General/Cancellation Conditions for Holiday Packages (2023)


Thanks for booking at Southwest Vacations.alg Vacations a Tourist Operator of Southwest Vacations.Due to the reservation in Southwest Vacations, a brand of ATO Vacations Corp., accept the general/cancellation conditions contained here.Terms and conditions and plan the group contract.In the event that your hotel is delivered by Travelscape LLC, the conditions under conditions are under conditions you have reserved through a travel consultant, all communication must be made before departure, including questions about changes, cancellations, payments and refunds, through your travel consultant.Additional services and/or cancellation rates can be loaded.

Flight prices are based on the lowest flight price applicable at the time of the reservation.Changes on flight routes after ticket payment can lead to a increase in flight prices.Southwest Vacations works with our suppliers to offer the best package rates.This values.For our clients, it is forbidden to transmit the prices of the individual components and cannot provide them.

Standard guidelines, payments and punishments described below may be more restrictive during vacations and special events.No refunds for events, shows or special attractions are made.

  1. Reservations, deposits and payments

The regulations for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must indicate their full name, since it is shown in their travel documents, the date of birth and gender at the time of the reservation for the end of the detection of the list ofsurveillance.If you do not provide this information, you should not travel.Visit for more detailstsa.govTo reserve your vacation, indicate the necessary reservation information and pay the corresponding initial payment per person, including the full payment of the trip protection bonus (if selected).We reserve the right to treat the reservation that canceled if the credit is not paid when the expiration date.If you refuse to protect the trips and cancel your reservation, each amount due to the property/ characteristic of your reservation (according to applicable punishments) will be reimbursed in the Southwest Airlines travel funds (air credit).Possibly used in a future southwest holiday.Air credit) for future use.

Southwest Vacations accepts payment through a large number of credit and debit cards, as well as theRaiseThe monthly payment plan. The address entered at the time of the reservation must coincide with the Billing Directorate for Credit or Debit Cards.A processing rate of US $ 40 to reimburse a previously applied credit card payment and recharge the payment to another credit card is evaluated.The full payment of your entire vacation package with credit/debit card.

Deposit requirements for reservations by a travel consultant or the contact center of Southwest Vacations:

  • Reserves that were created more than 46 days before the exit: 100% Air costs $ 50 per person hotel* + 50 USD car deposit (if applicable), usually until 6:00 p.m.central time the same day
  • Reserves that were created 45-31 days before departure: Complete the payment the same day until 6:00 p.m.central time
  • Reservations 30-1 day before departure:Full payment owed at the time of reservation

*Some hotels have more strict initial payment requirements.

  1. Travel protection

Southwest Vacations does not charge any change or cancellation rates for the aerial part of your vacation package.However, we recommend buying travel protection to cover your hotel cancellation rates or change.Part b).The use of trips can only be added within 7 days of its first deposit if you have not yet made your final payment (with the exception of the passengers of the group that are subject to the conditions as part of its group contract).

Hotels that are not reimbursable are not covered by the exemption of punishment in front of the department.Travel protection payments are not reimbursable or transferable.Look your travel consultant or visitClick hereFor more information.

  1. Change, cancellation, refund and non -presentation guidelines

If your plans change, your right to reimbursement is limited and is subject to the punishments given here.

If you reject travel protection and cancel your reservation, each amount due to the property/ characteristic of your reserve is produced (according to applicable sanctions).If it is activated with Buy Away® or with the Tarifa Buy -away Plus ™ course and has canceled its flight at least 10 minutes before traveling, the aerial part of its reserve will be reimbursed in a Southwest Airlines air loan that can be used future a future trip with Southwest Vacations. The rate difference can be applied to the Away® rate class. In the course of time and Select® Business Rates, tariffs are reimbursed to the original payment form, or you can obtain in one for an air loan convert air loans. The reservations of the treaty group are reimbursed in the original payment form. Travel trips apply to trips within 395 days from the original departure date after the expiration date, they are not transferable and not reimbursable, they do not have effective. value and are issued on behalf of adult passengers for the original reserve. Reservations with travel mandates Orders are made in the original reserve.

