How to change your birthday on Snapchat, steps and tips (2023)

How to change your birthday on Snapchat, steps and tips (1)

Have you ever entered the wrong date of birth in your Snapchat account? It can be frustrating to see your Snapchat friends' birthday wishes even if it's not the right day, so you might want to change it and we're here to help. and show you how to change your birthday on Snapchat.

Even if you're not a fan of receiving birthday wishes or seeing a cake emoji next to your username on Snapchat, changing that information in the app can still help. However, remember that even if you enter an incorrect date of birth, you will receive birthday wishes.

How to change your birthday on Snapchat

As easy as going to your Snapchat profile settings, choose the birthday option. From there, enter a new valid date of birth that you want to add and apply the changes and you're done!.

However, if this explanation still confuses you, read on to find itstep-by-step process:

1.Open your Snapchat app

For this step it doesn't matter which device you prefer as the process for changing your date of birth is the same. However, make sure you have updated to the latest version of the app as the interface might be different and you might get confused.

2.Tap on your profile icon

Now you will see a small profile icon in the top left corner of the screen. If you tap on it, you will see the entire Snapchat view of your username, friends, Bitmoji, Maps, and this is also where you can add or view your Snapchat stories.

3.Tap the Settings gear icon

Go to the top-right corner and tap the Settings gear icon⚙️ to manage your Snapchat birthday settings. You can also use this icon to control the rest of your settings.

4.Choose your birthday

Look for the "My Account" section at the top. After tapping the settings icon, select a range called "Birthday". Open this option and it will take you to Snapchat's birthday section.

5.Change your date of birth

This is the last step! Just tap on the blank "Your Birthday" field and change your Snapchat birthday. At this point you can decide whether you want to enter the correct birthday or any other desired date. Update your birthday to the desired date and select "Ok" to confirm.

If it's your birthday, you can have fun"Birthday Lenses",Your friends will also receive a notification to congratulate you on the special lenses.

Please note that you can only change your date of birth a limited number of times. And be careful if you are under 18 as you cannot change your birth year.

Come on 'birthday party'activated, you will get some surprising surprises like your zodiac sign in your profile. This will also help your friends find and celebrate your birthday, but it won't reveal your age to other Snapchatters.

If you disable this setting, you will not see spells related to birthdays and astrology.

Also, remember that after changing Snapchat birthday, you need to wait some time to make the change again.There is a limit to how many times you can change your birthday in the app.

Wanna keep things secret? So it would help if youhide your birthdayon Snapchat instead of providing a fake date of birth. That way, no one will ever know about your birthday on Snapchat, and you'll avoid any sign of celebration on your profile.

How to change your birthday on Snapchat, steps and tips (2)

Security issues for Snapchat

Remember, you can always check Snapchat's various privacy options and settings to protect your information and avoid scary encounters with strangers online. First, go to your privacy settings by clicking on your profile picture in the top left. This will bring up the Settings button in the top right, which lists all the app settings for you to manage.

Some of the things you can do to improve your Snapchat user experience are making sure you're using a reputable VPN, enabling two-factor authentication, or disabling your location.

Being a part of social media and maintaining your privacy is possible if you properly understand the issues and use legitimate in-app privacy tools.

Some tips and tricks

Snapchat has evolved from its initial focus on peer-to-peer photo sharing and now offers 24-hour user "Stories" with chronological content and "Discover" that allows brands to showcase ad-supported short-form content . It also allows users to keep the photos "for my eyes only", which allows them to keep their images in a password-protected area. It also included limited use of end-to-end encryption, with plans to expand its use in the future.

While we used to share content through Instagram Stories, we can't forget that this creative way of sharing content—photos and messages were available for a short time before becoming inaccessible to their recipients—was born with Snapchat and its features more and more intuitive and excellent. You can snap a quick photo and shazam a song, find your friends on a map, or play games with them.

So if you want to get the most out of the app and post great snaps, here are some tips and tricks you might not know:

  • You can add background music:Like Instagram Stories, you can choose your favorite jam to play in the background of your snaps, whether you're sending them straight to a friend or posting them to your story. Tap the music note icon called "Sounds" before taking the snap, choose from the list of available songs, and take your photo. A small icon will appear on your Snap with the title of the song, which you can drag and drop anywhere.
  • Add a website URL to Snaps: Suppose you want to share your latest podcast with a friend and send it as a story. The link button can be helpful. After you take a photo or video, you'll see a paper clip icon on the right side of the toolbar. Tap it, paste or type a URL and click Attach to Snap. The person you're sending your snap to can open the link by swiping up.
  • You can draw with secret color palettes: Previously, users had to drag the rainbow slider in a specific way to access hidden colors. Now all it takes is a few taps of your finger. Tap the Pen tool and then tap the Venn diagram icon below the rainbow slider to access the grayscale and pastel sliders and the second version of the rainbow slider.
  • You can add filters:If you've been using the app for a long time, you might be used to adding filters by swiping left or right when taking your photo or video, and you can still do it. But there is a new way! If you tap the smiley face next to the capture button before taking a photo and recording a video, you'll find several options under Browse and Create. You can even adjust the intensity and colors of the "Create" filters by tapping the three dots icon or the Venn diagram.
  • You can create stickers: If you want to use some of your best photos repeatedly, we recommend developing stickers with them. First tap on the scissors icon and track the object you want to clone. Snapchat automatically smoothes the edges for you and saves your thing as a sticker. Then tap on the memo icon to access your custom sticker and place and format it however you like.
  • You can create 3D paintings:Snapchat has integrated cool augmented reality features so you can create 3D or AR paintings. First, tap the search icon and type "3D Paint". Then select the lens of the same name, press and hold the canvas you want to paint on and voila! You can choose from matte, metallic, rainbow, neon, and iridescent brushes. You can also change the ink color and brush size.
  • You can add text effects:Another AR feature that you can enjoy in this app is AR Text! Tap the search icon and type 3D legend. Then select the lens with that name.

You can choose from different effects like round, spooky, bubble, wavy, levels and font. Also, this feature will animate the text and add filters to your entire image or video.

Last section how to change birthday on Snapchat

It's always good to know that social media companies try to protect your privacy, or at least your likes. If you don't like celebrating your birthday or don't want people to congratulate you, that's fine. We'd still like a piece of cake!

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