An Advanced Guide: How To Clean Your Sta-Rite Pool Filter Effortlessly? (2023)

An Advanced Guide: How to Effortlessly Clean Your Sta-Rite Pool Filter?

An Advanced Guide: How To Clean Your Sta-Rite Pool Filter Effortlessly? (1)

Has your pool water become slimy or cloudy?

Have you started avoiding your pool instead of enjoying it?

If so, it might be time to clean the filter.

Appropriatepool maintenanceIt is an essential step to keep your pool water crystal clear and clean. However, many times pool owners overlook the importance of cleaning the pool filter.

The pool filter acts as the basic cleaning system for your pool. This ensures that you never have to worry about dirt and grime building up in your pool. There's no question that the task of cleaning pool water is intimidating, but there's no escaping it. If you want to have a crystal clear pool, you have to clean the filter at some point.

Here we tell you everything, from the different types of filters to the correct way to clean them.

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Types of pool filters

There are three main types of pool filters: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (DE). Each has its pros and cons and works best under different conditions. How often you clean your Sta-Rite pool filter largely depends on the type of pool and the pool filters you have. Let's meet them all one by one.

Cartridge pool filter

Cartridge filters are very common. The main benefit of a cartridge filter is the large surface area. Allows for fewer clogs and easier maintenance. In addition, they also operate at a much lower pressure than pool sand filters. As a result, there is less back pressure in the pump, allowing more water to flow through the system.

Cartridge filters contain fabric cartridges placed in the filter unit. The pool water passes through this fine filtering surface that captures impurities. These impurities remain entangled on the surface of the filter until you clean them. They also cause the pleats in the filter to clog preventing the flow of water, which in turn increases the pressure inside the filter. if you have oneSta-Rite pool filter cartridge, the ideal is to clean it at least once a month during the summer (when the pool is in operation). Now, let's get into the details of how to clean Sta-Rite pool filter cartridges. You can also refer to your Sta-Rite pool filter owner's manual for the cleaning process.

Paso 1– Turn off the pool pump to stop the flow of water.

paso 2– Release the pressure by turning the air relief valve (at the top of the filter) counterclockwise.

stage 3– Turn the locking knob counter-clockwise to remove the filter head from the pool to access the pool filter cartridge.

Paso 4– Lift the pool filter head to allow the cartridge to be removed from the pool filter body.

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Paso 5– Use a garden hose with a full spray nozzle to remove debris from the filter cartridge.

Paso 6– Continue cleaning by rotating the filter cartridge until all debris has been removed.

Paso 7– Apply an extra spray to the bottom as some of the debris collects here.

Paso 8(optional) - For a deep clean, fill a bucket with water and dissolve 1 cup of powdered TSP (Tri Sodium Phosphate). Leave the cartridge overnight or 3 hours in this solution. You can also use dishwashing detergent or warm water instead of powdered TSP.

Paso 9– It is advisable to grease the O-ring on the pool filter head before changing the filter head. This will ensure a better fit and longer O-ring life.

Paso 10- After completing all steps, place all parts as before and turn on the pool pump to re-pressurize the pool filter.

sand filter

Sand filters are compact, affordable, and a popular mechanism for keeping your pool clean. A sand filter tank is made of metal, concrete and fiberglass and special grade sand screens. Dirty pool water passes through the filter's inlet tube, and tiny sand particles trap dirt and debris. This accumulated debris can slow down the flow of water. An idea of ​​the level of internal blockage can be obtained from the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the filter. When it reads 8-10 psi, it's time to clean. In addition to regular cleaning, the litter should be changed every five years.

Let's get to know Sta-Rite's swimming pool sand filter cleaning.

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Paso 1– Turn off the pool pump by cutting power to the pool.

paso 2– Set the pool valve setting to the BACKWASH setting along with positioning the drain hose to a location where you want the water to flow.

stage 3– Turn on the power and let the pump run for two minutes. Check if the water in the viewfinder looks cloudy.

Paso 4– As soon as the water in the sight glass appears clear, turn off the pump.

Paso 5– Set the valve to RINSE. Turn the power back on and run the rinse cycle for a few minutes.

Paso 6– Divert the water down the drain so that it does not return to the pool.

Paso 7– Pump the clogged basket to circulate the water.

Paso 8– After finishing all the steps, reset the filtration system by turning on the power.

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Diatomaceous earth filters

DE pool filters are a type of pool filter that contains a grid covered with DE powder. Diatomaceous earth (DE) is an extremely fine powder made by crushing up the fossilized exoskeletons of diatoms. This porous powder serves as an excellent filter for pool water. Filter screens capture dirt, debris, and other contaminated particles. Ideally, you should clean the DE filters every month.

Let's learn how to troubleshoot your Sta-Rite DE pool filter.

Paso 1– Check the pressure gauge on your DE filter. If it reads 8-10 psi, it's time to clean the filter.

paso 2– The first step in cleaning your DE pool filter is backwashing. Cleans all dirt and debris trapped inside the DE filter. Turn the pool filter valve to the BACKWASH position and run the pool pump until clear water comes out of the drain hose.

stage 3– Turn off the pump and remove the drain plug to release the water from the filter tank. Open the DE filter by unscrewing the screws and loosening the clamp around the tank.

Paso 4– After opening the tank, remove each screen. Rinse the OD off the filter screens with a garden hose.

Paso 5– After cleaning the grids, put them back inside the filter. Lubricate the ring inside the tank.

Paso 6– Replace the valve on the Filter and start the engine.

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Paso 7– Calculate the amount of DE you need for yourSta-Rite DE Pool Filter Parts🇧🇷 Mix the required amount with enough water and prepare a creamy mixture. Keep the pump running and pour the mix directly into the skimmer. It will lead the DE mix to the filter which will be evenly distributed through the grids.

Last words

Your pool filter cleaning experience shouldn't be intimidating. Cleaning your pool filter is an important step in keeping your pool sparkling clean, so never overlook it. As long as you perform regular maintenance, there is very little chance of running into cloudy pools. Good swimming!


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