Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (2023)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had a very successful expansion pass, so of course Xenoblade Chronicles 3 should have one too. Nintendo recently announced the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass, which will include four waves of DLC. What to expect from these DLCs, well that's what we're going to cover in today's guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3is developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo. Whether you are a newbie or a regular fan, a thorough knowledge of the different classes is required to take on your enemies. So be sure to visit usClase Xenoblade Chronicles 3instructions for this. In addition to the courses, you should read our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guidebest healers,aggressor, Yheroesexcel in your various combat encounters.

Before reading further, please also read our guide “Do I have to play Xenoblade 2 before 3?' if you are not sure about the connection to the above entries.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (1)

Nintendo recently announced an expansion pass for the latest installment in the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. The Expansion Pass comes with four waves of DLC containing a variety of content such as battle modes, outfit color variations, new outfits, missions, story content, and much more.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has had a game roadmap like this. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 had a similar map, just like other successful Nintendo IPs like Fire Emblem. These Expansion Passes are designed to entice players to return once they have finished with the content found in the main game.

The exact dates of the DLC waves are now unknown, except for the first one, but luckily Nintendo has given us a rough idea of ​​when we can expect the rest of the DLC waves.

Now that you know what the Expansion Pass is, let's talk about what will be included in these waves of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC. Before you read on, why not take a look at our guide?Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Noé?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 waves of downloadable content

There are four waves of DLC in total. The former is already available for all Expansion Pass purchases, while the remaining DLCs will be released between 4 and 17 months. While you're at it, keep reading our guideXenoblade Chronicles 3 Nia.

Nintendo has officially shared on its website what to expect from these DLCs and when they are expected to arrive. As we get closer to each wave, their exact release dates will also be announced.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (2)

release date: 29.07.2022

The following content is present in Wave 1:

  • A collection of useful articles.
  • Color variations for existing sets.

While the first wave of DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was available at launch, the content was very sparse. The pack includes Nonpon Coins and a recolored outfit for each of the six main characters.

This is the lightest and smallest DLC wave, which means it's all uphill from here. There may be budget and timing issues, so it's understandable that they didn't add tons of add-ons and content in the first wave of DLC, since they're already shipping a massive JRPG along with it.

pozo 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (3)

Release date:until 31.12.2022

The content that will be present in the second wave of DLC is:

  • Challenge Battle mode against difficult enemies
  • A new hero character and accompanying quests.
  • New character outfits.

Things will get interesting in the second wave with the addition of the Challenge Battle mod, new heroes, quests, and unique character outfits. The exact details about them are not officially shared, but we can guess based on previous posts.

Challenge Battle mode will basically be a boss race mode, launching the most challenging enemies in the game in a sequence. Boss Rush mods are not only great for allowing you to re-enjoy the best action moments in the game without having to replay the entire story, but they also allow you to test your builds and skills.

The Challenge Battle mod was also present in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and we expect it to be more or less the same in the third entry as well. Also, for the characters and outfits, our guess is as good as any, and the character can either be someone from the previous entry or someone completely new with his own personality and history.

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The same goes for outfits; While the first wave of DLC only added colors for outfits, the second will feature all-new outfits. Only time will tell who the new character will be and what kind of outfits will be present in the second wave of DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

pozo 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (4)

Release date:until 30.04.2023

This DLC wave includes the following content:

  • Challenge Battle mode against difficult enemies
  • Another hero with new missions.
  • More character outfits

In terms of content, the third wave of DLC is very similar to the second. For the third wave, we expect another expansion of the Challenge Battle mod with new types of cheats or additional movesets for the bosses. This will be great to keep the Boss Rush mode fresh and exciting for the fans.

As for the new hero and outfits, we are all in the dark until the official news is shared, so theories and speculation remain until then. Also continue reading our guideXenoblade Chronicles 3 Fusion Arts.

pozo 4

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC: Expansion Pass and Content (5)

Release date:until 31.12.2023

The fourth wave of downloadable content includes:

  • New original story setting.

Wave 4 will be the biggest DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and one that fans of the series will be looking forward to. There was enough room in the main game for an epilogue or an expansion of the flashback events that players see as the main game progresses. Still, it's just a guess, and it's unknown what kind of story, regions, and characters will be present in the DLC.

It could be an extension of the events experienced in the main game or a completely new setting with its own characters. What will it be? Only time can tell. While you're at it, why not read our guide?Fragments of Xenoblade Chronicles 3and learn more about its use?

