance and access control (based on 2021 revenue of security product sales) is Hikvision Digital Technology, Dahua Technology, ASSA ABLOY, Axis Communications, Motorola Solutions, Uniview Technologies, Tiandy Technologies, Allegion, Hanwha Techwin and Aiphone.

What is Grade 5 security? ›

GRADE 5 – Extra High Security. GRADE 4 – High Security. GRADE 3 – Medium / High Security. GRADE 2 – Standard Security. GRADE 1 – Low Security.

What is a Grade 3 security system? ›

Grade 3. The system can resist intruders with professional skills and knowledge, who are using portable electronic equipment. Every possible entry point is protected, as well as walls and ceilings. It is suitable for large commercial facilities, such as shopping centers.

What does Grade 3 security mean? ›

A lock's security is denoted by its American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade, with Grade 1 the most secure and Grade 3 the least. A builder-quality tubular lock will likely be a Grade 3, a good-quality handleset a Grade 2.

What company took over ADT? ›

Vancouver, B.C. – Today, TELUS announced that it has completed the acquisition of ADT Security Services Canada, Inc.

Is ADT owned by China? ›

ADT Inc., formerly The ADT Corporation, is an American company that provides residential, small and large business electronic security, fire protection, and other related alarm monitoring services throughout the United States.

What company bought out ADT? ›

State Farm will acquire 133.3 million shares of ADT's common stock at $9 per share, or 25% higher than Friday's closing price. In a statement, ADT announced the team-up with the country's largest home insurer to expand innovative smart-home technology offerings and risk-mitigation capabilities for homeowners.

What is the disadvantage of ADT? ›

Disadvantages of ADT in Data Structures

Overhead: Using ADTs may result in additional overhead due to the need for abstraction and encapsulation. Limited control: ADTs can limit the level of control that a programmer has over the data structure, which can be a disadvantage in certain scenarios.

Does ADT require monthly fee? ›

The total cost for the ADT Secure Home Package starts at:

$599 to $899 upfront + $45.99/month; or. $55.97 to $60.97/month.

Who is the biggest security company in the world? ›

Allied is the biggest security firm in the world, which allows it to save money on back office operations, offer low rates, and attract more clients. But the company's size and rapid growth, experts say, may be contributing to the problems that are glaring issues with the security industry writ large.


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