April's Best New TV: Parking fight gets out of hand at Beef and Barry is killed | cbc art (2023)

In this month's new broadcast shows, Ali Wong and Steven Yuen go to war over a parking dispute, and Elizabeth Olsen once again falls head over heels in love.

April's Best New TV: Parking fight gets out of hand at Beef and Barry is killed | cbc art (1)

Spring has come after a particularly dark and depressing winter in this country, and even a grown kid living at home who is absolutely groggy from the TV and infested with brain worms like me is not going to tell you not to go out and enjoy yourself. of this climate. However, remember that with a long enough extension cord and the right sun lounger, you can watch TV in your garden or balcony.

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Toronto filmmakers pay homage to the essential and often difficult-to-witness act in this short digital series. The series begins with a conversation with the man who, while walking with his partner, saw police action on a stopped tram, decided to pick up his cell phone and record it. The incident he captured on camera was the 2013 shooting death of Sammy Yatim, who was killed by police while suffering from a mental health crisis and posing no danger to anyone but himself.

The conversation with the man who filmed the viral video that led to the prosecution of police officer James Forcillo is a testament to ordinary citizens who perform this public service despite the risks to their own safety and mental health. (Think of Darnella Frazier, the teenager who kept the camera rolling as George Floyd was slowly killed by police.)

The series comes fromNext stopExecutive produced by Amar Wala and directed by Carol Nguyen and Yasmine Mathurin, the latter made her film debut with the contemplative and moving documentary about black-indigenous relations.one of our. They take the witnessing conversation further to consider the many roles that social media and smartphone cameras play in our lives as they share stories of hope, heroism and joy.Witness is now airing on CBC Gem. The final episode will begin airing at the end of the month.

- Radheyan Simonpillai, collaborator, CBC Arts

All the beauty and the bloodshed

Only the second documentary to win first prize at the Venice Film Festival,All the beauty and the bloodshedis an amazing collaboration between two equally amazing women: filmmaker Laura Poitras and character Nan Goldin. Poitras (who won an Oscar for his 2014 documentarycitizen fourand, frankly, I should have gotten another last month for this film) and Goldin team up to create a film that works not only as a portrait of the latter's incredible work as a photographer and activist, but also as an investigation into who is responsible. by the opioid epidemic. in America (namely, the Sackler family, whom Goldin, a recovering opiate addict, is working to take down). It is absolutely essential visualization for all of us, but especially for anyone interested in the collective power of art and anger.All the beauty and bloodshed is now broadcast on Crave.

- Peter Knegt, produtor, CBC Arts

Streams flow from a river

Generational stories about Chinese immigrant families are having their moment. Just look at last year's double whammyturning redyEverything everywhere at once. Like the latest Oscar winner, Christopher Yip's filmStreams flow from a riverIt's about a Chinese laundry family, where parents and children face a growing generation gap.

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Yip's digital series, the first to premiere at the Canadian Film Fest before heading to the Cannes Film Festival later this month, appears to be a cooler affair, and not just because it's set in Alberta. The series stars Danielle Ayow and Liam Ma as adult children trapped during a visit to their elderly parents' home by a snowstorm.

Yip, an up-and-coming queer Chinese-Canadian filmmaker who grew up in Edmonton, has created a digital series that navigates painful memories of financial hardship, addiction, inherited trauma and sexual repression, while honoring the diaspora's strength, love and determination to heal. in a new home.Streams Flow From A River is now airing on Super Channel.

- Radheyan Simonpillai, collaborator, CBC Arts

here is strange

here is strangeshe's smart, thought-provoking, funny and insightful - and everything else you want in an interview series - and she'd say that even if she wasn't looking at the back of host Peter Knegt's head right now.

The show brings together a wide range of LGBTQ+ luminaries and lets them discuss identity, art, creative processes and more, with a lineup that includes Billy Eichner, Matt Rogers, Elegance Bratton and Tegan and Sara. (Can you imagine if one of them agreed to do this and the other stole it? How weird would that be?) I'm advocating for Peter to get his own late night show for the 2024/25 TV season, but that will stop us. until then.Here & Queer begins airing April 5 on CBC Gem.