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In terms of length, developer Genki Yokota indicated that they are considering making the story DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as massive as the Torna-The Golden Country DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Torna DLC took place 490 years before the main game events. The DLC download size was 3.2 GB and contained approximately 20 hours of content.

Additionally, regarding the scope of Xenoblade Chronicles 3's DLC story, Senior Director Tetsuya Takahashi stated, "We always wonder if there are other ways to increase player satisfaction, and after researching and developing many ideas, we finally decided on the right amount of content.”

That means we can expect some sizable DLC with a great story, characters, and regions that will not only satisfy fans of the franchise, but will also be much bigger than Xenoblade Chronicles 2's story DLC. Plus, there's a difference. of eight months between the third and fourth waves of DLC, which means it won't be flimsy when the DLC story comes out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass Price

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass is $29.99. While digital copies of the base game can be purchased from various online retailers, this is not the case with the Expansion Pass.

As of now, the Expansion Pass is available almost exclusively from the Nintendo Store or eShop. Also read our guide on the subject of shopping.Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Editionsand find out about their differences in content and prices.

How to claim Expansion Pass content

After purchasing the Expansion Pass, you will be able to access all upcoming DLC ​​included in the Expansion Pass at no additional cost. Once the DLC is available, launch the game, press "X" to bring up the menu, and scroll down to select "Expansion Pass."

After selecting the Expansion Pass, select a DLC pack and claim its content.

This concludes our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC guide. Let us know what you expect from the DLC in the comments below.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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What accessories come with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion pass? ›

Consumable items: Silver Nopon Coins x 30 and Gold Nopon Coins x 10. Accessories: Iron Temple Guard, Circlet of Wisdom, Silver Belt, Glass Memory, Nopon Strap, and Auto-Balancer. *Note that the helpful items above can also be acquired while playing the game.

What comes with Xenoblade Chronicles 3 DLC wave 1? ›

DLC Wave 1: 7/29/2022

It mostly featured “booster pack” items and battle accessories, including: Consumable Items - Silver Nopon Coins x 30 and Gold Nopon Coins x 10. Accessories - Iron Temple Guard, Circlet of Wisdom, Silver Belt, Glass Memory, Nopon Strap, and Auto-Balancer. Color variations for existing outfits.

Is Xenoblade 3 expansion pass worth it? ›

It's entirely possible that the DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 could be as robust as the extra content for XC2, but right now, the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass is not worth picking up.

Does the xenoblade Expansion Pass include Torna? ›

The content included in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Expansion Pass is the same content that is included in Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country.

Do I need Expansion Pass for both sword and shield? ›

If you own both the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games and want access to the Expansion Passes for both games, both the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass are required. Full version of the game is required to use DLC for that game; sold separately.

How do I claim my DLC in Xenoblade 3? ›

Once DLC is available, you'll need to fire up the game to receive the content. Press the X button to open the menu screen, then scroll down and select "Expansion Pass." From this menu, select a DLC pack and press the Y button to receive its contents. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launched for Nintendo Switch on July 29.

How long is Torna the Golden Country? ›

It should take around 20 hours to complete, and around 40 hours if you go for absolutely everything. Inside the package - Game on physical cartridge - DLC code which states "Helpful items, Quests, Rare Blades, Challenge battle mode".

What does Xenoblade 3 special edition include? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector's/ Special Edition

The Collector's Edition, otherwise known as the Special Edition in the US, includes package artwork from Masatsugu Saito, a full-colour, softcover concept art book with over 250 pages and a steel case for the Switch game card.

How do you unlock the swimsuit in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

Players will need to clear the Black Castle Chosen challenge battle to get Sena's first swimsuit. This is a challenge that locks the party to level 40 and tasks players with fighting various Keves enemy types. Clear it with an A-rank or better to get Sena's Swimwear A.

How old is Mio in Xenoblade 3? ›

19 years

What's the point of New Game Plus Xenoblade? ›

New Game Plus is a feature of Xenoblade Chronicles. It allows the player to start a new playthrough of the game after beating the game with several changes and the option to carry items and stats over. This can be repeated indefinitely, though further cycles have no additional properties.

Will Xenoblade 3 be the end? ›

Considering Monolith Soft is weighing up a similar amount of content for Xenoblade Chronicles 3's new DLC, that's saying something. Finally, Yokota casually confirms that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 won't mark the end of the series. "Yes, it will still go on!

Can you play Xenoblade Chronicles 3 without playing 2? ›

Luckily, you don't need to play any of the previous games to enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Basically, each story in this series is self-contained—each with their own complex lore, characters, and gameplay ideas.

