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If you have a cartridge filter in your pool, you are not alone! Pool filter cartridges are becoming a popular alternative to sand and glass pool filters. This is because they are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and extremely effective at keeping your pool clean.

But that's not all. Cartridge filters for swimming pools are among the most climate-friendly filters available. Because they don't need to be backwashed, they can save you hundreds of gallons of water, and because they can run at lower flow rates, you can also reduce your energy bills.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right?

But to get the most out of your pool filter cartridge, it needs to be cared for, and that's where cleaning comes in. This may seem daunting for new, busy, or inexperienced pool owners, but it's not as difficult as it sounds. If you can turn on and operate a pool pump apool cleaner, you can clean a pool filter!

In this guide we give you an overview of what your pool filter does, how to clean it properly and what you can do to keep it in top condition all year round. We jump!

What is a pool filter cartridge?

APool filter cartridgeIt is a cylindrical filter containing a pleated element, usually made of paper, cotton or polyester, that filters particles or debris from your pool. It works with yoursPool pumpto keep the water filtered and clear. The pump pushes the water into the filter canister, where it flows through the folds of paper or polyester. These catch any debris before the water is returned to the pool water.

Unlike sand filters, which use depth filtration (meaning trapping particles in a path), pool filters use cartridge filterssurface filtering(ie the particles remain on the surface). This means the pleated filter is not backwashed to remove debris, but rather removed from the tank and hosed down.

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In general, pool filter cartridges can capture particles between 10 and 20 microns (compared to 20 to 40 microns for sand) and work well at low speeds. They also require little maintenance and use less water to clean, making them a popular choice for most backyard pools.

Why do you need to clean a pool filter cartridge?

Your pool filter looks a lot like a kidney. As the water circulates, the filter's tight mesh traps bacteria and debris, keeping them out of the pool water. However, over time, debris can build up and clog the filter, making it difficult to keep pool water clean. This can result in damage to your filter pleats and/or re-contamination of the pool water.

When should you clean your pool filter cartridge?

There are several ways to find out if your filter needs cleaning. First, check the filter indicator. Do this as part of yourweekly pool maintenance. When the reading is 8 to 10 PSI (pounds per square inch) above the filter's normal level, it is time to clean it. If you are unsure what is normal for your filter, consult your manual or speak to aprofessional swimming pool.

Second, check your pool diary (you keep one, right?). If it's been more than three months since you cleaned your filter, it's time to start the hose and give it a deep clean. However, if they are less than 3 months old and the water is in your poolcloudy- even though you regularly run your pump, sanitize and clean your pool - then you could have unexpected buildup on your filter. This is common after heavy use, heavy rain, or leaf fall. In general, we recommend giving your cartridge filter a quick hose every 2-3 weeks.

How to clean your pool filter cartridge

It's a good idea to set aside about half an hour to clean the pool filter. If it's particularly dirty, it may take longer (e.g. overnight). Below is our step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Gather your tools

Before you do anything, prepare all your tools. There's nothing worse than looking for a hose fitting or making a last-minute trip to the pool shop. What you need:

  • garden hose
  • big bucket
  • gloves
  • safety goggles
  • Screwdriver (if the cartridge cover has screws)
  • Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool
  • pool filter cleaner
  • O-ring (if required)
  • Lubricant (if necessary)
  • ErsatzPool filter cartridge(If required)
  • operation manual

Step 2. Turn off the pool pump

The first thing to do is turn off the pool pump. This prevents water from entering the filter or being shot into the air. Then turn the air valve to the open position to relieve pressure. Give it time to loosen up before moving on to the next step.

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Step 3. Open the lid of the filter canister

If your filter tank has an o-ring clamp, open it according to the instructions in the filter manual. You may need to press a release tab or turn the locking knob. If your filter cover is secured with clamps and screws, remove the screws and place them in a small container to keep them from shifting.

Step 4. Remove the filter

Gently pull out the filter. If you have more than one filter in the housing, remove them all. Don't be surprised if the filter is clogged with hair, algae and leaves. Body oils and sunscreen can even make it greasy!

Step 5. Rinse the filter

Start flushing the filter with a garden hose. Spray at an angle from above and work your way down. This will ensure that the dirt is pushed down (and not further into the folds). Never use a high-pressure cleaner as this could damage the material.

