Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters Guide: Locations, Levels And Soul Hacking Abilities For Each Unique Monster (2023)

This is a guide listing them all.unique monstersEmXenoblade Chronicles 3. The concept of fighting a series of unique monster races is not new to the series; Every previous Xenoblade entry has had these specially named optional bosses that can be found virtually anywhere on the game's map, and they're back for the third numbered entry.

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However, the fact that it's a returning feature doesn't mean it's completely unchanged. There are quite a few changes for Xenoblade 3, the most notable of which is the addition of Soul Hacking, a new system that also provides significant incentive for players to track down and take on every single monster. Fortunately, this guide will help you with that and provides a complete list.all unique monsters and where to find themin each region of XC3.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Complete List and Guide to Unique Monsters: Locations, Soulhack Abilities, and Levels

Unique monsters are very powerful beastsspread across Xenoblade Chronicles 3 across multiple locations and levels, which essentially means you'll encounter these creatures early on. You can easily see which monsters are uniqueThey have an orange icon with wings above their head and around their health bar.- Also, they'll probably have a pretty high level for the area they're in.

Fighting unique monsters has a number of benefits beyond the mere satisfaction of defeating a powerful enemy, and is well worth your time. A complete list of Xenoblade 3 exclusive monsters is below, complete with maps to help you find them.

Note: We found all the unique monsters and the guide is complete!

  • Aetia's unique monsters
  • Forni's unique monsters
  • Pentela's Unique Monsters
  • Little CastleEinzigartige Monster
  • Cadence Unique Monsters
  • Obere Etia und Cavity Unique Monsters
  • Unique monsters in the final area

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Can unique monsters disappear?

A major change to the unique monsters inXenoblade Chronicles 3this is differentXenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition,there don't seem to be any single monsters overlooked, largely because each region remains explorable until the end of the game.

So feel free to explore however you like while playing this massive RPG, and check this list for reference when and if you need to. Focus on the main story if you wish - you can always go on an adventure to purposely eliminate unique monsters.

You can even combine tracking unique monsters with completing one of the monsters.XC3-Nebenqueststhat you lost. However, what can attract you to Unique Monsters earlier is soul hacking.

What about unique item drops from monsters?

As you'd expect, yes, unique monsters also have a higher chance of dropping various high-tier valuables. This can include powerful equipment for your characters, shards, nopon coins, money and much more. Many of the rarer items they drop are vital.Creating the best gems in Xenoblde 3.

You can even farm unique monsters if you like - once defeated, a tombstone with a name will appear where they've been. You can interact with him to revive the unique monster and fight him again, giving you another chance to get his drops.

What is SoulHacking and why is it important for unique monsters?

The soul hacking game mechanic is new to Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and is related to Unique Monsters. However, the mechanic doesn't appear until Chapter 5 until you recruit the optional hero, Triton.

Triton's class is Soulhacker, a class that specializes in learning and using enemy abilities - much like a blue mage in the Final Fantasy series. The Soulhacker class starts with a few, but you earn the rest by defeating unique monsters with a Soulhacker in the party.

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We've indicated when each monster's Soul Hack skill is listed below so you can get each Soul Hack skill. Triton only appearing in Chapter 5 means that once you've unlocked the Soulhacker class in Chapter 5, you'll have to fight every single monster you've already defeated again in order to learn its Soul Hack skill. It's kind of boring.

    List of region-unique monsters and Aetia locations

    Lilith Lilith

    • Level 5
    • Directly southwest of Colony 9
    • Soul Hack: Hard Dig (Circle Art)

    repulsive deepus

    • level 24
    • Pond east of Colony 9
    • Soul Hack: Notfall-Turbo (Skill)

    sparkling masquin

    • level 24
    • River east of Colony 9
    • Soul Hack: Dodge Acceleration (Habilidade)

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    Carly de Hausjäger

    • level 21
    • In Alfeto Valley Cave near Forward Post Camp
    • Soul Hack: Bubble Cloud (Diamond Art)

    Veece lap dog

    • stage 9
    • Near Volff Lair in the Melnath area of ​​Aetia
    • Soul Hack: Beast Howl (Circle Art)

    indiscreet gombaba

    • level 14
    • West of Hillside Iron Hulk no sul da Etia
    • Soul Hack: Sumo Press (Diamond Art)

    Wandering Circe

    • level 14
    • Southwest of Hillside Iron Hulk no sul da Etia
    • Soul Hack: Just a Moment (Skill)

    troublesome bilkin

    • level 13
    • West of Lucas Eyot's Landmark
    • Soul Hack: Butterfly Powder (Diamond Art)

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    Jingonitsischer Gigantus

    • level 80
    • Roaming in the Millick Meadows area (near Lucas Eyot landmark)
    • Soul Hack: Blast Stomp

    Petrivore Judomar

    • level 31
    • Northeast side of Upper Melnath near Colony Gamma
    • Soul Hack: Accelerate Attacks (Skill)
    • Note: This area can be explored in Chapter 3

    Sensitive Catullus

    • level 26
    • Head west from the Sepulchral Cliffpath landmark
    • Soul Hack: Systematic Defense (Skill)
    • Thanks to Nintendo Insider's Alex Seedhouse for helping with the search!

