Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (2023)

We've got you covered with a list of guides for them all.unique monsterEmXenoblade Chronicles 3. These colossal creatures have been a staple of the series since the original.Xenoblade ChroniclesOneWii, and it's no surprise that optional bosses are making a comeback.

This page:
  1. What are unique monsters?
  2. What is the Soulhacker class?
  3. Every unique monster location in the Aetia region
  4. Every unique monster location in the Fornis region
  5. Every unique monster location in the Pentelas region
  6. Every unique monster location in the Keves Castle region
  7. Every unique monster location in the Cadensia region
  8. Each unique monster location in the Swordmarch region
  9. Every unique monster location in the Upper Aetia region
  10. Each unique monster location in the home region

What are unique monsters?

Scattered across each of Aionios' regions, the game even warns that unique monsters are "incredibly strong enemies that are very challenging even when you're on their level. You won't get very far without a solid strategy." Because of this, you'll see them as a challenge to complete during your adventure to level up your party, or as a rewarding post-game challenge when your party is at it's strongest.

I definitely hunted them down after watching the endgame, and it helped with how I approached writing their locations. It's so much easier when you have waypoints, rest areas, and even named tombs - left behind by unique monsters you've already defeated - that you can use as references to point you in the right direction.

What is the Soulhacker class?

The biggest difference in terms of unique monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the Soulhacker class, which is unlocked after recruiting an optional hero in the Cadensia region in Chapter 5. It's more efficient to start hunting unique monsters after a party member has access to that class, otherwise you'll have to defeat the unique monsters you've already taken down again to get their Soul Hack abilities.

The Soulhacker class differs from others in the game in that they cannot set Master Arts or Skills, instead relying on a special ability that allows them to hack a unique monster that has been defeated to gain acquired Arts and Skills. In many ways, it's similar to how you get Blue Magic in the Final Fantasy series. The class is also unusual in that you can choose your primary role - be it attacker, defender or healer - to suit your party's composition.

It's worth noting that none of the unique monsters are missable, and after witnessing the game's final climax and watching the end credits, you can reload your save, which will take you back to the point of no return before the final showdown is over there. This also makes it a perfect way to pass the time after gaming.

If you're looking for more help with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, we also have guides onamiibo rewards you can get, as aApproach to Gem Making, the gamesmany cooking recipes, Ewhich will carry over to New Game Plus.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (1)

Every unique monster location in the Aetia region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Lilith LilithLevel 5It sat on a rock southwest of the Colony 9 Front Gate landmark.Did you (Arte)
Veece lap dogstage 9From the Loch Ciel landmark, head east and then south to find it near a tree stump in the clearing.Howl of the Beast (Art)
indiscreet gombabalevel 12Head southwest from the Hillside Ferronis Hulk rest area.Juice Press (Art)
troublesome bilkinlevel 13Head west from Luca's Eyot landmark.Butterfly Powder (art)
Wandering Circelevel 14Da Hillside Ferronis Hulk Rest Area, siga o rio para o sul.Just a moment (skill)
Carly de Hausjägerlevel 21From the Forward Post Camp rest area, drop east into the water, then head north into the cave.bubble cloud (art)
sparkling masquin
level 24At the bottom of the waterfall east of the Colony 9 Barracks rest area.Dodge Haste (Skill)
repulsive deepuslevel 24From the Colony 9 Front Gate landmark, head south, east, and then north briefly to reach a small lake overlooking the colony.Emergency Turbo (Skill)
Sensitive Catulluslevel 26Head west from the Sepulchral Cliffpath landmark.Systematic Defense (Skill)
Altruistic Maribellevel 29From the Kamos Guidepost landmark, use the climbable wall and head northeast across the water.Body of Air (Skill)
Petrivore Judomarlevel 31Head east from the Watchpoint Bridge landmark and she'll jump down to appear on the lower path near a container.Haste Attacks (Skill)
Fantasma StreyaLevel 51From the Kamos signpost, use the climbing wall located at the northern end of the large lake.Mime technique (skill)
Zelinka well bathedLevel 53Head east from the Shark's Jaws Cape landmark.Ultranull Shield (Skill)
Bruxa Wind KujatLevel 59Head east from the Battlescar Ferronis Hulk and you'll see him flying overhead.Trick Arrow (arte)
Lobo Mau Aranquilevel 70Accessible after entering the final dungeon of the game, from the Kamos sign, use the climbable wall and head north following the path that crosses the larger bodies of water.Thunder (Art)
King of Clavine Damslevel 80At Elgares Depths, head north from the Depths Camp rest area.Counter Smash (Skill)
jingoist giantlevel 80Walk along the river near Luca's Eyot landmark during the day.Blast Stomp (Arte)
Ryuho, o Dangerwinglevel 100From Aetia, Upper Region, follow the paths south to return to Aetia, Full Region. It flies over Coolley Lake, just south of the Coolley Lake landmark.Eagle Rush (Skill)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (2)