Southwest Vacations does not calculate any change or cancellation rates for the air part of your vacation package.In case of change, the southwest holidays convert the value of the reusable air into the new air in the changed reserve.The same passenger for future air trips.Or if a Rapid Rewards® member has been transferred at any time and Mangel Away Plus ™ Select® business rates.Original payment form reimbursed.All reusable aerial values must be carried out through the expiration date.Refund information is provided at the time of change/cancellation.After the reserve, it is subject to changes or cancellations at the hotel, rental cars or functions/excursions to an existing reservation to the supplier full price of the component.You can avoid the sanctions of the suppliers buying the travel protection activity of the west holidays.The specific excursion operators only allow a refund if canceled after the ad.It has a refund.Many hotels are not reimbursable and non -transferable. 100% cancellation/change sanctions can be charged.

All changes and cancellations must communicate to the Südwesturte in ten (10) minutes before the planned item experienced time to process the change and not process "show" occupations of their means that must be communicated through 24 hours after theexit.Your travel consultant or through the 24-hour travel agency from Southwest Vacations at 1-800-775-7105.Contact Southwest Vacations directly at customerservice@southwestvacations.

All changes and cancellations are subject to availability, restrictions, restrictions and rates that collect vacations and suppliers of southwest functions/excursions.

If you do not cancel a reservation at least 10 minutes before the planned game, this can take a rewritten traveler.

  1. Credit and Retirement Card Transactions

If a travel service provider cannot for any reason to provide the services for which he has commissioned, his appeal against the supplier and not against South -West holidays.For the event that the payment on the southwest holidays was made by credit card, according to that he will not try to take his return payment to the southwest holidays.If you accept that you are responsible for these costs.If the credit card is rejected, it guarantees that you are owed all the amounts that are due to the Southwest holidays via the payment instructions or cash.

  1. Cancellation reimbursement for travel cuts and cash reimbursements

Cancellations withTravel protection:If you cancel your vacations, the rates will be dispensed and the amount owed (the amount dueLess costs for travel bonus) It will be in the form of travel cuts if you have selected the complete travel credit option or the original payment form if you have selected the option for cash compress reimbursement.

Cancellations withoutTravel protection:If you cancel your vacation, an arbitrary amount is made in the form of travel cuts.

Refund assignments in the original payment form:The reimbursement in the original payment form is published on the original credit card and is broadcast in an airline for future trips for up to one year from the original purchase time.

Refund allocations in the form of travel loans: The travel brain is assigned to all adult passengers (18+) for the original reserve.If children under 18 were in the original reserve at the age of children, their travel loans are assigned to adults (18+).one or two business days after cancellation.

  1. Travel subsidies

The standard change and cancellation guidelines apply to new reservations with travel credit.And are broadcast on behalf of adult passengers (over 18) in the original reserve.

  1. Travel document

The email will send your travel documents as soon as the full payment has been received.Check carefully to ensure that all the information is correct and the names of the names coincide with their citizenship.Communicate with your travel consultant or southwest immediately below 1-800-243-8372.

  1. Input/ Reengrication Documentation required

The correct documentation is your responsibility.The following information is based on the current requirements for US citizens at the time of publication.This information can change. Encourage your travel consultant or communicate with your consulate objective to obtain the latest requirements for your travel date.Passengers returning to the United States from an international goal must have a valid passport and the airline can deny the approach if the passport is damaged, mutilated or decreased.You are not allowed to travel to your passport (or for non -American citizens, "valid travel documents") with their name in your travel documentation.Or divorced women traveling in their travel documents have to travel to a marriage certificate and/or a divorce decree.If you are not an American citizen, communicate with the consulate or the message of your objective to determine the necessary entry documents.

The passes are not necessary for trips within the United States, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and in the Maiden Islands of the United more information. If you don't comply, alternative forms of acceptable identification.The holidays are canceled for each passenger who denies the approach due to the lack of adequate documentation.No complement with the above requirements means that you are not allowed to travel and there is no refund.

  1. Minor travelers

We cannot accept unaccompanied minors under 18 to travel.For certain countries, for children traveling with a father under 18, a notarial consent of parents or legal guardians is required.Objective or visit websites such as: Mexican minors under 18, who travel alone or with someone who is not a legal father or guardian, they need special documents to leave Mexico, even if the minor is a double Mexican citizen.Communicate with the embassy or Mexican orClick here.In.Suroeste.comFor details.

  1. Rejection of entry

Certain countries can deny travelers with a minor criminal record, and if it is not an American citizen, the entrance to the United States embassy and the message or consulate of the visit of the United States embassy and the American embassyYou will deny, to make sure you can travel as planned.Southwest Vacations assumes no responsibility if he is denied to enter and request cancellation.