Does the Expansion Pass include both DLC? ›

Check your Nintendo eShop receipt for your bonus codes. DLC packs are only available as part of the Expansion Pass. They are not available for individual purchase. Once the Expansion Pass is purchased by one player on the system, the DLC will also be available to the other players on the system.

Is Torna the Golden Country a full game? ›

Monolith Soft's latest massive RPG provides an insane amount of content yet here's even more. Torna - The Golden Country is an entire game on its own that fills fans in on past events and provides a memorable journey in the process.

Can you play Torna without XC2? ›

Reminder: You Don't Need Xenoblade Chronicles 2 To Play Torna – The Golden Country. DLC or physical game card? The choice is yours...

Can you get both Crown Tundra and Isle of Armor? ›

If you want to visit the Crown Tundra in Pokémon Sword and Shield, then you first need to purchase the Expansion Pass. This pass can be easily purchased from the Nintendo Switch eshop and includes both the Isle of Armor DLC and the Crown Tundra DLC.

Is Crown Tundra or Isle of Armor better? ›

Both expansions have a plotline and main questline, but the Isle of Armor's is a bit thin. The Crown Tundra's storyline and quests are much more in-depth and will you keep occupied much longer, as well as allowing you to use your brain a bit, unlike the Dojo questline.

How do I access happy home Paradise DLC? ›

Nintendo eShop purchase

Purchase the Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC from Nintendo eShop, if you haven't already. The DLC must be downloaded to your system to access the content. If it has been deleted, it can be redownloaded on Nintendo eShop.

Is Xenoblade 3 better than 2? ›

On a technical level, there isn't much that separates Xenoblade Chronicles 3 from its predecessors. The visuals have improved since Xenoblade Chronicles The Definitive edition, and there's less texture pop-in than in Xenoblade 2.

How was Torna destroyed? ›

Torna used to be an extremely influent nation of Alrest during ancient times. However, it was destroyed in 3564 during the Aegis War as a casualty of the final battle between Malos and Mythra.

How long does xenoblade 3 take to beat? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is about 61½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 168 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Does Xenoblade 3 Special Edition include DLC? ›

Priced at $29.99/£26.99, it will include four waves of DLC, which Nintendo said won't be available to purchase individually.

Does Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition include DLC? ›

Like Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will get a expansion pass that adds DLC to the game. During the June 22, 2022 Nintendo Direct focusing on the RPG, the add-ons came up. Like the previous game, some of it will involve new story content. It will cost $29.99.

What is the difference between Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Special Edition? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3's Special Edition is exclusive to the My Nintendo Store.. Each Nintendo account holder can purchase two copies of the Special Edition (if it becomes available again). The Special Edition comes with a steelbook case, hardcover art book, and a special box with unique cover art.

How do I unlock Poppi final form? ›

To get Poppi's Final Form (qt pi), you'll have to travel to the Leftherian Archipelago (specifically Fonsett Village Arch) and walk to a Heart-to-Heart. You can find it by going down the stairs and to the right, across a bridge and onto the next landmass.

How do I unlock Poppibuster? ›

Once the data for all eight of the Special Attacks have been collected, you'll just need to follow the quest objective to talk to an NPC. Afterward, pop over to find a treasure chest for them, and then talk to the NPC again. You'll receive Poppibuster. This Rare Blade is unique because it's not bonded to anyone.

How do you get Ursula Xenoblade? ›

How to Obtain Ursula. Ursula can be obtained by bonding a driver with a core crystal. Whenever a driver bonds with a core crystal, there is a random chance the driver will receive a rare blade.

How old is noah xenoblade 3? ›

The dark-haired male protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah is an 18-year-old soldier that fights for the nation of Keves, the faction that has a particular talent for constructing powerful mech suits known as Mechas.

Can you change Mio's hair back? ›

Choose What You Like

In my case, long hair gives a fresh new look to Mio and also shows how she “ascended” due to the events that she experienced. Also, you can easily change Mio's hairstyle whenever you like using the steps below.

What carries over in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 New Game Plus? ›

What is this? You'll retain your character growth. All the tutorials you've read thus far will not come up again (but you can access them via the in-game menu). All of your inventory outside of key items stay (but you will keep shards and nopon coins).

Does Xenoblade 3 have a postgame? ›

Completing Xenoblade Chronicles 3's main story will take you dozens of hours, so why not add a few more with this postgame content? Some of the finest moments in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 come upon us when we least expect them. Come upon a cliff overlooking the sea, and your party may comment unexpectedly upon the view.