    Altruistic Maribel

    • level 29
    • In the area behind the Vine Climb in southeast Aetia
    • Soul Hack: Air Body (Skill)

    Fantasma Streya

    • Level 51
    • In the large pond in the area behind the Vine Climb in southeast Etia
    • Soul Hack: Mime Technique (Skill)

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    Zelinka well bathed

    • Level 53
    • In Svinne Hollow, east of Shark's Jaw Cape, the landmark
    • Soul Hack: Ultranull Shield (Skill)

    Kujjat Wind Witch

    • Level 59
    • East of Battlescar Hulk in Everblight Plains
    • Note: This area can be explored in Chapter 3
    • Soul Hack: Trick Dart (Diamond Art)

    King of Clavine Dams

    (Video) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Complete Guide to Soulhacker

    • level 80
    • At the end of the Abyss of Elgares
    • Soul Hack: Counter Puncher (Skill)
    • Note: This is a high-level area that you probably won't be able to explore until the end of the game.

    Unique list of monsters and locations from the Fornis region

    Note: The Fornis region becomes fully explorable in Chapter 3.

    Scharfsinnige Tracy

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    • level 15
    • In the far north of the Fornis region near the landmark Ordell Ravine Way
    • Soul Hack: Surprise Attack (Skill)

    dangerous jerodhead

    • level 16
    • South of Galhours Menhir Landmark in North Fornis
    • Soul Hack: Snake Eyes (arte circular)

    Rambler Curalie

    • level 17
    • In Bennel's Cave
    • Soul Hack: Giftspray (Diamond Art)

    Crystallines Du Garre

    • level 27
    • On a circular sand dune on the northwest side of the Dannagh Desert
    • Soul Hack: Cursed Cuisin (Diamantkunst)

    Ginster stone cutter

    • level 25
    • Far northeast of the Dannagh Desert
    • Soul Hack: Drain Protection (Skill)

    Dunesea Marcellus

    • Level 87
    • In the north-central part of the Dannagh Desert, above a large sand pit
    • Soul Hack: Strike Shirker (Habilidade)

    Despicable Daria

    • level 22
    • At the southern end of the Dannagh Desert, near the Great Idalla Ravine landmark
    • Soul Hack: Tail Slap (circle art)

    Terrorbird Zieger

    • level 37
    • The Vine Climb field skill is required near Glam Rock in the Dannagh Desert
    • Soul Hack: Hawk Shot (Diamantkunst)

    Psychic Pyrtet

    • level 40
    • Northwest side of the Ribbi Flats near the Dies Arch landmark
    • Soul Hack: Victim Heal (Skill)

    oldar perceptive

    • level 20
    • Na área de Ribbi Flats a oeste de Llyn Nyddwr Camp
    • Soul Hack: Horn Dance (arte circular)

    Grokken imprudente

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    • Level 81
    • West of Lake Magglia in Ribbi Flats
    • Soul Hack: Predation (arte circular)

    Calm down Nara

    • level 19
    • Near Shikashaka Mesa attraction in Ribbit Flats
    • Soul Hack: Defense Time (Skill)

    turkish hedonists

    • level 23
    • Rear of Tirkin Headquarters near Ribbi Flats
    • Soul Hack: Tactical Eye (Skill)

    Tender Rumi

    • level 23
    • East of Conquerer's Peak Landmark south of Ribbi Flats, just before Rae-Bel Tableland
    • Soul Hack: Incredible Growth (Skill)

    Sepia elegantly

    • level 22
    • Near The Lace Subterranean landmark on the Rae-Bel Tableland
    • Soul Hack: Natural Guard (Skill)

    Wraithfin Segna

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    • level 24
    • Not big lake Riez Tarn not Rae Bel Plateau
    • Soul Hack: Water Jet (Diamond Art)


    • level 50
    • In an area of ​​Vine Climb in the southwestern part of the Rae Bel Plateau
    • Soul Hack: Mega Scream (Skill)

    Heretic Saurov

    • level 25
    • At the back of the Old Kana Battlefield near the Rae-Bel Tableland
    • Soul Hack: Hypno Light (Diamond Art)

    Feliz Nimroog

    • level 68
    • In the SE part of Fornis a leste de Rae-Bel Tableland
    • Soul Hack: Instant Charge (Skill)