  1. Flights and check-in airport

You can find your flight information in the confirmation of the reservation, which was issued in your deposit and in your electronic travel documents, which were issued after full payment.All flight times can change without warning.Before the exit and again confirmed before the exit to the airport.For international flights we recommend arriving at the airportAt least three hours before your planned departure timeSo that time and passage through security.We recommend that you arrive two hours before the trip, but at the last hour before the trip.

If it is not registered at the airport or at the door at the required time or has no appropriate documents, the approach will be denied and will not refund when the reservation would like to go or leave and prices plus prices.If you have reserved your vacation at any time or a selected business rate, your funds will become reusable travel funds.If it is not registered without previous cancellation after its flight, it is also considered that it is not revealed and has no refund.The aforementioned cases do not take off.Southwest Vacations assumes no responsibility for passengers who make independent connections with flights that are reserved through the southwest holidays.If you visit the second age at some point during the holidays, if you visit the second age.Federal Law purchases a separate seat for remaining parts of the flight.Many of the output taxes for children.

  1. Package prices - Exclusions

"If you have not paid your vacation in its entirety, you are responsible for increasing the price of all non -air components of the vacation package. If additional expenses that are not included in the price of the package, including, among others, (among others (Unless otherwise indicated): tips, meals and drinks, travel/visa rates, output taxes, environmental taxes and hotel energy surcharges, resort rates, car seats, transfers, optional excursions and personal items.

  1. Airlines, hotel and taxes

Southwest Vacations Markets Hotels under a "Prepaid/Merchant" model, in which Southwest Vacations collects the total amount of the hotel room in advance and payments to the hotel/function in its name.The customer is made and contains two components for the reserve.The amounts paid by Southwest Vacations to the hotel/feature on behalf of the client and the compensation for the services withdrawn from the holidays of the southwest.In relation to the facilitation of your hotel/functional agreement, the amount you have calculated includes fiscal requirements and service rates.This amount includes an estimate that supports the amount that we are in the hotel/function in relation to its tax reserve that is due to the hotel/characteristics tax, the service on the service and the service and/or the holidays of the southwest ofSimilar taxes in relation to your hotel/characteristic tax reserve can deviate from the amount we estimate and calculated to you.To compensate for the treatment of your reservation .Southwest Vacations is not the supplier that presents taxes to tax authorities and transfers applicable to the supplier.Southwest Vacations is not a supplier that is connected to the supplier, reserved with the vacation books of the southwest or the reserve of customer travel preparations.

  1. Special requests

If you request special precautions, such as adjacent rooms/space locations, bed linen consultations, specific support or special meals, we will transmit your application to the supplier to your name.He is not given the opposite.

  1. Services and institutions for disabled

If you want a special service or a special team that helps with a disability, let us know in advance so that we can advise Southwest Airlines or the resort (the services vary according to the resort).To help you, Southwest does not guarantee you can request the availability of wheelchairs at an airport.Rollerstuhlfühlfahrer rooms can be requested, but they cannot be guaranteed.The standards vary according to the property and the country, they cannot vote with those of the Americans with the disability acts required standards and are not under control of the southwest of the southwest party.

  1. Southwest Vacations and other service providers

Responsibilities of travel consultants:If you have reserved through your travel consultant, your travel consultant is responsible for providing information, verifying and verifying and guaranteeing that you understand all the guidelines, rates and requirements to which you are exposed.The names have a reservation, recognizes this responsibility.

Southwest Airlines Responsibilities

Southwest Airlines is only responsible for the air transport it offers in relation to a purchase of packages, and is not responsible for the transport of the soil, accommodation or other vacation activities.Which includes passengers to limit responsibility.

Responsibility of the southern holiday -WEST

Southwest Vacations takes precautions with suppliers of third -party suppliers as independent contractors for the various components of which their vacation package consists of all the appropriate steps to ensure that adequate precautions have been taken for their vacations, and we expressly reject their actions for their actions or omissions. Service suppliers reserve the right to reject travelers to their own discretion. Southwest Vacations not responsible for the laws of the service provider by rejecting the service. Under no responsible circumstance of injuries or damages that may suffer in relation to air or soil transport, hotel accommodation or other travel or excursion services from Southwest Vacations. Tubans are not and cannot be responsible for bodily damage, property damage or other losses or damage caused by factors that go beyond their control, including, among others: air place, flight delays, extreme weather, Restrictions or regulations, strikes, war, war, terrorist acts, mechanical collapse, disease or disease, epidemics or pandemics, quarantine, physical, medical or intellectual disabilities, their failure, valid travel documents to follow or travel instructions that lead to a quoted entrance, at the goal or back to the United States. And the failure in relation to public internet, telephone or other lines of communication.

