Top 10 Best Harry Styles Songs (2023)

Top 10 Harry Styles Songs

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Harry Styles Songs.

For this list, we're looking at all the songs recorded and released by Harry Styles, but we're only including tracks from his solo career. If you're looking for One Direction songs, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Have we forgotten one of your favorite Harry songs? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: "Illuminates" (2019)
"Fine Line" (2019)

A coming-out moment for Harry Styles, Lights Up offers the artist a sense of freedom and expression. In what is seen as a statement about his sexuality, the song's gospel influence is skyrocketed with added R&B and pop stylings. Giving additional meaning to this song, it points to the performer's own personal and artistic growth. With a deeply personal voice, Styles proclaims in inspiring lyrics that he "will never come back." Along with his message, the platinum hit delivered the unique and multifaceted production of the artist's new direction. Uplifting and nuanced, "Lights Up" gave fans a tune that represents self-expression and identity in all its forms.

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#9: "Treat People With Kindness" (2021)
"Fine Line" (2019)

In a lively pop number, Harry makes clear what really matters in life. "Treat People with Kindness" packs a simple lesson into a catchy tagline with high production value. The biggest story about the single stems from a catchphrase the singer used on a previous tour. He took the message to heart and decided to turn the phrase into something more. With gospel and rock as its base, the song receives additional contributions from the group Lucius to complete its positive message. Featuring a rousing rendition from Styles, "Treat People with Kindness" reminds listeners of the profound effects of generosity.

#8: „Fallen“ (2020)
"Fine Line" (2019)

Harry Styles' song "Falling" experiments with different genres, giving him a chance to slow down and express his inner demons. The piano ballad, the third single from his sophomore album "Fine Line," lets the singer shed all pop pretensions. With limited instruments, the song creates a platform for the performer to open his heart. Styles' authentic delivery seems to explore the grieving process after a failed relationship and it works so well that it feels like an open dialogue with fans. Whether he's singing to his ex or reflecting on his past mistakes, the universal sentiment of "Falling" draws listeners in with its deep examination of regret.


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#7: "As It Was" (2022)
"Harry's House" (2022)

The single As It Was, released before her third album Harry's House, topped the Billboard Hot 100 upon its release. The song's new wave and synth power transcends early '70s rock influences and suggests the singer's new '80s inspirations. Set to a bouncy electronic beat, the track is nothing short of a toe tapper. Styles hints at a major change in his own life, singing about loneliness and the passing of time in heartbreaking lyrics. Working through his intricate personal feelings, the song exudes a therapeutic atmosphere while also ushering in another exciting era for the singer. With a knack for combining sad words and rosy production, the singer's endless creativity spills over on "As It Was."

#6: "Two Ghosts" (2017)
"Harry Styles" (2017)

Harry Styles' second single, Two Ghosts, gave Styles a break from traditional pop songwriting. The song went gold in the United States and added a country touch to the new soloist's career. Originally intended as a One Direction song, the smash hit went through several changes before making it onto the singer's first album. It is a swirling and hypnotic folk-rock song full of repressed feelings that the singer harbored towards love. The poignant lyrics celebrate the changes he and his former partner have gone through and create a fantastic story that adds replay value to Two Ghosts.

#5: „Dorado“ (2020)
"Fine Line" (2019)

The singer brings a fresh, energetic sound to the aptly titled "Golden" on this sparkling pop single. It may not have charted too high on the Billboard Hot 100, but this platinum-selling song gave the artist a chance to show his groove on a song that seems right for summer. The track combines a simple love story and uses the color reserved for the first place to denote his beloved. If he listens to it or watches the captivating video, it's unlikely that he won't be happy afterward. Upbeat and refreshing, "Golden" represents another happy moment from Style's second album.

#4: "Cherry" (2019)
"Fine Line" (2019)

In this sobering folk number, the singer recovers from a breakup on the authentically complicated "Cherry." Knowing that her partner has found someone new, Styles' words evoke bittersweet feelings about the purpose of a relationship. Even as one of the few non-singles from "Fine Line," this piece stands out for its deeply moving narrative and beautiful musical accompaniment. Reminiscent of the sounds of groups like Fleetwood Mac, this heartthrob pays homage to the best of a bygone era. For Harry Styles superfans, look beyond the greatest hits to hidden gems like "Cherry."

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#3: "I Adore You" (2019)
"Fine Line" (2019)

From Harry Styles' second album, Fine Line, the single Adore You features one of his best declarations on love. Harry proclaims his adoration for a new life partner and gives us hope that chivalry isn't dead after all. This jam not only tells a heartfelt story, but also offers a soft pop feel with funky guitars and bass lines. In a layered homage to '70s pop and disco, the undeniable beat will make any listener want to dance. Full of stylish flourishes, Adore You perfectly captures the lengths people go to show how much they love someone.


