When can you change the nipple drilling?Read it first! (2023)

When can you change nipple drilling?

It is no secret that Rihanna and theJenner SistersThey are creators of trends when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Then, when the piercations of the nipples began, it is not surprising that fans would like to follow the example.

When can you change the nipple drilling?Read it first! (1)

However, there is still a lot of confusion around the healing process, later take care of and when and how it can change drilling.

When you can change your pitch on the nipple?We approach this and several other issues so that you can take care of your perforation.

Therefore, check this guide before going and drilling the pinch.

The penetrating healing process in the nipple

You must be careful during the healing period of any piercing in the body.

Without adequate care, perforations can be infected and cause serious health problems.Piercings in the nipples are not different.

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Piercings in the nipple take more time to heal than other types of piercings because they go through a very sensitive area of the body.

The nipples and their nerve area (areola) have numerous nerve endings.

Therefore, perforations in these areas guarantee professional skills and adequate care for complications without complications.

There may be other reasons for healing time more than normal.The nipple is constantly stimulated (by clothing, for example), which can delay the healing process.

The good news is that all heal at their own rhythm; therefore, although some people can completely heal in a few months, others can take up to one year.

Therefore, even if he is not an lucky person who enjoys a complete recovery after a few months, he will see some improvements.

As well asPiercing on the septa, there may be download and scabs during the first weeks, which is normal and part of the healing process.

Wear loose clothes during this period to minimize any type of contact.

Do not wear hanging nipple rings as initial jewels because they can be trapped in your shirt and cause an injury.

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A cured perforation will not be sore to the touch, and there should be no swelling or unloading.

If the perforated area looks normal, take the captivity rings or the metal ball ornaments that he used and tried to turn them gently.

If you can do this without pain, your wound has probably been cured.

To be safe, see your perforator and verify.

In addition, piercing in the nipple can sometimes smell.It may be due to an infection.

But if the drilling is healthy, the smell can come from a secretion of the skin called Sebum.

Just like listening andPiercing no nose, drilling in the nipple can smell due to a mixture of bacteria, skin oil and dead skin cells.

Keep it clean regularly to combat any unpleasant smell.

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When can you change nipple drilling?

You may be thinking aboutHow long before changing your piercing in the nipple.

Well, you can do it as soon as drilling is completely cured.

The complete recovery of a nipple or areola drilling can take 9 to 12 months.

It is a long time compared to several other types of drilling in the body, but the duration is required to avoid complications.

The tissues of the nipple are fragile, so many facts can extend the healing time.

The elimination of forced jewelry, careless attention and other problems can create adverse effects.

Remember that changing jewelry before complete recovery can lead to various health problems, including nerve damage and deformity in the perforated area.

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Can a nippled drill cure in a week?

We know that you are excited to throw the initial jewels and try more platinum, titanium orgolden ornaments.

But as strong as its immune system, there is no way to recover from a drilling in a week.

The maximum that can experience at this time is a diminished pain and missing swelling.

Can a nippled drill cure in 2 weeks?

Once again, two weeks are too soon to recover any drilling, much less a piercing in the nipple.

The pain must disappear at this stage, but it will still be painful to play (what you should avoid as much as possible).

You will see ups and downs around the perforated area.

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Can a nippled drill cure in 4 weeks?

Four weeks or a month are not enough for a penetrating recovery in the nipple.The wound is still recovering and trying to change the jewels can reopen it.

It will be a painful experience and prolong your healing time.

Can I change my drilling in the nipple after 2 months?

When you can change your pitch on the nippleSurely, it is not after two months.

Perforations are almost not cured within this period.If you need to change it for some reason, it is better to contact your perforator.

Can I change my drilling in my nipple after 5 months?

When I can change my nipple ring"Are they enough months? Well, can it be enough for some people, but most people do not recover during this period."

Therefore, do not try to change the initial jewels if you are sure of recovery.

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How do you change a drilling in the nipple for the first time?

When you can change your pitch on the nipple"You can do this when drilling is completely recovered."

Otherwise, there is a risk of tearing the tissues around the hole and causing bleeding and infection.

The exchange of nipples jewelry requires a little more cautious than other bodily piercings.

Follow these tips:

  • MassageEm with Om.In the nipples every day for two or three weeks before changing the jewels.It will hydrate the area and loosen the fistulas, which will soften the jewelry change process and avoid tears of the skin.
  • Clean hands before touching drilling and jewels.It is essential to prevent bacterial infection.Therefore, wash your hands with soap and water before touching anything.
  • A tape is a thin and conical rod that is used to help eliminate body jewels.You can find them in most tattoo and drilling stores.This will help stretch the perforated hole.
  • A water -based lubricant is another necessary element.Apply -in New Jewelry to reduce friction and facilitate enormously (and less painful) insertion.An oil -based lubricant will reduce air circulation and can cause pathogen growth.
  • The threaded jewels will be the best option for drilling in the nipple, since it will not scratch the delicate fistula.The subwayIt must be the exact measurement if you wear unbelieving jewels.