    Raquino confused

    • level 45
    • In the SE part of Fornis a leste de Rae-Bel Tableland
    • Soul Hack: Raid Strike (arte circular)

    deep hoszuki

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    • level 44
    • In the Elaice Highway area, on the west side of the Fornis region, southwest of Visura Parkland Camp
    • Soul Hack: Hipnose (Diamond Art)

    mischievous Lombards

    • Level 74
    • In the Elaice Highway area, on the west side of the Fornis region, near the Purus Palecolumn landmark
    • Soul Hack: Non-Stop Barrage (Skill)

    son of Igna

    • level 46
    • In the Elaice Highway area, on the west side of the Fornis region, in the Igna Conglomerate caves area
    • Soul Hack: Dragon Gas (arte circular)

    Smart Anskey

    • Level 54
    • Passing a Vine Climb in the northwest part of the Elaice Highway area, on the west side of the Fornis region
    • Soul Hack: Revenge Impetus (Habilidade)

    Discreto Liggy

    • Level 43
    • The area south of Iota Colony; must have completed the mission "Your Reasons"
    • Soul Hack: Underworld Rage (Skill)

    Kilocorn Grandeps

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    • level 95
    • NW von Saffronia Tree Landmark
    • Soul Hack: Monarch's Heart (Skill)
    • Thanks to Nintendo Insider's Alex Seedhouse for helping with the search!

    Nachtpirscher Wolodja

    • Level 43
    • At the far end of Torus Hollow Cave; The entrance is on the north side of the Elaice Highway area, on the west side of the Fornis region
    • Soul Hack: Accelerator Organ (Skill)

    Unique list of monsters and locations from the Pentelas region

    Note: Most of the Pentelas region becomes explorable in Chapter 4

    (Video) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 walkthrough - All unique monster & soulhacker skill in-game locations

    rough ron

    • level 27
    • Pass the ruins of the Seebu camp at the beginning of the Pentelas region
    • Soul Hack: Last Fencer (Diamond Art)

    Georges Massif

    • level 37
    • Near the hidden freshwater entrance southwest of the Lambda colony
    • Soul Hack: Floss of Fear (Circle Art)

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    the young franz

    • level 32
    • Near a climb point at the top of Great Cotte Falls
    • Soul Hack: Spirit Absorber (Skill)

    Virion Rising

    • level 36
    • In the southern section of the Great Cotte Falls upper area, past a group of Amoney enemies
    • Soul Hack: Dangerous Claws (Skill)

    Gallivant Buckley

    • level 30
    • At the top of Great Cotte Falls, past Titan Rock Camp
    • Soul Hack: Sand Smoke (Skill)

    Phantasmagorischer Rist

    • level 35
    • On the far north side of the upper Great Cotte Falls area, in the Cascde Tick Caverns
    • Soul Hack: Physical Absorber (Skill)

    Romping Parker

    • level 31
    • Swim at the north end and top of Great Cotte Falls
    • Soul Hack: Wasserrakete (Diamond Art)

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    scintillating marko

    • level 28
    • In the zipline area in the Urayan Tunnels; requires the Glide Rope field skill
    • Soul Hack: Radiant Arts (Circle Art)

    Dear Titania

    • level 50
    • In the zipline area in the Urayan Tunnels; requires Rope Sliding field skill and good jump timing
    • Soul Hack: Battle Pheromon (Diamantkunst)

    Aquatic Animals (Saberly Dorampe & Stately Doramma)

    • level 65
    • Cotte Fountainhead region accessible northwest of Tau Colony.
    • Seelen-Hack: Double Slap (Circle Art), Spread Heal (Skill)
    • Note: Some unique monsters come in pairs, triplets, or quads. In those cases they share a tombstone

    Spartan Fennick

    • level 78
    • In the poison area in Lower Maktha Wildwood
    • Soul Hack: Ministorm (Diamond Art)

    Linda Mandora

    • level 96
    • At the Caves of Oblivion in Lower MakthaWildwood
    • Soul Hack: Blueprint of Life (Circular Art)

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    Dreadwyrm Nizoont

    • Level 105
    • At the end of the Caves of Oblivion in Lower MakthaWildwood
    • Soul Hack: Hot Soul (Skill)

    Imovel González

    • level 88
    • Near Tirkin Square in Upper MakthaWildwood
    • Soul Hack: Wild Wave (arte circular)

    stupid turks

    • level 45
    • Near Tirkin Square in Upper MakthaWildwood
    • Soul Hack: Royal Attendant (Skill)

    Vanquisher Sheritt

    • level 48
    • Behind the gate next to Passo do Campo do Engardo at the end of the Pentelas region
    • Soul Hack: Piercing Laser (Diamond Art)

    Bushwhacker Farritt

    • level 48
    • Continue past the gate near the Engardo Camp Pass at the end of the Pentelas region
    • Soul Hack: Reserve Life (Skill)

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    Asgnian Assassins (Impervious Sandhu and Divine Krastor)

    • level 82
    • Zipline area west of Seebu Ruins
    • Soul Hack: Fiery Morale (Skill), Great Shock (Skill)

    elvis blood sucker

    • level 52
    • In the Colony 5 area in the N Pentelas region; Side story: Eunie is required to access
    • Soul Hack: Double Strike (arte circular)

    Unique list of monsters and locations from the Keves Castle region

    Note: The second half of the Keves Castle Region is accessed in Chapter 5. The rest of the middle part of the region is available in Chapter 7.