Every unique monster location in the Fornis region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Scharfsinnige Tracylevel 15Go east from the Singbreeze funnel waypoint.Surprise Attack (Skill)
Jarrahed Perigosolevel 16Head northeast from the colony 4 canteen rest area.snake eyes (art)
Rambler Curalielevel 17Head west from the Bennel Cave landmark.Poison Spray (art)
calm narralevel 19Head west from the Shikashaka Mesa landmark.Defense Time (Skill)
oldar perceptivelevel 20Head west from the Llyn Nyddwr Camp rest area.Horn Dance (Art)
Sepia elegantlylevel 22Adjacent to The Lace Subterranean landmark.Natural Guard (Skill)
Despicable Darialevel 22On a ledge with a shipping container south of the Great Idalla Canyon landmark.Tail Slam (Art)
turkish hedonistslevel 23From the Tirkin HQ landmark, head east.Tactical Eye (Skill)
Tender Rumilevel 23Go east from the Pico do Conquistador landmark.Incredible Growth (Skill)
Wraithfin Segnalevel 24Swim in the lake southeast of the Saffronia Tree frame.water jet (art)
Heretic Saurovlevel 25Head north slightly from the Urayan Tunnels, the entry landmark. Can no longer be seen behind some rubble.Hypno-Light (Art)
Ginster stone cutterlevel 25It will protrude from the ground on top of a cliff northeast of the Quicksand Basin landmark.Drain Protection (Skill)
Crystallines Du Garrelevel 27Head west from the Quicksand Basin landmark.Cursed Kitchen (Art)
Terrorbird Ziegerlevel 37Climb the climbing wall near the Glam Rock landmark.Hawk Shot (Art)
Psychic Pyrtetlevel 40Head south slightly from the Zem's Crossway landmark.Sacrificial Healing (Ability)
Nachtpirscher WolodjaLevel 43Found in Torus Hollow, in a cave northeast of the Cadion Cliffside landmark on the map.Accelerator (Skill)
Discreto LiggyLevel 43At the end of the area south of the Colony Iota Cantina rest area.Underworld Wrath (Skill)
Deep Hodzukilevel 44Fly in the air near the rest area of ​​Visura Parkland CampHypnosis (Art)
Raquino confusedlevel 45Along the road northwest of the Dow Dolmen landmark or south of the Orochi's Crag landmark.Raid Strike (Arte)
son of Ignalevel 46Head south from the Igna Conglomerate landmark.dragon gas (art)
cursedlevel 50Climb the climbing wall southeast of the Tableland Ferronis Hulk rest area.Mega Scream (Skill)
Smart AnskeyLevel 54East to the landmark Eldritch Obelisk or follow the path to the climbing wall northwest of the Visura Parkland Camp rest area.Vengeance Impulse (Skill)
Feliz Nimrooglevel 68Found on the northeast ridge of the Orochi's Crag landmark.Instant Charge (Skill)
mischievous LombardsLevel 74Adjacent to the Purus Palecolumn landmark, southwest of the Visura Parkland Camp rest area.Uninterrupted Barrage (Ability)
Grokken imprudenteLevel 81Underground explosions west of the Lake Magglia landmark.theft (art)
Dunesea MarcellusLevel 87Fly over the sand pit east of Zorza's stone hammer marker.Crusher (Skill)
Kilocorn Grandepslevel 95Head northwest from the Saffronia Tree landmark.Monarch's Heart (Skill)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (3)

Every unique monster location in the Pentelas region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
rough ronlevel 27Near the water south of the Seebu Camp Ruins rest area.Last Fencer (Art)
scintillating markolevel 28Use the ziplines north of the tomb called Raucous Ron.Radiant Arts (Art)
Gallivant Buckleylevel 30Head northeast from the Titan Rock Camp rest area.Sand Smoke (Skill)