When booking on the southwest holidays and/or the use of the online reserve page in the southwest, it does not claim against Southwest Vacations, its affiliates and subsidiaries, as well as their respective leaders, directors, employees, contractors and agents for losses or losses ordamage.O violation of a person caused by (i) lack, negligence or other illegal actions or omission or failure of any type by airlines, hotel, soil transport or other travel suppliers (II), (ii) any claim ofinconvenient, loss of enjoyment, mental load or similar statements, (iii) any delayed output, a lost connection, replacement accommodation, service termination or changes in rates or prices, as well as (IV) overbooking, flight cancellation, loss or lossLinked luggage or claims for the air transport participation of a Spakes holiday.Under no circumstances are the southwest holidays for special, random or consequent damage that result from the provision of our travel services or vacation packages.A AMentrolns does not show the standard in our advertising materials and our website.If it is possible that it is not available.In each room category.The cards should not be climbed.Our hotel qualification system is provided for reference and may differ from other evaluation systems.We do not guarantee the accuracy of these qualifications or corresponds to other evaluation systems with which it can be familiar with.The right to change a qualification at any time with or without prior notice.

Your responsibility:Your responsibility: when booking in Southwest Vacations, you agree to defend oursor expenses of any type or type, including, among others, adequate legal costs, which are received by third parties as a result of: a) their violation of these conditions or documents referred to this;b) its violation of a law or law a third party;or c) its use of the Southwest Vacations and/or travel documents website.

Important announcement:Southwest Vacations enters contracts with hotels and air transport companies, agricultural or water, but all these companies are in possession and are operated by independent contractors.Or other third parties that go beyond their direct control.The name and logo in the southwest vacation can be exhibited at the airport of your departure or destination in vans, buses, coaches, hotels or elsewhere during your vacation on published or handled signs.This use of the name and the southwest holiday logo should only help you do all the companies that make such instructions, a shield or the southwest holidays or control a person who owns or shows such a signal. FT of leisure vacation.If these vacations are used for a reason other than leisure trips, the hotel can directly evaluate an additional surcharge or waste service during holiday periods, convents or special events.

If you have a claim or dispute with travel or excursion suppliers, we offer you the greatest possible support.Certain exclusions may not be applied in any jurisdiction.

  1. Luggage and personal property

Click hereInformation on luggage extinction and rates, responsibility for lost luggage, incorrectly connected and damaged or other personal property.Southwest accepts the first two pockets examined for free, provided that the bags do not exceed 50 pounds and 62 inches (L+W+H).51 to 100 pounds and large objects of more than 62 inches, but do not move more than 80 inches due to a rate of $ 75.00 per object.A $ 75.00 rate is applied if the piece is large and overweight, regardless of weight, provided it is not more than 100 pounds.Also overweight or large luggage, excessive luggage, as well as large or overweight precise rate.

Hand objects are limited to a pocket and a smaller article with the personal type.Southwest Airlines limits the dimensions of the 10 x 16 x 24 inches use.All customers and employees and their articles are subject to an exhaustive physical search.Round exchanges., letters, cameras, food containers or laptops (the box contains).If their transport does not coincide with the above dimensions, the southwest airlines are forced to review them at the door.From 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches the dimensions.

Southwest Vacations assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage, all lost luggage or damaged luggage should be reported to an airport representative at the airport by the passenger.