    The devilish Rindolph

    • Level 49
    • On one of the first islands in the region, you can get there by zip line
    • Soul Hack: Spinning Bolt (arte circular)

    Craven Piggard

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    • level 38
    • On floating reef island west of Hovering Reef 2 Camp
    • Soul Hack: Own Agility (Skill)

    Flaming Carlos

    • level 40
    • Passing through a Vine Climb area on the southwestmost floating island
    • Soul Hack: Dino Storm (arte circular)

    Protector Revealed

    • Hebel 64
    • On the last floating island before Keves Castle, near the entrance
    • Soul Hack: Heavy Armor (Skill)

    wasp mobile

    • Level 41
    • Small Castle 1. Stock
    • Soul Hack: Spear Beam (Circle Art)

    Die Henker (Vengeful Dominator and Abandoned Arbiter)

    • level 42
    • Little castle 2nd floor
    • Soul Hack: Action Reaction (Fähigkeit), Neck Slice (Circle Art)

    A Black Triad (Thunderclap Dalton, Turbelent Martinez, Determined Vatslav)

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    • Level 43
    • Small Castle 3. Stock
    • Soul Hack: Deflector Plate (Skill), Energy Efficiency (Skill), Supercharged (Skill)

    Tirion Ambush

    • level 39
    • On the last floating island before Keves Castle, where you entered a container in the story
    • Soul Hack: Damage Sharing (Skill)

    Dante horn book

    (Video) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Nopon Coin Farming - AFK Method

    • level 55
    • Close to the Ekdaso Verge landmark on the east side of the Keves Castle region. You may have to attack Balgas' enemies for him to appear.
    • Soul Hack: Dual Horn Pressure (Skill)

    Infiltator Garnach

    • Level 64
    • West of Ekdaso Verge lanmdarkon the bridge
    • Soul Hack: Super Blast (Skill)

    Unique list of monsters and locations from the Cadensia region

    Note: Cadensia starts out as a small area in front of Swordmarch, but opens up to a large ocean-like area after the main events of Chapter 5. Some areas won't open until Chapter 6.

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    Spectral Remy

    • level 42
    • Located near Headwater Camp in southern Cadensia
    • Soul Hack: Toxis Gas (Circular Art)

    Sunappled Floria

    • Level 71
    • On the lagoon facing Swordmarchin on the south side of Cadensia
    • Soul Hack: Electric Skin (Diamond Art)

    Tollkühner Saide

    • level 58
    • Basically, take the boat from the main dock, land on the left and loop near South Cadensia. It's close to the landmark Cradle Convoy Shelter.
    • Soul Hack: Rhino Storm (arte circular)

    Littlefort Morley

    • level 46
    • At the southern end of the Erythia Sea, on a small strip of land that borders the rim.
    • Soul Hack: Cavalry (circle art)

    supernatural rodsin

    • level 60
    • Southeast of the Erythia Sea, behind the Cascade Crossroads area, near the Welkin Falls landmark
    • Soul Hack: Jetstream (Diamond Art)

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    Cobiçoso Gerondon

    • level 60
    • Passing through a Vine Climb area in the Welkin Falls area on the southeast sea of ​​Erythia
    • Soul Hack: Aquaball (arte circular)

    Dirakha falante

    • Level 63
    • In the water near Covetous Gerondon, past a Vine Climb area in the Welkin Falls area of ​​SE Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Deeply Tactical (Skill)

    Order of the Empyrean Demon

    • level 110
    • Sea Aegis area in the southeastern part of the Sea Erythia. To explore this area you have to leave the border
    • Soul Hack: Power Pick-Me-Up (Habilidade)

    Killhappy Brijaidor

    • Level 79
    • Very close to Vinisof Holm Camp on S-Center Island in the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Auxiliary Force (Skill)

    Vortex Triumvirate (Sharpscale Ragoon, Hardscale Gouran, Fairscale Marina)

    • level 66
    • Oshia Reef ravine in the SE part of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Water Warrior (skill), Dragon's Decree (diamond art), Breath of an Era (skill)

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    Demonic Crenolure

    • level 75
    • SE side of Daedal Island
    • Soul Hack: Hydra Gas (Diamantkunst)