Romping Parker
level 31Swim in the water west of the Cascade Ferronis Hulk rest area.Water Rocket (Art)
the young franzlevel 32Under a climbing wall northwest of the Titan Rock Camp rest area.Spirit Absorber (Skill)
Phantasmagorischer Ristlevel 35Head northwest from the Cascade Ferronis Hulk rest area.Physical Absorber (Skill)
Virion Risinglevel 36Jump into the water south of the Titan Rock Camp rest area and go to the southern ledge.Dangerous Claws (Skill)
Georges Massiflevel 37Head west/southwest from the Lambda Shelter Rest Area (inside the Lambda Colony) to discover the hidden Hidden Freshwater Inlet area.End of Fear (art)
stupid turkslevel 45Climb a climbing wall east of the Sparkling Pool Camp rest area.Royal Attendant (Skill)
Vanquisher Sherittlevel 48From the Engardo Pass Camp rest area, head northwest to the far exit and the spot behind the gate.Piercing Laser (Art)
Bushwhacker Farrittlevel 48Continue past the Besieger Sheritt location and past the base camp you come across.Life Reserve (Skill)
Dear Titanialevel 50Use the zipline north of the tomb called Raucous Ron, jump off the second zipline on your right.Battle pheromone (art)
elvis blood suckerlevel 52From the Clifftop Ferronis Hulk Rest Area, head south into the Abandoned area of ​​Colony 5. It's in a room next to Colony 5 Ferronis. (Must complete Side Story: Eunia first to gain access)double strike (art)
Aquatic Animals: Saberly Dorampé and Stately DorammaLevel 65 and Level 64As well as the secret Cotte Fountainhead area, accessed by zip line, tree stump and climbing walls north of the Vista of Rhonnar landmark.Double Slap (Type) and Spread Heal (Skill)
Spartan Fennicklevel 78In a poisonous swamp south of the Warning Tree landmark.mini storm (art)
Agnian Assassins: Divine Krastor and Indomitable Sandhu
level 82Use the zip line south of the Seebu Camp Ruins rest area.Great Shock (Agility) and Fiery Morale (Agility)
Imovel Gonzálezlevel 88From the tomb called Dimwitted Tirkin, climb down the climbing wall to the north and head west along the branch.Wild Wave (Arte)
Linda Mandoralevel 96In the Wild Forest of Lower Maktha. Head southeast from the Warning Tree landmark to reach the Oblivion Caverns area, where you'll find her in a central room.plant of life (art)
Dreadwyrm NizoontLevel 105In the Wild Forest of Lower Maktha. Head southeast from the Warning Tree landmark to reach the Caverns of Oblivion. It is located near the Forgotten Trick Gate landmark.Warm Soul (Skill)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (4)

Every unique monster location in the Keves Castle region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Craven Piggardlevel 38Climb the climbing wall near the rest area at Hovering Reef 2 Camp. Use the zipline to go northwest, climb the rocks ahead of you, then use a zipline southeast to reach the island you're on.Agility itself (skill)
Tirion Ambushlevel 39From the Hovering Reef 2 Camp rest area, use the zipline east and then the zipline north.Damage Percentage (Skill)
Flaming Carloslevel 40Climb the climbing wall near the rest area at Hovering Reef 2 Camp. Use the zipline to go northwest, climb the rocks in front of you to use a zipline southwest to reach the island you are on. Climb the climbing wall in front of you.Dino Storm (arte)
wasp mobileLevel 41In Keves Castle, 1st floor, northwest of storage area #1.Spire Ray (Arte)
Os Executioners: Forsaken Arbiter e Vengeful Dominator
level 42In Keves Castle, 2nd floor, northwest corner.Neck Slash (Type) and Action Reaction (Skill)
The Dark Triad: The Determined Vatslav, Thunderclap Dalton and Turbelent Martinez
Level 43In Keves Castle, 3rd floor, in the hallway south of the gear camp rest area.Supercharged (Skill), Deflector Plate (Skill) and Energy Efficient (Skill)
The devilish RindolphLevel 49From the Penshia Portal landmark, use the zip line to the south and then the zip line to reach the small island to the west.Swivel Pin (Art)
Dante horn booklevel 55Appears south of the Ekdaso Verge landmark.Dual Horn Pressure (Skill)
Infiltator GarnachLevel 64Head northwest from the Ekdaso Verge landmark and he will defend the bridge.Super Blast (Skill)
Protector RevealedLevel 64From the Hovering Reef 2 Camp rest area, zipline east and head north. Protects the bridge that leads to Keves Castle.Heavy Armor (Skill)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (5)