That is all!Changing nipple drill for the first time does not have to be a big problem.

Just take your time, be kind and you will be fine.

How to clean and care for nipple piercings?

When you can change your pitch on the nipple"The better you care, the sooner it will recover.

And you can change these initial rings after recovery.

During the first four to five months, you must clean the perforated area at least twice a day.

Use a saline solution(A mixture of water and a small amount of marine salt not iodized) and submerge the perforated nipple for a few minutes.

To clean, use the aroma soap to wash the area while bathing.If there is a crust, immerse the area to soften it and retain it gently with a cotton button or a soft towel.

Do not wear tight clothes in the first weeks.Tight brakes can irritate their piercings and hurt them.

So wear clothes loose and avoid anything that presses too much pressure on your piercings.

Also, you should not play with your piercings.You can be tempting to play with your new piercings, but resisting desire is important.

Touch can transmit bacteria and activate an infection.

Long hair can take your jewels and pull your perforation, which can be painful and delay healing.

If you have long hair, to you or use it to avoid contact with drilling.

Avoid taking caffeine, alcohol and medications such as aspirin, because they function asYou love bloodDelay healing, avoiding blood clotting in the wound.

Smoking also decreases recovery, so take a break in the habit for a few months.

Following these simple tips, you can maintain clean and healthy nipple perforations.

Remember to be kind to them and be patient while they heal.

How to guarantee the recommended practice for the subsequent attention of nipple piercings

You must be very careful when taking care of the piercings of the nipple.They arrive a long time heal and can easily infect.

Clean your perforation twice a day with a soft and non -abrasive cleaner.A homemade saline solution works well, but if you want something done, done,Care spray after H2ocingIt must be your first option.

It is a natural saline solution of marine salt that helps reduce pain and inflammation and rapid recovery.

Avoid aggressive chemicals, antibacterial soaps or alcohol -based cleaning products, since they can irritate their perforation and delay healing.

After cleaning your piercing, go up completely, okay.

If you are in the water in open places to swim, be sure to cover your perforation with an impermeable dressing.

These bodies of water can have bacteria, so it must be careful when avoiding infection.

The symptoms of the infected perforations of the nipples

If you are thinking of drilling your nipple, you are probably wondering about the risks.

One of the biggest concerns is infection.So how do you know if your nipple perforation is infected?

The most common symptoms of infection are:

  • Pus that comes from drilling
  • Green, marrón the blood
  • Red and swollen perforated area
  • Pain and tenderness in the wound
  • Hot and hot to play
  • Fever when the condition worsens

If any of these symptoms note, you should consult a doctor or drill immediately.

They have the experience of cleaning drilling and treating infection.

However, the cortex around the discharge of penetrating or white liquid is actually a sign of cure.

The body releasesWhite lymphatic fluidThis fights against bacteria.

An infection may also occur when the body rejects drilling.This happens when the body identifies jewelry as a foreign object.

Your immune system will try to eliminate drilling by sending white blood cells to the area.

It can cause inflammation, pain and swelling.

No useSilver jewelryBecause your nickel element can cause penetrating rejection.

Maintain adequate subsequent attention to avoid such a unhappy situation.

Should you leave your nipple drilling?

Drilling attention in the nipple is different from other types of drilling.Clean Montelo and use medications (if necessary) is not enough.

You must let it breathe wearing loose clothes.

Use loose tapas or shirts during the first weeks to avoid pressure on fresh wounds.

Women should wear a sports bra When they leave or sleep to prevent jewels in their clothes or bedding.

Use internally threaded jewels to pierce the nipple to avoid the risk of injuries during the healing process.

For its design,Threaded jewels externallyIt can cause damage to tissues and microhas.

Last words

When you can change your pitch on the nipple"You can change nipple drilling when your body is ready for it."

Are you completely cured?Otherwise, it takes more time.What kind of jewelry do you want to put?

It must be the correct size and style for perforation and choose something non -allergic, such as surgical stainless steel or 14K or more gold jewels.

Follow our guide to obtain essential advice, but always consult a professional to obtain the best medical advice for your specific situation.

Frequently asked when you can change nipple drilling?

What to do after perforated nipples?

You should avoid all kinds of severe cleaning agents and stop playing, move and move the jewels.

Do not bathe in open water sources such as swimming pools and spas, because there may be bacteria.

Another thing that should be careful is to consume anything that can reduce blood.

How do I know that my perforation is cured?

A cured perforation will be free of pain, discharge and swelling.The meat in the hole will be similar to the meat in the surrounding area.

In addition, it should be able to twist or rotate the nipple ornament without pain.

When can I stop cleaning my drilling?

You can stop cleaning nipple drill after four months.The elimination of the cortex during the shower will be sufficient if there are no other complications.

Remember that excessive cleaning will be extended only healing time.

What happens if you change a drilling too early?

How long before changing the ring of your nipple?Many people are too impatient and make the mistake of moving it very early.

Premature jewelry change can reopen the wound and cause infections.

Cured piercings cossa?

Although the cortex is expected during healing, a completely cured perforation should not show any bark.

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