    Ragemaw Tempeldo

    • level 78
    • On a center pole at the Daedal Island Center
    • Soul Hack: Celestial Conqueror (Skill)

    slack-jawed zephal

    • level 80
    • Very close to Ragemaw Tempeldo but it looks like it's going to rain
    • Soul Hack: Emperor of Violence (Skill)

    Virtuoso Gulkin

    • level 52
    • SW side of Daedal Island near Eternal Canopy landmark
    • Soul Hack: Spitzer Stock (Diamond Art)

    Stachelige Aurelia

    • Level 63
    • In a climbing area on Corne Island, on the west side of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Royal Pride (Skill)

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    Ozeanische Lucera

    • Level 73
    • In an area of ​​Vine Climb in Anu Shoals on the NE side of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Bomberhead (Diamond Art)

    Barbed wire

    • Level 51
    • Small island in the northeast of the Erythia Sea, near Anu Shoals
    • Soul Hack: Needle Shell (Habilidade)

    Widershins Raddler

    • level 48
    • Western Anu Shoals Island
    • Soul Hack: Awakening (Skill)

    Zuchtmeister Empire

    • level 48
    • At Relay Base Erythia in the center of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Excessive Armor (Skill)

    Helios Browser

    • level 48
    • At Relay Base Erythia in the center of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Reckless Attack (Skill)

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    Jealous Mizraile

    • Level 72
    • In the east center of Sandbar Island, in the northeast of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Stalking Predator (Habilidade)

    Abyssal Rakshmi

    • Level 64
    • In the middle underground area of ​​Sandbar Island
    • Soul Hack: Queen of Mercy (Skill)

    Hardshell Admory

    • Level 57
    • On a strip of land at the southeast end of the Erythin Sea, near the Fourth Pillar Remains landmark
    • Soul Hack: Shell Guard (Diamantkunst)

    marine gyrus

    • level 75
    • Far northwest of the Erythia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Trout Hop (arte circular)

    Pushy Nevilla

    • Level 49
    • Outside Mu Colony on the west side of the Erythia Sea
    • Seelenhack: Shark Shock (Diamond Art)

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    On himBabayaga venosa

    • level 84
    • West side of North Erithia Sea
    • Soul Hack: Heal Attack (Skill)
    • Note: This area is only available when you start the prison infiltration

    Seedrache Melchior

    (Video) How to Play the Soulhacker Class | Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Guide

    • level 85
    • Located near a small island EN of the landmark Twinpalm Island in the east center of the Erythia Sea. You may need it to charge.
    • Soul Hack: Ataque Duplo (Circle Art)

    Sharkblade Nedd

    • Level 67
    • Small island west of Daedal Island. Maybe you need them to hack them.
    • Soul Hack: Positional Striker (Skill)

    The King-Kings (Deepwan Conqueror and Krawkin King)

    • Level 102
    • In Demihuman Gutter, behind the Searing Strand landmark in the southeast of the Erythian Sea.
    • Soul Hack: King's Bash (Diamond Art) e Desperate Charge (Circle Art)
    • Note: you'll eventually get a field skill that lets you traverse dangerous terrain to make exploring that area easier.

    Centaur Terminator

    • Level 91
    • Levnis Workyard (northern part of the Erythia Sea)
    • Soul Hack: Psychowave (arte circular)

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    Seat trident

    • Level 77
    • Small island in the northeast end of the Erythia Sea; it must be night
    • Soul Hack: Aethersphere (Diamond Art)
    • Thanks to commenterjin521ika for helping with the search!

    Kamado fly swatter

    • Level 77
    • On Daedal Island, you'll need to climb the vines on the SE side of the island - you'll go through a small cave in the water to get there.
    • Soul Hack: Spider's Web (Circular Art)
    • Thanks to commenterjin521ika for helping with the search!

    Ghuldan galloping

    • level 56
    • Near the Lost Colony; requires Side Story: Taion in Chapter 6
    • Soul Hack: Apothecary's Wisdom (Skill)

    4 Blades in the Dark (Dark Asha, Fugitive Shikino, Miraging Yuri, Ghosting Lulika)

    • level 65
    • Found in the former colony 15 area from chapter 6 onwards
    • Soul Hack: Debuff Counter (skill), Battle Fever (skill), One With Land (skill), Terran Warrior (skill)

    Upper Aetia und CavityUnique Monsters List & Locations

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    Fine blade faltar

    • Level 47
    • On the upper bridge in the Swordmarch area
    • Soul Hack: Dino Flash (arte circular)

    Spiralhorn Baccro

    • level 56
    • In the Captocorn Peak area
    • Soul Hack: Earth's Grace (Skill)

    Ryuho, o Dangerwing

    • level 100
    • In the Cooley Lake area
    • Soul Hack: Eagle Rush (Habilidade)
    • Note: Technically this is in the regular region of Aetia, not Upper Aetia, but you must access it through Upper Aetia, so I'm including it in that category on the list.