If you need to clean the wrinkles, consider using a cartridge cleaning tool. This is connected to the hose and facilitates access to tight spaces. But don't be tempted to use a soft brush. This can cause tears and render your filter ineffective.

expert advice: To save water, spray the filter on the ground or grass with a hose instead of directing it down a drain. This way you can feed your plants or lawn instead of wasting them. Also, pool water waste is usually organic, so it's perfectly safe to throw it on the floor.Check out this short demo of@theaussiepoolguy:

Step 6. Check for damage

After the dirt is removed, check the condition of the case and folds. If you see cracks or tears, it's time to replace yoursPool filter cartridge. Note: If your filter pleats are no longer white, don't worry. This is completely normal and will not affect the functionality of your filter.

Step 7. Perform a deep cleaning

If you still have residual stains, grease or limescale after hosing down, your filter needs a thorough cleaning. That means bringing out the big guns:Filter cleaner. These products are designed to remove sunscreen and other residues from filter elements that help extend filter life. Be sure to wear protective gloves and goggles when handling them.

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Follow these steps for a thorough cleaning: Pour apool filter cleanerin a large bucket according to the directions on the bottle. Place the cartridge in the solution, making sure it is completely submerged. Turn it over if necessary. If the stains persist, you may need to soak the cartridge overnight.

expert advice: Remember to follow the manufacturer's instructions when disposing of chemical cleaning products. Some can pollute water bodies and be toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

Step 8. Let it dry

Put your filter outside to dry completely. When finished, shake to remove any dried residue. Drying is also a good strategy if you're doing a quick flush every few weeks. Dirt can be shaken off easily. However, do not leave the cartridge in the sun for more than a few hours. While ultraviolet light can kill algae spores, it can also damage housing and materials.

Step 9. Put the filter back into the tank

Now put the filter cartridge back into the tank clean and dry. Close the top with staples if necessary. If you have an o-ring, make sure it is in good condition and add lube to prevent sticking or wearing out. If the ring is cracked or broken, replace it with a new one.Make sure your pressure relief valve is open when you close the filter lid.

Step 10. Turn on the pump

Turn on your pump and once water begins to flow from the valve, close the bleed valve.Make sure everything is working normally and the PSI is back in the normal range. If all is well, you can start swimming again!

Can I backwash a pool filter cartridge?

Cartridge filters are not designed to be backwashed, so don't even try! Unlike sand filters, there is no reverse water flow feature (or backwash line) so you have to clean them manually. While this may seem time consuming, it can save you water and energy in the long run, making them more environmentally friendly than media filters.

How often should I replace my pool filter cartridge?

This depends on a few factors such as B. how big your pool is and how often you clean it. In general, you should change yoursPool filter cartridgeevery three to five years. If you havea variable speed pump, which can filter the water more slowly, can be longer. This puts less strain on your pool's filter cartridge and increases its lifespan.

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However, if you ever notice broken ribbons, torn ends, or tears in the accordion folds during the processRoutinewartung, replace the cartridge immediately. Even if you've cleaned your cartridge and the water is still not filtering properly, there may be damage that you can't see. In this case it should be replaced.

How do I care for my pool filter?

You don't have to wait for your PSI to get high to clean your filter. Give him a hose every three to four weeks to prevent buildup. You can do this more often if you get a lot of foliage or if it rains a lot. A deep cleaning should be scheduled every three months to remove stubborn particles. This can prevent filter damage and poor water quality.

Another thing you should do is keep yoursbalanced pool water. This can prevent algae growth and limescale build-up, which can clog or damage the filter. Also, empty your skimmers regularly to keep dirt from getting into your filter. Finally, make sure you run yourspool cleanerregularly. This collects excess debris and prevents your pool filter from working too hard.

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final thoughts

while cleaning hisPool filter cartridgemay look differentpool maintenanceHomework is one of the most important. Why? Because it keeps your pool water cleaner for longer. Along with your pool pump, it is vital to the health of your pool. In fact, a well-maintained filtration system means less pool chemicals, less pool cleaning, and most importantly, more swimming!

More information aboutZodiac-Pool-Filterkartuschen, contact one of ourauthorized dealers. For more pool maintenance tips and tricks, check out ourPool and Spa Guide.


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