  1. Integrated conditions announcement
    This communication is part of the Southwest Airlines passenger contract.If there is an inconsistency between the terms described below and that in the client ticket, the integrated conditions of the ticket rule are taken.Integrated terms include, among others, A:
  • Limits of responsibility for personal injury or the death of passengers.
  • Restrictions of responsibility for loss, harm or delivery of passenger luggage, including the goods or content of fragile, perishable transmission and certain other irreplaceable and/or high quality, as indicated in the transport contract.Paid at $ 3,500 per rate, unless
  • Request restrictions, including periods in which a passenger presents a claim or files a lawsuit against southwest for its actions or omissions or those of its agents.
  • Aviation rights to change the transport contract.
  • Rules for reservations, check-in, rejection and smoking times.
  • Southwest rights and restrictions regarding delay or lack of providing services, including changes in the schedule, the replacement of the alternative air carrier or aircraft and repetition.
  • On the reserve: if a passenger is denied due to surveillance, his boarding pass has been present and is available for the boarding door at least ten minutes before the planned departure. With some exceptions, this passenger is entitled to a compensation.
  • Southwest Airlines, its employees and representatives do not act as vacation agents in Southwest, hotel, car rental agency or other companies.In no case the airlines have to be responsible for actions, omissions or events that do not begin during the time when passengers are not on the aircraft board.
  • Southwest Airlines reserves the right to reject a person who has acquired a ticket under violation of the applicable law or Southwest Airlines.Customs, rules or regulations.

Each reference to customs is considered as a reference to the passenger contract of the airline airlines.Suroeste.comDirect Consultations A: Southwest Airlines Customer Relation, P.O.Box 36647, Dallas, Texas 75235-1647

  1. Restrictions on hazardous materials and insecticide confessions

The Federal Law prohibits the transport of hazardous materials aboard aircraft in your luggage or in your person.A five -year violation and sanctions of $ 250,000 or more (49 USC 5124) can lead to hazardous materials, explosives include druckes, flammable gases.Liquids and solids, oxidation agents, poisons, corrosive substances and radioactive materials.Examples: colors, lighter liquid, fireworks, tear gas, oxygen bottles and pharmaceutical radio.Articles of toilets that are promoted in their luggage and certain smoke materials that are transported by more information.In the event that a manual luggage bag cannot be accommodated in the front passenger cabin and, for some reason, it must be placed in a load container and remain in the passenger cabin in the passenger cabin.Representatives of your airline.Any countries may need treatment with aircraft cabin insecticides for incoming foreign flights.A list of these countries is available

  1. Government law and dispute resolution

This contract is subject to the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.PENSILVANIA Court of common retreats from Delaware County.If a term or determination of this contract by a court of jurisdiction is determined as invalid or in any other way, this participation does not affect the validity or execution of the remaining conditions and provisions.

  1. Health and safety tips for travelers

Before booking trips and in front of your travel dates, we strongly recommend that you visit the website of the United States State Departmenttravel.state.govas well as the website of the centers for disease control and prevention,, including important information about foreign trips, such as travel advice, warnings and restrictions of the United States government. They are responsible for the fulfillment of the health requirements of the countries they want to attend. We have followed and refrain from the argument that we must do a little more in terms of warnings or warnings. Do it. For example, if you drink alcohol, do this in moderation. You also know the effects of mixing alcohol and certain medications. The emergency number provided by the complex. Representative of the resort Hren as soon as possible that he can provide support. If you have medical problems or concerns about medical services, we ask you to communicate with your resort with specific questions. Keep in mind that medical standards and rescue workers training and resort medical facilities vary greatly, and medical care abroad may not be the same as you could expect at home. For hospitals and medical suppliers abroad, there may be a standard directive in advance to request. Riger that heights prescribed in the United States and can also be lower in other countries. Leaving balcony railings form a risk of falling, which can cause serious injuries or deaths. They are not responsible for damages or losses that may result from traveling to such objectives.

  1. Additional information for passengers traveling to CubaCuba Travel Services, an independent supplier of third -party suppliers and the tourism director and the tour operator, provide independent visits, an independent supplier of third party suppliers and the tourism director and the tour operator.of the US Ministry of Finance. ("Ofac").To certify for your visit.More details under Kuba's travel certification within the payment process.The cost of this coverage is in its Avodoten ticket.All customers should receive a Cuban tourist card (entrance permit) or a Cuban visa before traveling.The costs for this documentation are not included in its price.Note the United States Ministry.FEAT PA Page ASMARAFor more information.
  1. Concerns after evaluation

If you have a vacation complaint, you must provide a reasonable opportunity to remedy the problem during your vacation immediately notifying your resort representative that makes all efforts to help.You must send our customer service department within 28 days of completing your vacation.Customer service by E it is due in travel assignments.

© 2022 Southwest Vacations, a brand of ATO VACACTIONS CORP. All rights reserved.If a term or determination of this contract is not valid or in any other way, the application of the remaining conditions or provisions is not affected.The previous information is currently on November 15 and may differ in its reserve or trip dates (111522).CST #2139014-20


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