- Chris Dart, escritor web, CBC Arts

bovine meat

A parking lot incident between two people who are secretly drowning in their own despair, Amy (Ali Wong) and Danny (Steven Yuen), gives them both a new purpose in life: bringing each other down.

As someone who has witnessed some notoriously twisted altercations in the parking lot, including a car park fight in Scarborough town centre, this honestly seems a little too plausible. Executive producer Lee Sung Jin (who previously worked onSilicon Valleyydave) said the show was inspired by a guy who yelled at him in traffic three years ago and refused to let him go, and I really applaud turning his anger and meanness into art.Beef begins streaming April 6 on Netflix.

- Chris Dart, escritor web, CBC Arts

Florida man

A cop turned P.I. tracks the girlfriend of a Philadelphia mobster back to his home state of Florida. Chaos sets in. Look, I don't have a lot of wise and insightful critical thoughts about this show, but it feels fast and fun and fast and compulsive, and that, along with true crime docs that make you go "Oh my God, what?!" over and over again, as well as increasingly bizarre dating shows, is what Netflix really does best (thinkcrazy headoteenage bounty hunters)Don't mess with us too much, Netflix; we are full of groceries and should have gone to bed an hour ago. Know your market.Florida Man begins streaming April 13 on Netflix.

- Chris Dart, escritor web, CBC Arts


barryIt's one of those shows that makes you think, "Man, TV is great." It just makes you love the medium as a whole. The alternately hilarious and heartwarming comedy-drama about a Marine turned hitman and aspiring actor, portrayed to perfection by SNL alumnus Bill Hader, is entering its fourth and final season. Which, in its own way, is a great thing. I'm a big fan of this current trend of shows ending after four or five strong seasons.Succession,barry, youEM. Maiselthey are tapering off in the coming months rather than limping through a slow, nasty decline. Leave them wanting more and everything in between.

There are no bad performances from Barry. Everyone is amazing. The writing is excellent. It might be the best show on TV right now, and I'm trying to figure out how to go as NoHo Hank for next year's Halloween.Barry Season 4 begins airing April 16 on Crave.

- Chris Dart, escritor web, CBC Arts

dead touches

1988 psychological thriller by David Cronenbergdead touchesIt sure wasn't high on the list of movies likely to be reimagined into a streaming series, but we're glad the folks at Amazon Prime decided to greenlight it anyway. Starring the glory that is Rachel Weisz in the dual roles of gynecologist twins Elliot and Beverly Mantle (who were played by Jeremy Irons in the film), the series features some truly exceptional people behind the scenes: the first two episodes were written by Alice Birch. , who also wrote the film starring Florence Pughlady macbethas well as episodes ofSuccessionyNormal people, while Canadians Sean Durkin and Karena Evans are among the directors. We'll see if they collectively make Cronenberg proud when all six episodes are released on April 21st.Dead Ringers begins streaming April 21 on Amazon Prime Video.

- Peter Knegt, produtor, CBC Arts

love death

Will the Marvel fans who were heartbroken by Elizabeth Olsen's performance as the Scarlet Witch inWanda VisionAre they about to get an even bigger taste of what the star is capable of?love death, the new limited series ofbig liesCreator David E. Kelley cast Olsen as exactly the kind of mysterious, frightening, emotionally motivating character she played when she first came on the scene.

Olsen made the hairs on the back of our necks stand upmartha marcy may marleneoMMMMM,as the success of Sundance was known. Olsen played a troubled young woman who escapes from a cult. Her character's restless pleas for help and thirst for affection persisted as an overwhelming threat.

That thirst and threat seems to be backlove death, where Olsen plays Candy Montgomery, the Texas housewife accused of murdering her lover's wife.game nightyI'm thinking of ending thingsstar Jesse Plemons being cast as the lover is yet another reason to check this out. But back to Olsen, who once again plays a small-town American housewife in a period setting, hiding something sinister, as she did inWanda Vision. This time, he'll likely ditch the CGI and go for the jugular.Love & Death begins streaming April 27 on Crave.

- Radheyan Simonpillai, collaborator, CBC Arts


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