What is the max level in Xenoblade 3? ›

Raise The Level To 99

Raise to Lv99, the maximum level in Xenoblade Chronicle 3.

Can Shulk still see the future in future connected? ›

We recently reported that Future Connected will sport a different battle system from the base game. After the events of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk no longer holds the ability to see into the future, including visions that can turn the tide of battle.

Who is Riku really Xenoblade 3? ›

Riku is one of the core members of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is a crafty Nopon from Keves who has known Noah, Lanz, and Eunie since the very beginning. He even gives Noah Lucky Seven, which turns out to be the Sword of Origin.

Is Nia in Xenoblade 3? ›

Nia is one of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who you can unlock in the post-game content. She's an important part of the main story and a strong Healer.

Is Rex alive in Xenoblade 3? ›

At the end of the game, it is revealed through a picture that Rex married Pyra, Mythra and Nia, and had children with all 3. However, at some indeterminate point in time, Rex and most of his comrades pass away due to natural causes and old age.

Why did the worlds split in Xenoblade 3? ›

A scientist named Professor Klaus would go on to use The Conduit in a misguided attempt to birth, "a brand-new universe". This caused the world to be divided into the world of Bionis and Mechonis (Xenoblade Chronicles) and the world of Alrest (Xenoblade Chronicles 2).

Is Xenoblade 3 bigger than 2? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Has The Largest Map In The Series

Add into that the fact that the game's developers claim its map is 5 times as large as Xenoblade Chronicles 2's, and it becomes apparent just how much there is to do in the latest Xenoblade entry.

Does Xenoblade 3 spoil the first game? ›

Thankfully, the answer to this question is a resounding no! As was the case with Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X, this latest addition tells an almost entirely separate story that's set in a brand new world with an all-new cast of characters.

Is there romance in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 wins best romance of the year... in my heart. At its heart, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a story about how a troubled world finally found peace. However, amid dreary themes like death and mourning, it can't help but make my heart skip a beat with the unforgettable romance between its two leads.

Should I finish Xenoblade 2 before 3? ›

As for the question: Do players need to play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 before 3? storyline is the first aspect that comes into mind. In this case, the answer is NO. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a different game with a standalone storyline that does not directly continue with Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

What does Zelda Expansion Pass include? ›

Expansion Pass Bonus

DLC Pack 1 adds The Trial of the Sword, Master Mode, Hero's Path Mode, the travel medallion, and new armor. DLC Pack 2 includes The Champions' Ballad, nine armors you can find while treasure hunting, and an ancient bridle and saddle.

What does xenoblade 3 Special Edition come with? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector's/ Special Edition

The Collector's Edition, otherwise known as the Special Edition in the US, includes package artwork from Masatsugu Saito, a full-colour, softcover concept art book with over 250 pages and a steel case for the Switch game card.

What does the Zelda expansion pack give you? ›

If you own the full game, the Expansion Pass grants access to three new treasure chests, DLC Pack 1, “The Master Trials,” and DLC Pack 2, “The Champions' Ballad,” as they are released. The expansion pass includes DLC Pack 1: The Master Trials and DLC Pack 2: The Champions' Ballad.

Is the Expansion Pass the same as DLC? ›

For anyone who isn't, expansion packs and DLC are basically the same thing, with the latter being the more usual name these days. They provide more content for a game, be it superficial content like particular items or more substantial content like more playable levels.

Is the Zelda Expansion Pass worth it? ›

If you loved Breath of the Wild, you'll want the expansion pass. The expansion pass unlocks a new game modes, adds a travel medallion for fast travel, adds new armor and my favorite thing is unlocking the master cycle zero motorcycle.

Does Zelda DLC add shrines? ›

There are several DLC Shrines in BotW that were not available previously in the base game. These shrines span areas such as the Great Plateau, Lanayru, Eldin, Hebra, and Gerudo regions - and finding them can only be done by solving clues given by Kass on the course of the DLC's quest.

Which Zelda DLC is better? ›

For me, overall, The Master Trials provided the more worthwhile experience. I felt that this DLC pack was the perfect follow-up to the experiences I faced in the main game, and it didn't carry the burden of potentially disappointing story content.

Does Zelda DLC add story? ›

DLC 2 - The Champions' Ballad

The DLC will come in three separate packs, and is available ONLY in one season pass bundle for $19.99. This content includes both minor things, like supplies, to brand new modes and even additional story content and dungeons.


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