    Steinhuf Torphan

    • Level 57
    • West side of Captocorn Peak
    • Soul Hack: Danger Sense (Skill)

    Timbercorn Cthinos

    • Level 61
    • Pico Am Ende des Captocorn
    • Soul Hack: Healing Tranquility (Diamond Art)

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    Keen Chicky-Chicky

    • Level 59
    • Where Colony 0 used to be
    • Soul Hack: Grabende Rakete (Diamond Art)
    • Note: This is only available after certain events in Segiri hero's quest line

    Heavenly Crane

    • level 90
    • The cave in Swordmarch.
    • Seelenhack: Gatling Peck

    Seraphische Keratinia

    • level 120
    • The cave in Swordmarch.
    • Soul Hack: Transient Bond (Diamantkunst)
    • Note: This Unique is the strongest super boss in the game and requires defeating Kilocorn Grandeps, Perilwing Ryuho, Dreadwyrm Nizoont and Levialord Empireo

    List and locations of unique monsters of origin

    Note: Origin is the final area of ​​Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

    Armbenders (Cruelfist Rojou, Trickfist Tuano, Ghostfist Roisin)

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    • level 66
    • In Origin near the amplifier control room
    • Soul Hack: Charge Cheer (Skill), Mano a Mano Evasion (Skill), Murder Knuckle (Circle Art)

    Creeping Hameel

    • Level 67
    • Halfway through Origin on Amplifier No. two
    • Soul Hack: Attack Mastery (Skill)

    reap antiel

    • Level 72
    • East side of Ferroni Arsenal #2
    • Soul Hack: Healing Mastery (Skill)

    Ishtar profanada

    • level 65
    • West side of Arsenal No. 3
    • Soul Hack: Vampire Bat (Diamond Art)

    Hollow (Artificial Optho, Vapid Roger, False Karom, False Temnos)

    • Level 69
    • Origin-Hangar
    • Soul Hack: Magic Transmutation (Skill), Berserker Mindset (Skill), Evasive Stance (Diamond Art), Exoshell (Skill)

    Rafeel press

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    • Level 69
    • Origin-Hangar
    • Soul Hack: Defense Mastery (Skill)

    Desired Ururia

    • level 86
    • Origin-Hangar
    • Soul Hack: Savage Tendencies (Skill)

    Holding on to Azreel

    • Level 69
    • home central defense
    • Soul Hack: Elimination Beam (Diamond Art)

    Thaumawolf Bajeek

    • Level 71
    • home central defense
    • Soul Hack: Wold Spirit (Skill)

    Lobo Mau Aranqui

    • level 70
    • This Unique is located in Aetia, but is only accessible after logging into Origin for the first time. Access is via the Vine Climb area in East Aetia.
    • Soul Hack: Thunderclap (arte circular)

    heroic gulkin

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    • Level 76
    • This Unique is located in Cadensia, but is only accessible after logging into Origin for the first time. It's on the NE side of Sandbar Island.
    • Soul Hack: Royal Charisma (Skill)

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    (Video) Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Hunting down all the Soulhacker Arts & Skills!

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    Which Soulhacker is best xenoblade 3? ›

    Lanz and Mio make the most effective Soul hacker characters. They can readily unlock Soul Hacker Master talents thanks to their high-class rating. You can no longer steal enemy art by using the Soul hacker class if you have the Soul Hacker Master Skill.

    Is Soulhacker good Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

    Of all 19 unlockable hero classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Soulhacker is easily one of the most interesting and flexible to have in your party setup.

    How many Unique Monsters are in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

    There's a ton of these massive beasts to find and fight in Monolith Soft's latest adventure — somewhere in the region of around 140 — and plenty of them are super-tough to locate, hidden away in secret areas and hard to reach spots.

    What is the highest level monster in Xenoblade 3? ›

    Levialord Empireo is the last open-world super boss. This massive sea monster is a whopping level 110, asking a lot from you and your fellow Ouroboros team members. To get to Empireo, you need to take a certain route.

    Is Floren a boy or girl Xenoblade? ›

    Appearance. Floren is a young boy with short minty-green hair with a slightly brighter strand on top, pink eyes, fair skin, and an androgynous thin body.

    What class is best Xenoblade 3? ›

    Best Arts and Class

    Fiona's Signifer and Miyabi's Troubadour are two top-tier Healer classes because they have Arts that heal characters and provide great buffs. Ashera's Lone Exile is the best Defender Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, providing some of the greatest Arts and Skills in the game.

    Is Roc a girl Xenoblade? ›

    ※ Note: According to the Merc Group menu, Roc is reported as a genderless Blade since not listed as a Male, Female or Animal Blade. However, the party refers to Roc via he/him pronouns in-game.