Every unique monster location in the Cadensia region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Remy Spectrallevel 42Floating above the water just north of the landmark Sturc Gully Gate.Poison gas (art)
Littlefort Morleylevel 46Board the Bravery at the Sentridge Harbor Control landmark and depart the harbor. Upon reaching the main body of water, immediately turn right and you are in the small lot.Cavalry (Art)
Helios Browserlevel 48Outside Erythia Relay Base, east of the Relay Base Bridge landmark.Reckless Attack (Skill)
Zuchtmeister Empirelevel 48At Erythia Relay Base, east of the Relay Base Bridge landmark.About Armor (Skill)
Widershins Raddlerlevel 48From the Anu Shoals Camp rest area, it's on the second island to the northwest. It buries itself into the ground as you approach.Awaken (Skill)
Pushy Neville
Level 49Swim in the Sea of ​​Erythia and head south from the Colony Mu Main Gate landmark.Shark Clash (art)
Barbed wireLevel 51On a small island north of the landmark Seaspray Lookout.Needle Bark (Ability)
Virtuoso Gulkinlevel 52Under the symbol of the eternal canopy.Pointed stick (art)
Ghuldan gallopinglevel 56Head northeast from the Rujah Headwaters landmark. (Side story: Taion must be completed first to gain access).Apothecary's Wisdom (Skill)
Hardshell AdmoryLevel 57Head north from the Fourth Pillar Remnant landmark.Shell protection (art)
Tollkühner Saidelevel 58Board the Bravery at the Sentridge Harbor Control landmark and exit the harbor shortly to turn left and head south. Head along the path south of the Cradle Convoy Shelter landmark.Rhino Storm (art)
Cobiçoso Gerondonlevel 60Descend the climbable walls northeast of the famous Welkin Falls.water polo (art)
supernatural rodsinlevel 60Head southeast from the Welkin Falls landmark and he'll appear in front of the waterfall.Jetstream (Arte)
Stachelige Aurelia
Level 63Head northwest from the Doublecrag Gate landmark and use the climbing wall. Walk west and use the climbable walls to drop down into the enclosed area.Royal Pride (Skill)
Dirakha falanteLevel 63The tomb called Covetous Gerondon is in the water to the southwest.Deeply Tactical (Skill)
Abyssal RakshmiLevel 64From Sandbar Ferronis Hulk Rest Area, use the quicksand to the southwest to reach the underground.Queen of Mercy (skill)
4 Blades in the Dark: Darkening Asha, Fleeting Shikino, Ghosting Lulika and Miraging Yurilevel 65From the Hargan Point Camp rest area, head north to the Colony 15 area to see that they were standing over two Soldier's Husks.Debuff Counter (Skill), Battle Fever (Skill), Terran Warrior (Skill) and One With Land (Skill)
Whirlpool Triumvirate: Fairscale Marine, Hardscale Gouran and Sharpscale Ragoonlevel 66Head south from the Hargan Point Camp rest area and you'll need to swim through this secluded area to find them.Breath of an Age (Skill), Dragon's Decree (Art) and Water Warrior (Skill)
Sharkblade NeddLevel 67Use Valor to head southeast from the Doublecrag Gate landmark to reach a small island she is swimming near.Positional Striker (Skill)
Sunappled FloriaLevel 71Walk between islands in the water northeast of the Bannis Path landmark or southwest of The Swordface landmark.Electric skin (art)
Jealous MizraileLevel 72From the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk rest area, head east, slide down the north path and it will be below you on the left.Stalking Predator (Skill)
Ozeanische LuceraLevel 73Found in the Seaspray Lookout landmark flying east.Bomberhead (art)
Demonic Crenolure
level 75Found flying north of the First Pillar Remnant Landmark.Hydragas (art)
marine gyruslevel 75Board the Bravery and head west after exiting the rest area at Inlet Camp.Forellenhopfen (Kunst)

