Quick Tips to Fix Instagram Music Not Working 2023 Issue! (2023)

Many IG users have come forward in recent months"Music not playing in Instagram story" issue.im 2023.Add your favorite soundtrack to a photo/video, certainly makes the stories more compelling and captivating. So when the error message appears"Instagram Music Not Working", "Instagram Music Not Showing All Songs" or "Instagram Music No Results Found", we can totally understand how annoying this is.

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In this article, we list 11 troubleshooting tips that usually fix the problem and get Instagram music library working again.

Instagram Music Stickerswas launched in June last year and allows users to add their favorite song to a specific Insta story to bring a completely different atmosphere to the audience.

But today is still excitingInstagram music featureIt's not available or working for everyone. 🇧🇷Imagine driving down the beach and posting the beach story with nice music something from the beach boys won't that boost your overall instagram story?

Don't worry, you certainly won't miss this awesome Instagram sticker because we share some quick tricks to fix it if you have itInstagram music not working!

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PART 1 - "No sound" or "Music not playing" in the Instagram Story 2023!

Try these eleven quick tricks to fix Insta Story Music Not Working issue:

#1 Update your Instagram app

To enjoy musicInstagram stories, you need to download the update first. Install the latest version ofApp Store oder Google PlaySave on computer🇧🇷 FindInstagram, and easyTo updateDies.

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#2 Try logging in and out of the app

If the music still doesn't work on Instagram story, just quit the app.

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  • I go toProfileSection
  • tap onthree horizontal linesfrom the top right corner
  • Go toThe definition& beatGo outTaste

After that, log in using the same credentials. Check if you can use aMusic history on Instagramnow!

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#3 Reinstall Instagram

Consider reinstalling your phone's Instagram app.

  • Go toGoogle-App-StoreorAppstorefor reinstallation
  • Usually this method helps in removing errors that are present in the link and choke the story.
  • To installInstagram as usual

If the Instagram music sticker didn't work before. It might work right after reinstalling the app!

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#4 Update Instagram over WiFi

Sometimes updates are not possible without connecting to Wi-Fi. So try updating the Instagram app through your WiFi. open yourThe definition, click inW-lanand find a network to connect to. the introducepassword, connect to WiFi and tryUpdateYour letter of application. It will help you get Instagram Music working again!

#5 Switch to personal account

UseInstagram business accountat the moment? Some people have reported that they lost their Instagram Music Story feature after switching their account to Business. So you can try changing your account to personal and enjoyInstagram music featureagain. For going back:

  • Go to InstagramThe definition
  • Navigate toAccountSection
  • Choose the option"Switch to personal account"

stay patient; Instagram Music Story sticker will be working again soon!

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#6 Switch to Creator Account

This hack worked for multiple users to fix Instagram Music Not Working. It will help you enjoy songs in your story again. Follow the steps below to switch to the Creator account:

  • Go to InstagramThe definition
  • Navigate toAccountSection
  • Choose the option"Switch to Creator Account"

Be patient, it may take a few days, but soon your Instagram Music Story sticker will be working again!

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#7 Fix "Music is currently unavailable"

There can be two reasons why you might get this Instagram error. (1) Certain songs are not available in your country. (2) The artist may have removed the specific song from Instagram. Therefore it is not available for users.

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A quick way around this problem is to turn a song into a video file that can be easily shared on platforms like Instagram. some severalallow usersConvert music to MP40 file format, which you can pass asInstagram story.

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#8 Get in touch with Instagram

This method may or may not work for some users, but it's worth trying to fix Instagram Music Not Working issue quickly. Try to regularly contact the Instagram support team; You never know when the people behind the screen will come to your rescue. If your concern is noticed, you can correct itInstagram storysound not working

    • Go toProfile
    • tap onThe definition> go toHelp
    • hit theTo report a problempossibility
    • Follow the on-screen instructions towrite on instagram

Alternatively, you can also write to Instagram[email protected]to fix insta story sound not working!

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#9 Use VPN to access Instagram music feature

Using a VPN can certainly help you unblock Instagram Music. want to know how Well, using a VPN app on your Android or iPhone allows you to do thathide your real IP addressand you can replace it with the IP of any country where Instagram Music Story is available.

Due to certain licensing restrictions, Instagram Music is currently available in some countries including US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Australia, Iceland and some regions of India.

To enjoy the Instagram Music Story feature, you can rely on theThe best VPNs for Android&iPhone/iPad.

#10 Keep patience to solve Instagram story sound not working

Wait a while; There may be some internal or external issues with Instagram for now. Try to be patient until Instagram fixes the issues. So relax and have fun with it.amazing instagram stories with music inside🇧🇷 In case you get the Instagram Music feature working again, read the steps below to add music to Instagram Stories!

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#11 Convert your favorite soundtrack to MP4

Well, this is not exactly a solution to fix Instagram song error 2023. Rather, this workaround will help you share an IG story with your favorite song added. Sometimes the inaccessibility of music in your area can make Instagram music unavailable. Alternatively, if the specific audio is removed from the Instagram app, the same problem can occur.

In the first case, as suggested above, you can use a VPN and access your desired music. For the last scenario, you can download the specific song from any website and convert it to an MP4 file format. Later you can share it on Instagram by adding it to your favorite photo/video.

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PART 2 - How to Add Music to Instagram Stories?

Let's take a quick look at how to create musicInstagram stories, in case you are not clear.

  • press yourprofile picat the top of the profile icon
  • Add your photo or videoto it and swipe up to select Music Sticker from the options
  • FindInstagram Music Stickers& Tip It
  • search yoursfavorite music trackand tap the song you want
  • tap onFinishedButton to like your favorite tracklike instagram story

Quick Tips to Fix Instagram Music Not Working 2023 Issue! (11)

PART 3 - Were you able to fix the Instagram Story sound not working issue?

If the music function of Instagram is not working, we suggest you the ways to add them to your profile. Talk to us and let us know if any of the methods worked for you in the comments section below.

If you know other workarounds to fix Instagram Music Sticker not working on your Android or iPhone, please share them with us!

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Additional Info – How to Fix No Results Found in Instagram Story Music Search

If Instagram Music Sticker is showing “No Results Found” error when searching for a specific song, there is also a way to fix it. You can upload any soundtrack from any streaming service likeSpotify, Soundcloud, Shazmetc. directly into the Instagram app.

All you have to do is:

  • Open the song you want to share on your Instagram story.
  • Click the share icon and select Instagram from the app options.
  • Choose Instagram Stories.
  • The song will be added to the IG Story.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Q1 How do I add music to my Instagram story?

Adding music to your Instagram story is easy. All you have to do is go to the Stickers option and select the music sticker. Now add any song from the lists or search and select one. You can also pan the audio to choose a piece of music to play in the story.

Q2. How do I make my music available on Instagram in my region?

If you get a message on Instagram that music isn't available in your area, try a VPN service. There are several VPN services available for smartphones that allow you to change the IP address and thus unblock geo-restricted content.

Q3 Why isn't my music available on Instagram?

There can be several reasons for the error - Instagram Story music not working. We have listed possible reasons along with solutions in this blog, try them.

Q4 Is there a limit to how long you can post music on Instagram?

Music may be used as long as it has been made available by the artist for use in the Instagram Story. Apart from that, you can add a maximum of 15 seconds of an audio clip in an Instagram story.

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