    Who was inside XORD Xenoblade? ›

    Lore[edit] While not stated explicitly in Xenoblade Chronicles, there is little question that Xord's original Homs identity is that of Désirée's father. Désirée states during quest dialogue that her father was a blacksmith lost in the Battle of Sword Valley, and his shop was called "Xord's Smithy".

    Is the Monado a xenoblade? ›

    Monado is a term used in the Xenoblade series to refer to a set of weapons with the power to control the building block of the Xenoblade universe, Ether, and alter reality to match the will of their wielder.
    Weapon Stats
    Attack(14 – 18) × Lvl
    Physical Def25
    Ether Def25
    4 more rows

    What level should I be XORD? ›

    Level 25 Xord. Like Metal Face, Xord takes 1 damage from physical attacks, including attacks from the Monado and weapons Enchanted by the Monado, as long as Xord is not Toppled.

    What level is Lorithia? ›

    Level 75 Disciple Lorithia. Disciple Lorithia has very high physical defense from all sides and can summon reinforcements.

    How long does it take to 100 percent Xenoblade? ›

    When focusing on the main objectives, Xenoblade Chronicles is about 58½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 143 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

    Who is the best healer in xbc2? ›

    Keep in mind that Nia is the main Healer and if you want to max her to Master Healer, it's going to be imperative to make sure she's using three Healer type Blades. Nim fills that Healer role and also brings the Earth element to the party.

    Is Shulk a boy or girl? ›

    AliasHeir to the Monado
    11 more rows

    What race is Rex Xenoblade? ›


    What is the best healer class in Xenoblade 3? ›

    The Best Healer Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

    But if there's no chaff to separate the proverbial wheat from, there's still enough of a hierarchy to separate the great from the merely good. Among the game's eight total healer classes, our favorites are these three: War Medic, Strategos, and Lifesage.

    What is the best healing class in Xenoblade 3? ›

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Healer Class, Ranked
    1. 1 Taion.
    2. 2 Eunie. ...
    3. 3 Teach. ...
    4. 4 Valdi. ...
    5. 5 Fiona. ...
    6. 6 Isurd. ...
    7. 7 Miyabi. Miyabi is talked about throughout the game via Mio before she gets unlocked. ...
    8. 8 Nia. Nia is a strong character offensively as well as being a great healer in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. ...
    Aug 23, 2022

    What is the best weapon in Xenoblade 3? ›

    The answer, as it turns out, is the Martial Linkstaff, signature weapon of the Thaumaturge Class.

    Who is Shulk's sister? ›

    She is the younger sister of Dunban and a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn.
    Mechon Homs Official artwork of Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.
    UniverseXenoblade Chronicles
    DebutXenoblade Chronicles (2010)
    7 more rows
    Nov 14, 2022

    Is Monado a Shulk? ›

    The Monado III, also known as Shulk's Monado or the True Monado, is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. Shulk obtains the Monado III after defeating the second form of Zanza, when beings from Bionis and Mechonis unite their power.

    Is Xenoblade a anime? ›

    Games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 lean more into the anime realm than most other games. The game has all the characteristics of a shōnen anime and may just suck you in if you're already a fan of something like My Hero Academia.

    Is Xord still alive? ›

    Xord also refered to as the Bronze Face or the Mysterious Face is a Faced Mechon in Xenoblade Chronicles. He was once a Homs who happened to be Désirée's father and a blacksmith in Colony 9. He was eventually killed during the battle of Sword Valley and turned into a Faced Mechon.

    Is Jin a blade Xenoblade? ›

    Jin (シン) is an antagonist in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and a playable character in Torna ~ The Golden Country. He is the leader of the Torna organization, and has unmatched prowess in battle, despite not wielding a Blade like most other fighters in Alrest.
    Torna ~ The Golden Country[edit]
    1 more row
    Jan 19, 2023

    Is Zanza the Bionis? ›

    Near the end of the game, Zanza transforms into a version of Bionis, and it is in this form that he fights Shulk.

    Does Noah wield the Monado? ›

    Yep, that's any amiibo! Of course, if you have the Smash Ultimate Shulk to hand, then you'll get a cool little bonus. Noah — or anyone who plays the Swordfighter class — will be able to wield the Monado, the iconic sword from Xenoblade Chronicles, in battle.

    Is Noah sword a Monado? ›

    What weapon does Noah wield in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Well, he is large red blade which resembles the Monado is unique, but for spoilers sake we won't go into too much detail. But within the red blade is another weapon, made by the Nopon Riku, which you learn about quite early on.

    Is Zanza a Shulk? ›

    Alvis reveals that Zanza created a new god — Shulk — and that is why he came to his side. He also reveals that Alvis himself is an administrative computer — that of the one Zanza and Meyneth used before Zanza created the new universe.

