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Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a beautiful historic city that is at the cutting edge of culture and modern developments. So when you move to Stockholm you will find a great mix of tradition and modernity, especially in the architectural styles of the buildings. It is commonly known as the "Venice of the North" due to its location on 14 islands in the Baltic Sea.

Stockholm is also an incredibly green city, with plenty of lush natural landscapes surrounding the city's more urban areas. But it's not just the stunning surroundings and fascinating culture that draw expats to Stockholm, Sweden. The city also boasts a thriving economy with many exciting job opportunities for both expats and locals.

Although apartments in Stockholm are not among the cheapest accommodation in Europe or even Sweden, owners take pride in their properties when they rent them out. As a result, you can find many quality apartments for rent in Stockholm, Sweden, ranging in size from single rooms to large luxury houses. Furnished apartments in Stockholm are very common, so you will find somewhere ready to move into.

Furnished apartments in Stockholm

Serviced apartments in Stockholm are well suited for expats visiting the city for short-term business trips that do not require permanent accommodation. These furnished apartments offer accommodation in rooms and private apartments with their own kitchen. This offers great convenience for expats staying in Stockholm on a tight schedule, as many services, such as B. room cleaning, are included in the price.

Rooms for rent in Stockholm

Student housing in Stockholm

Apartments in Stockholm by district

Stockholm's districts are very diverse, with five or six of the capital's islands being fairly urbanized while the rest offer more rural and suburban living. There are many apartments in the inner city areas that put you very close to work and all the entertainment and attractions, however renting apartments in these areas can be more expensive than outside the city.

You can easily save some money on rent by looking just outside the city center, but that takes you away from the city's sights. Therefore, assess your priorities when moving to Stockholm to decide which part of the city best suits your needs. As you move further into the suburbs you will find more houses and apartments suitable for families moving to Stockholm, with many nearby schools and parks that children can benefit from.

The most attractive areas for housing in Stockholm

Apartments for rent Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is the Old Town or historic center of Stockholm, dating back to the 13th century. It is a small island in central Stockholm that offers many sights and attractions including churches, museums and the Royal Palace and Armory. Of particular note if you're here to get a taste of Swedish culture is the Nobel Museum, where you can learn all about the origins of the Nobel Prize and the remarkable people and discoveries that have won it over the years.

The narrow streets of Gamla Stan are lined with small 17th-century houses and many quaint shops, restaurants, cafes and pubs. Like any city center, it is a privileged tourist spot, which is why it fills up during the high season.

Apartments for rent in Gamla Stan are incredibly popular due to their central location. This means that rental prices in this area will be high and the competition even greater, so if you have your heart set in this heart of the city, or if you are looking for a good apartment, you may need to expand your search to neighboring areas have to go . in time and put your name on a waiting list.

Apartments in the center of Stockholm Södermalm

Södermalm is one of the trendiest and most attractive parts of Stockholm and therefore attracts a young and trendy crowd, to the point that fashion magazine Vogue ranked it as the coolest neighborhood in all of Europe. This island south of Gamla Stan is full of boutique shops, local cafes and plenty of pubs, bars and clubs giving it an exciting nightlife.

It's not all party and modern though, as Södermalm also has plenty of historical and cultural attractions to offer. Enjoy some exhibitions of contemporary photography at the Fotografiska, a photography museum, or visit the many churches on this island. Or just walk up to Skinnarviksberget for some of the best views in town. Södermalm is also home to the Royal Palace and the Swedish Parliament so there is plenty to see which will also attract many tourists throughout the year making it a very busy area.

Like Gamla Stan, houses and apartments in the Södermalm district are highly sought after, so you have a lot of competition if you want to rent here. Accommodation on this island is incredibly diverse, with modern and artistic apartments in the city center and traditional and quaint cottages in the hills, not far from all the bars and restaurants in Stockholm's hipster heart.

Apartments in Östermalm

If you are looking for exclusive, high-quality housing in Stockholm, look no further than Östermalm, a neighborhood north-east of the Old Town. This superb central location in Stockholm makes it a popular location that offers easy access to Gamla Stan and other nearby districts. It's full of picturesque parks and interesting museums, such as the Army Museum and the Swedish History Museum.

If you live in or near Östermalm you will be in one of Stockholm's best shopping areas with many high-end shops in the central Stureplan square and along its shopping streets. It also has great nightlife, with its bars and clubs attracting a stylish clientele from across the city and staying open late.

Parts of this neighborhood are filled with luxury apartment blocks that you'll need an impressive budget to get your hands on. In fact, Östermalm is one of Stockholm's most affluent districts and home to the most expensive and luxurious accommodation. It certainly attracts the more affluent demographic in Sweden and is a popular spot for tourists. And since they're in central Stockholm, apartments in Östermalm are incredibly popular.

Student housing in Stockholm

With its connection to the Nobel Prize, Sweden and Stockholm are a great attraction for students and scientists from all over the world. Since rental and apartment prices are often quite high, it is important for all students to find affordable student accommodation. It is recommended that you start looking for student accommodation in Stockholm well before you start your studies.

So student accommodation in Stockholm is in high demand, but there is a wide variety of student residences and apartments in Stockholm if you look in the right places. With our search tool you can find all the different types of student accommodation available to Stockholm University and other institutions.

Stockholm transport

Even though the city of Stockholm is spread across 14 islands, getting around is surprisingly easy. You can move between most islands via footbridges, but the public transport system also helps you get around with ferries and the city's subway, which takes you from one island to the next. There are also extensive bus and train services covering the entire city.

Much like the general cost of living in Stockholm, public transport isn't the cheapest I've come across. However, you can save money on your daily commutes with a Stockholm Travel Card. This allows you to pay for almost unlimited rides over a period of time, saving you real cash. Travel cards can be applied for from 24 hours to a full year.

About Stockholm

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Stockholm?
According to the Nestpick database, the average rental price for apartments in Stockholm ranges from €27 to €7,456.
How big is an apartment in Stockholm?
Although the size can vary depending on room selection, according to the Nestpick database, apartments in Stockholm start at 14 m² and can grow up to 252 m².
How to find apartments for rent in Stockholm?
Stockholm's population size can make it a bit difficult for newcomers to find housing when moving for the first time. We recommend using Nestpick's smart tool to search for your new home and if you are a student contact your school's advice service. to find a place to rent in Stockholm.
Is renting cheap in Stockholm?
According to Nestpick's database, rent in Stockholm can range from €27 to €7,456. Compared to other major cities in Sweden, rents in Stockholm are relatively cheap.
Who can rent apartments in Stockholm?
If you are looking for an apartment, you can rent an apartment in Stockholm as long as you are over 18 years old. You must provide the necessary documents to sign a rental agreement.


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