#2: "Watermelon Sugar" (2020)
"Fine Line" (2019)

After his first album combined elements of folk and rock, Styles approached his next effort with a more upbeat pop sensibility. There is no better example of this musical shift than "Watermelon Sugar," a summer beach party hit. Depending on how far you want to read the allusions to him, the track speaks to a deep attraction to someone and the feeling they evoke at its peak. Combining funk and indie-pop influences, the artist embodied his pop star persona on this sun-soaked single. With a proud and radiant sound, "Watermelon Sugar" is perhaps the artist's purest and happiest pop statement.

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Before we reveal our top picks, here are some honorable mentions.

Only Angels (2017), Harry Styles (2017)
Styles brings a '70s rock vibe to this love song

"Girasol, Vol. 6" (2019), "Fine Line" (2019)
This electro pop bop explores the many stages of relationships.

"Fine Line" (2019), "Fine Line" (2019)
A meditative ballad forms the emotional conclusion to their second album.

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„Kiwi“ (2017), „Harry Styles“ (2017)
The heaviest rock song in Harry's catalog describes fame and relationships

"Beautiful Creature" (2017), "Harry Styles" (2017)
Harry channels '60s pop-folk music on this soulful acoustic track

#1: "Signs of the Times" (2017)
"Harry Styles" (2017)

In his debut single as a solo artist, Harry Styles proclaimed that he was much more than an ex-One Direction member. "Sign of the Times" goes beyond traditional pop tracks and trades in the atypical sound of other pop stars for a vintage ballad. The hit, which went quadruple platinum in the US, confirmed that Styles could achieve massive success without the help of others. Lyrically, the melody contemplated his feelings towards the world. Described as a dying mother's prospect of delivering her newborn child, voices soaringly hope for a better world for the next generation. Demonstrating a maturity well beyond his years, "Sign of the Times" has captured the soloist in his prime.


What is Harry Styles most successful song? ›

'Sign of the Times' - 2017. Harry's first single was a monumental success, peaking at Number 1 on the UK Singles Chart.

What is Harry Styles least popular song? ›

Treat People With Kindness” seems to be the consensus pick for Styles' worst song, but I can't help but have a little bit of a soft spot for it with just how upbeat and smile-inducing the whole thing is. Still, I understand its general shortcomings, and he certainly has plenty of songs better than this.

Does Harry Styles have a #1 song? ›

Did Harry Styles get to number 1? Harry Styles' As It Was becomes longest-running US number one by a UK act. Harry Styles' hit As It Was has become the longest-running number one on the US singles chart by a British artist.

What are the top 10 songs? ›

Today's Top Hits
  • Anti-HeroTaylor Swift.
  • golden hourJVKE.
  • Just Wanna RockLil Uzi Vert.
  • Shakira: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53Bizarrap, Shakira.
  • Unholy (feat. Kim Petras)Sam Smith, Kim Petras.
  • Love AgainThe Kid LAROI.
  • SnoozeSZA.
  • I'm Good (Blue)David Guetta, Bebe Rexha.

How many number 1 songs has Harry Styles had? ›

Now, Harry Styles has done something pretty rare here. Only three songs have ever stayed at No. 1 longer. Elvis didn't do it.

What song did Harry win a Grammy for? ›

Styles took home his first Grammy in 2021, when his radio hit “Watermelon Sugar” picked up the win for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Why is Harry Styles so popular? ›

Charisma and preexisting fame explain some of this success, but he has far outrun his charming former bandmates in One Direction. Three albums into a solo career, Styles has shown a knack for groovy, rock-inflected sing-alongs that could have come out anytime in the past 50 years.

What song did Harry Styles won a Grammy for? ›

Harry Styles Wins Best Pop Vocal Album For 'Harry's House' | 2023 GRAMMYs.

What is Harry Styles most famous for? ›

Harry Styles, in full Harry Edward Styles, (born February 1, 1994, Redditch, Worcestershire, England), British singer, songwriter, and actor, one of the original members of the boy band One Direction and a highly successful solo artist known for his multiple chart-topping singles and albums.

Who is Harry Styles famous song? ›

# 1- Watermelon Sugar

Apart from earning Harry Styles a much-coveted Grammy Award, “Watermelon Sugar” became Harry Styles's first number-one single. The song's video features a 1970's summer vibe and is Harry Styles' best song to date.

What is the most viewed Harry Styles music video? ›

Sign of the Times” (2017)

This is Styles' most-viewed video so far, with an enormous 1 billion views. “Sign of the Times” was the first single from his self-titled debut album, and it started his solo career off on a high.

What is Harry Styles net worth? ›

Harry Styles is a British singer, songwriter and actor with a net worth of $120 million. Harry Styles rose to fame as part of the boyband One Direction. He is not only a renowned singer and world-renowned fashionista, but he is also an acclaimed actor. He played an important role in the Oscar nominated film 'Dunkirk'.


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