    What level should I be to fight Radham? ›

    Elden Ring Radahn boss battle

    You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

    How do you topple XORD? ›

    The key to destroying Xord is to use a chain attack to topple him, as the big metal jerk can't be toppled in the normal fashion, nor will the Enchant ability work on him either. Luckily, Xord frequently summons Mechon M55 and Mechon M67 for assistance, which will help you fill the Party Affinity gauge.

    How old is Egil Xenoblade? ›

    AgeSeveral thousand
    Japanese VADaisuke Kirii
    English VAPeter Bramhill
    AppearancesXenoblade Chronicles
    3 more rows

    Who is seven Xenoblade? ›

    Seven is the community-created term to refer to the seventh permanent party member of Xenoblade Chronicles. The term arose due to a desire to mask a major spoiler, and continues to be used despite some official material (some for the game itself, some for crossovers) treating the matter as an open secret.

    Who is Melia's mother Xenoblade? ›

    Melia becomes playable during Chapter 7. Melia is the daughter of the High Entia Emperor Sorean Antiqua and his second consort.

    Should I play Xenoblade 1 before 3? ›

    So, do I need to play the other Xenoblade Chronicles games before Xenoblade Chronicles 3? Thankfully, the answer to this question is a resounding no!

    Which Xenoblade is the longest? ›

    Xenoblade Chronicles X is easily the longest game in the series, featuring such a massive amount of content that completing it becomes a major challenge.

    Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 longer than 2? ›

    Explaining the growth of the franchise's world, Kojima confesses, "So I actually did the math, and it turns out that the total walkable area in this game is over five times larger than in the second title".

    What is the best team setup in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

    Best party setup in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

    If you're playing on normal it's generally a good idea to go with three Attackers, two Defenders, and three Healers. If you're playing on Hard, it's a good idea to switch to two Attackers and three Healers.

    What is the best class for Noah xc3? ›

    Best Class For Noah

    Whilst starting as a Swordfighter and gaining access to a wide variety of classes, his best class is the Flash Fencer. This is unlocked very early (compared to most) and simply deals killer damage. You could also consider the Defender class, Guardian Commander.

    What is the best class late game Xenoblade 3? ›

    Medic Gunner is the Best Late Game Healer

    Out of all the available classes, the Medic Gunner is the best Healer and support class at Rank 20.

    Should I use Sharla Xenoblade? ›

    Using Sharla Effectively

    Sharla is the main healer. She's also able to remove debuffs from allies and put up temporary shields from debuffs and damage, as well as a few other useful abilities. Giving her Gems to increase her healing power could prove very beneficial. Like Shulk, Sharla is not one to draw aggro.

    How do you unlock Seraph in Xenoblade 3? ›

    Cammuravi is one of the last Heroes obtainable in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, making Seraph something of an "ultimate class." To unlock him, you must wait until after having completed 'Side Story: Mio and then head to Colony Omega.

    How old is Mio in Xenoblade 3? ›

    19 years

    How old is eunie xenoblade? ›

    18 years

    How old is Sena Xenoblade 3? ›

    Sena is 18 years old and wields a giant hammer in battle. She treats Mio as her big sister and has superhuman strength despite her complexion.

    Can a 12 year old play Xenoblade Chronicles? ›

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country

    The game was rated PEGI 12 for non-realistic violence towards human characters and the use of mild swearing and offensive language. Not appropriate for persons below 12 years of age.

    Who is the best defender in Xenoblade 3? ›

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Defender Talent Art, Ranked
    • 5 Shining Refrain - Noponic Champion (DLC) ...
    • 4 Deflector Field - Guardian Commander. ...
    • 3 Mad Taunt - Heavy Gaurd. ...
    • 2 Gemini Strike - Zephyr. ...
    • 1 Blossom Dance - Lone Exile.
    Dec 10, 2022

    Who is the best defender in XC3? ›

    Just like Reyn in the original Xenoblade Chronicles, Lanz is the party's premier defender in XC3. Fittingly, his starter class, 'heavy guard', is easily one of the best classes for dedicated defensive builds.

    Does xenoblade have swearing? ›

    Even the use of swearing by the main villains in this game are sometimes too much. The use of words such as "Bastard", "B***h" and "***t" are all too common in this game. The online community is also rather NSFW.

    Who is the best healer in Xenoblade? ›

    Sharla is, without a doubt, the most powerful Healer in Xenoblade Chronicles. It's also an absolute fact that this amount of healing is nowhere near necessary, and other party members will contribute much more to the team than she will.

    Why is xenoblade British? ›

    the first xenoblade was a wii game, back when NoA was staunchly skeptical of "niche" genres like jrpgs. they eventually brought it over... but only /after/ nintendo of europe did the work of localizing it. they dubbed it british english, so that's what we got. rest is history.


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