Verify engine light after oil change (cause and how to redefine it): my car makes noise (2023)

We have all been there before;The light of the verification mechanism is suddenly illuminated and wonders how serious this problem is.In addition, neglecting only the game, where you will surely lose in the most inner moment.The problem can be as serious as a fiscal or as small mechanism as a loose fuse.This can be particularly worrying if it has just changed the oil and happens.

Verify engine light after oil change (cause and how to redefine it): my car makes noise (1)


What does verification engine mean?

The malfunction indicator lamp (a thousand), more commonly called the verification mechanism light, is a sign that is transmitted from the car engine that notifies that something is wrong.

In addition, verification engine verification is part of the diagnostic system on board your car.Therefore, when the system finds that it cannot be self -corruption, the computer connects the light of the verification mechanism.

The computer not only ignites the light of the verification mechanism, but also stores a "problem code" in its memory to identify where the problem is, such as a mechanism that is failing or a malfunction sensor.

The way of reading the code is through a diagnostic computer or an electronic scanning tool, both standard equipment in car repair workshops throughout the country.In the course, there are even code readers that DIY people can buy and are relatively cheap.

However, the code will only show where the problem is located, but you may need the experience of a professional to diagnose more and correct the problem.

How do you see verification engine light?

A engine verification light can be yellow, orange or amber;It depends on the manufacturer.However, if instead of illuminating, it begins to flash, this indicates a more serious problem.The problem can be a defect that can quickly light overheating to the catalytic converter.

Why does verification motor light lit after an oil change?

See a motor control light just after an oil change is generally produced because the oil rod is not completely sitting or adjusting the oil lid feathers.We will describe how to correct these problems and some other underlying problems that may be the fault.

Lack of oil pressure

Remember that simply verifying the oil correctly should not activate control of the control engine.In addition, drain the motor of the car of the car will redefineOil pressure meter.

Remember to replace the oil and install a clean filter will not give the meter the long time to read correctly.This will make the light of the verification engine the engine light because the car "thinks" that the oil is low.


Use the rod to check the engine oil level.The rod will be removed, cleaned and will be replaced many times during an oil change to verify the oil level.

The rod is cozy in the stick tube and a ring creates a seal when the rod is placed in place.

If the rod is out, the non -measured air can the engine.This can cause damage to the internal parts of the engine, such as cylinder walls, pistons or valves.

A lot of oil

If you put a lot of oil in the engine, this can cause verification engine light to be illuminated.It can stop because the engine is slow or failed.

You can also make smoke from the exhaust tube, an oil leakage or cannot begin.

The gas lid is crooked or backward

Sometimes, after people change oil, they fill their gas tanks and the lid is not screwed correctly.It can be behind or may be very lazy.These problems will warn the system and control of the control engine can turn on.

Using wrong oil

It is essential to ensure thatUse the right oilIn your vehicle.If the oil is viscosity, note or incorrect weight, it can cause problems to your car.An example of use another 10W-40 oil instead of 5W-40 is because he thought they were relatively similar.

A very viscous oil will not offer adequate lubrication, which means that it will not transfer the heat correctly.This means that the oil will be hot very quickly, which will cause the light of the verification engine.

How does the problem solve?

Try these simple steps to obtain the light of the verification mechanism to turn off:

Solution 1: Lack of oil pressure

The first thing to do is start your car and let it work for a few minutes, allowing the new oil to pump and circulate the engine.If that was the problem, the engine verification light must immediately remedy.

Solution 2: Dipstick not completely sitting

The easiest way to fix this is to open the hood, find the rod and make sure the tube is not clogged.After knowing that it is clear, the bar readjus until it is firmly inserted.

Solution 3: A lot of oil

Also known as oil filling, you can correct this problem with a suction pump to drain excess oil.Place the bell of your car and decide if you want to drain the oil pipeline or the access point to the lid.Between a manual or automatic pump.

Solution 4: The gas lid is a cake or backward

Try to make the light fire removing the gas lid and placing it correctly and hard.The writing must be in front of you in some vehicles, which may have been the problem of why it was late, since this varies from one vehicle to another.

Solution 5: Incorrect oil use

You can correct this problem draining the oil from your vehicle.You must replace the oil filter and replace the car with the correct oil type.

Verify engine light after oil change (cause and how to redefine it): my car makes noise (2)

How to redefine verification engine light after oil change

These steps will help you redefine verification engine light after a fresh oil change:

Necessary tools and equipment

It does not cost much to buy the necessary tools, a diagnostic reader on board, such as theKobra Obd scanner, and an English key.This reader will help him analyze the motor codes to clean them.

Step 1: Find the door

The door of an OBD reader is normally at the bottom of the panel just above where their feet are;There may be a fuse box to delete for access.

Step 2: Connect the reader

After connecting the reader, press Enter to turn on the device.

Step 3: Wait for codes

Allow the device to scan the engine for error codes.After finishing the vehicle, you will see all the error codes shown on the screen.Volume notes in the codes you want to verify online or against the manual.

Step 4: Delete the code

Use the displacement button to highlight the code and press enter again to turn it off.This must redefine the engine verification light.

Step 5: Restart your vehicle

If the light does not go immediately, you must restart your car to give all the opportunity to restart.

Should I use DIY or use a mechanic?

Repairs can be expensive.Adulteration without objective can cause additional problems in the future.In general, it should not cause much concern if control of the control motor is still on after an oil change because it is generally a quick of a professional mechanic.

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