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Most modern automobiles these days contain a Check Engine Light that helps the vehicle owner realize that there is something wrong with the vehicle. This is done to prevent permanent damage to the car and provide a pleasant user experience. A glowing Check Engine Light is connected to various parts of the engine and the vehicle itself. This helps the system keep an eye out for any defective parts and provide this information to the user.

We have made a detailed article to provide the user with all the information on why the Check Engine Light came on after changing the oil. This will help the user to get a clearer picture and provide the necessary action to take further actions. It is also very important to know all these factors to keep your engine running and in good condition.

The user can now take their cars to a mechanic and have them check what is wrong with their vehicle or get a complete bodywork service for a vehicle. These methods will automatically detect the problem with the vehicle and notify the user if any repairs or changes are needed to keep the vehicle running efficiently. Sometimes the Check Engine Light would come on after an oil change in a car. This can happen due to many factors and should be treated as soon as possible.

Why did my Check Engine Light come on after an oil change?

Several factors can cause the Check Engine Light to come on after an oil change. This is done by the car's system to protect the engine from any permanent or serious damage. You can also prevent the car from using any part of the vehicle's engine. In this way, the user is informed about any defect or lack of parts present in the engine. This is done so that the user can take their car or any vehicle to a professional to have it checked. This will provide the user with all information related to the necessary repair or maintenance.

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false alert

But a user may ask why an engine light came on after an oil change. This could be due to many factors. One of the most common factors is that it is a false alarm, as the sensors still detect that there is no oil in the vehicle's engine. And therefore it should be filled as soon as possible. The user need not worry if this is the case as it can disappear in about one to five seconds.

This false alarm also occurs due to a sudden oil change. This happens when the user is doing an oil change and the old oil is removed while the new is poured into the engine. The sudden change of oil activates the sensors and warns the user that there is an oil leak in the engine. This may also be accompanied by an oil indication signal. These signs should disappear after a while, the car was filled with oil again.

Oil leak

Although the above problem is not that frantic to pay attention to, if the indicator light does not go out after a while, it is a problem that the owner should look into. Typically, the Check Engine Light will come on if there is any type of oil leak in the engine. This could be due to a number of factors, such as some internal engine parts worn out or broken when filling with new oil or removing the old one. This type of situation requires the immediate attention of a mechanic and should be corrected as soon as possible. Ignoring this problem will cause some permanent damage to the vehicle and may also cause the engine to not run or perform poorly.

Another possible factor in this situation is that the vehicle's drain plug was not installed correctly. Thus, it results in a constant and rapid leakage of oil. This is detected by the sensors and indicated to the user by a check engine signal. This is done because the absence of engine oil will cause the engine to run without lubrication. Thus, it results in overheating of different parts of the engine and causes the engine to break down after some time.

Dirty oil is being used

Another factor that can cause the Check Engine Light to come on after an oil change is dirty oil being used inside the vehicle. Most modern sensors can detect this change. This modern vehicle also informs the user if any leaks occur and also puts content reminders when the engine oil gets too old and needs an oil change to operate the vehicle efficiently.

This will activate the alarm system inside the engine and prompt the user to change the oil. Sometimes the user fills up the vehicle due to less engine oil present inside the engine to prevent the engine from heating up and damaging crucial parts due to excessive friction. This is a great way to temporarily take care of the engine until the oil is washed out and replaced with a fresh version. But it will also cause the Check Engine Lights to come on or stay on until the oil is replaced.

This situation will be easily corrected if the user simply changes the engine oil. Thus, removing the banner and giving the user the results they were looking for. Everything is also done for the safety of the engine and therefore protects it from any permanent damage. Thus, the user saves a lot of money to fix it later by hiring a professional. Therefore, take good care of the vehicle and warn the user if he is induced to buy old and worn-out oil.

absence of oil

The check engine light may also come on due to a lack of oil. This is one of the most common mistakes made by homeowners. Since they will not overfill the engine oil container inside the engine. This is a good habit to have as it can lead to a leak even though it fills with very little oil. Sensors will detect that there is too little oil present inside the container and it needs to be filled before the vehicle will run without oil or lubrication. In this way, alerting the user about his error and demanding that it be completed as soon as possible.

There could also be some leakage inside the canister due to wear and tear, causing the check engine light to come on after changing the oil. This situation will result in nearly half of the oil being released and wasted and therefore requiring user attention. Therefore, make the user aware of the problem and demand a solution by taking the vehicle to a mechanic. In this way, long-term damage to the vehicle or engine is avoided.

The wrong engine oil is being used

The check engine light may also come on if the car is not filled with the correct oil. How could it decrease the performance of the car. And it may also cause breakage after a long period of use. This is a great feature provided by the vehicle's system as there is no accurate way to know if the correct oil was used for an oil change. It's not an uncommon scene when most gas station owners pour 2-stroke or conventional oil into a 4-stroke or modern engine.

This may not seem like a short-term threat. But it will result in big problems and performance issues if the wrong oil is used for a longer period. The wrong oil can seriously damage the engine and lead to the wear and tear of some crucial parts to complete failure. Therefore, it is very important for the user to do another oil change and replace the wrong oil with the correct one to avoid repairs to the car later and to avoid permanent damage.

Heating or throttling issues

Another factor causing the check engine light to come on is due to acceleration and heating issues caused by the check engine light. It came on after an oil change. This can happen inside the engine due to several possible reasons. Like having new oil with high viscosity, pouring less oil or using the wrong engine oil. So, turn on the check engine light and alert the owner of the situation. Thus, it prevents serious damage to the engine and provides a user-friendly experience.


We've done all the legwork and provided the user with a comprehensive guide on why a Check Engine Light came on after an oil change. This article will inform the user about all breakdowns or problems that may occur after an oil change. In this way, it provides the user with all the information necessary to properly care for and maintain his vehicle.

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