When can you change nipple drilling? (2023)

He made the jump and received her holes in the nipple!A new hole is always funny and exciting.With a massive selection of online options or in the shop for nipples, bars, chains and accessories, he probably wondered: "When can I change it?!"

Depending on its preference and hole, it is likely that a bar or a ring jewel is not the most attractive pieces, but are specially designed for their new nipple perforation and play a very important role in the healing process!

Change this jewelry is completely allowed, but you must have a solid understanding of when it is about changing jewelry and how exactly it decreases!

When can you change nipple perforation for the first time?

If you change the drilling of your new nipples, you always have to wait!It is absolutely necessary that the bore of your nipple is complete, you must return to your perforator if the hole is changed or adjusted.

Any attempt to change its holes in front of 100% is delayed even more.So try to be patient!The healing time can be different for everyone, but generally takes between 3 and 12 months.Their perforation is no longer painful or with a liquid escape, and the drilling point seems to have adapted and accepted its new holes.It can be the right time to change your jewels.

Fortunately, piercing nipples are easy to change when it comes to any kind of nipple jewelry that includes straight or curves, rings, shields and slopes..

As soon as the perforation is healed, there is no limit to the frequency in which your jewels can change.However, those with sensitive skin may want to leave their bores between the changes in order to avoid the skin around drilling.

It is important to consider that nipple piercings are one of the fastest to close when jewels are taken.A fully healed perforation can also close in a week.In this reason, it is recommended to keep jewelry.

Can you change a nipple bore?

If you have confidence and it is brave enough to resist a nipple, it is most likely that you have the courage to change yourself!However, if you feel uncomfortable by changing your own jewels of the nipple, you can return to your hole or drilling at any time or find a local piercing business to change it.

Note that this corresponds to a rate for its time and sterilization devices in advance.In some cases it is possible that you have to make an appointment.Debidize in most cases.

Change your nipple bore itself can be dominated by practice and patience.A completely healed and well -kept nipping drill from the nipple is practicing in drilling models an excellent option for you to feel comfortable with your steps!

Make sure that it is also important to be familiar with the jewels.It is better to confirm whether you have the internal body jewel for you in internal thread!

How does a nipple perforation change?

Step one: disinfectant

Disinfect your hands, jewels and the area.Take your hands with antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds or use a disinfectant for hands on hands.Remove a great idea disinfect your current jewels before you change them to avoid infection.You can do this with a cotton smear to gently clean the drilling area with the same marine salt solution 1: 1 and warm water.

Step two: Elelemen

Eliminating barschmuck: bar jewels are open internally or externally, independently of one another, he has to slow down the ball.From there, drilling can be removed smoothly.

Eliminate the ring jewelry: some types of ring jewels two ends of the ring until the ball is released.

After removing, the ring can be stretched gently to create an opening that is large enough to remove the nipple ring.Just take them into account to close.

Step three: Insert new jewels

Use the bar jewelry: Slace a ball at every end of the bar jewelry so that the bar is uncovered.Place your nipple jewels next to the remaining ball and gently push the bar through the drilling.Slowly make the jewels through the drilling.

If the jewels do not happen immediately, they calm down and turn patiently and push the jewels until they appear on the other side.The ball sail solution and admire your new jewels!

Use jewelry of the ring: The ring in the ring of the jewelry wart can be kept together with a single report or simply.Open the ring slowly through drilling, work gently and turn the ring until it is fully inserted.

Insert the ball again in the ring or press both sides to ensure that your ring remains switched on.The use of gloves can help to slip into the ring and accidentally prevent paprika.

What happens if you change a nipple perforation too early?

Changing a nipple drill too early can be harmful to the piercing healing process in many ways and prepare it for unpleasant infections.If a hole changes too early, it means that it is not healed.

Eliminating a drill before it is healed, swelling, itching and other unpleasant symptoms.

In addition, an infection and any kind of drilling irritation during the healing process can delay months and bring it back to the starting point.It is always better to wait until the holes are completely healed before you change them to avoid a problem, and guarantee that this is guaranteed to be the extraction and replacement process quickly and painless.

What is the best way to increase the nipple drilling process?

It is difficult to wait for the healing process for a new bore of the nipple, but it is essential!In order to increase the healing process for its new nipple perforation and to change it as soon as possible, cleaning the key is!

With a 3: 1 ratio from warm water to sea salt to soaking the nipples, piercings is the best way to prevent infection.This recipe is safe enough to use it twice a day.Your holes for up to 5 minutes.

If you take care of your perforation, you will heal quickly and change the jewels in a short time.Persistence and patience in the healing process will help you to optimally use your holes in the future.

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