heroic gulkin
Level 76Next to the Place of Heroes Past landmark, northeast of the Sandbar Ferronis Hulk Rest Area on the same island. You gain access to this area after entering the game's final dungeon, Origin.Royal Charisma (Skill)
Kamado fly swatterLevel 77Found on the same island as the Eternal Canopy landmark. It's located in the southeast corner of the island, where you need to use a climbing wall. He will emerge below the surface near the hurried Master Antol.spider web (art)
Seat tridentLevel 77Board the Bravery at night from the Funicular Approach landmark and sail northeast to a small island. You'll see him swimming in the water nearby.Aethersphere (Art)
Ragemaw Tempeldolevel 78Found southwest of the Fifth Column landmark.Celestial Conqueror (Skill)
Killhappy BrijaidorLevel 79It is located on the water north of the Vinisog Holm Camp rest area.Power Assist (Skill)
slack-jawed zephallevel 80This large Godzilla-like creature spawns southeast of the Remains of the Fifth Pillar landmark or east of the tomb called Ragemaw Tempeldo. For me, this only happened when the weather turned stormy at night.Emperor of Violence (Skill)
Gluttonous Babayagalevel 84Board the Bravery and after exiting the entry camp rest area, head north before heading west. This northern area unlocks as the story progresses.Attack Heal (Skill)
Seedrache Melchiorlevel 85Board the Bravery and head southwest from the Second Remnant Pillar landmark to find a small island with an aether channel with the enemy nearby.Double Attack (Art)
Centaur TerminatorLevel 91Head southeast from the historic Levnis Workyard entrance.Psycho Wave (art)
The Kings-Kings: Deepwan Conqueror and Krawkin KingLevel 102Near the Demihuman Gutter landmark, located at the end of an accessible area southeast of the Vinisog Holm Camp rest area.King's Bash (Art) e Desperate Charge (Art)
Order of the Empyrean Demonlevel 110In an area in the southeast corner of the Sea of ​​Erythia that you must swim to. It is southeast of the Whirlpool triumvirate called Grave.Power Pick Me Up (Skill)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (6)

Each unique monster location in the Swordmarch region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Fine blade faltarLevel 47Go north from the Material Warehouse waypoint and it will fly over youLightning Dino (art)
Heavenly Cranelevel 90From the Shattered Pathway landmark, head down the ruins to the southwest and head south. It's perched on a wall near an ether channel in the corner.Gatling Peck (arte)
Seraphische Ceratinalevel 120This will likely be the last unique monster you'll encounter in the game. Requires you to first defeat Dreadwyrm Nizoont, Kilocorn Grandeps, Levialord Empireo, and Perilwing Ryuho to unlock Aionio's Strongest Talk on a Perch. From the Shattered Pathway landmark, head down the ruins and head southwest.Transient Link (art)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (7)

Every unique monster location in the Upper Aetia region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Spiralhorn Baccrolevel 56Head northwest from the Tsang Camp Rest Area or southeast from the Captocorn Pass landmark.Earth's Mercy (Skill)
Steinhuf TorphanLevel 57From the Ladras Camp rest area, immediately in the area below to the north.Danger Sense (Skill)
Keen Chicky-ChickyLevel 59Head southwest from the Gava Junction landmark, then west from the Nocclia Mire landmark. It is located in the area where Colony 0 was before it moved. (Side Story: Segiri must be completed first)Digger Rocket (Art)
Timbercorn CthinosLevel 61Close to the Ladras Camp rest area.Healing Tranquility (art)
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Unique Monsters: Where To Find Them And Soul Hack Abilities (8)

Each unique monster location in the home region

Monster's unique nameEbenLocationSoul Hack Skill
Ishtar profanadalevel 65From Ferronis Arsenal #3: Marco E. Gate, head west.Vampire Bat (Art)
Armbender: Cruel Fist Rojou, Ghost Fist Róisín e Trickfist Tuanolevel 66Patrolling the area around the amplifier control room.Charge Cheer (Skill), Murder Knuckle (Art) and Mano a Mano Evasion (Skill).
Creeping HameelLevel 67In a room southeast of Amplifier No. 2: Landmark of the Lower Gate.Attack Mastery (Skill)
Holding on to AzreelLevel 69Head north from the Defense Tower #1 landmark.excretory ray (art)
Hollow Ones: Artificial Optho, Dishonest Karom, Phony Temnos e Vapid Roger
Level 69 and Level 70Patrolling north of the hangar, above: West Gate landmark.Magical Transmutation (Skill), Evasive Stance (Art), Exoshell (Skill) and Berserker Mentality (Skill)
Rafeel pressLevel 69North of the hangar, below: Main Gate Emblem.Defense Mastery (Skill)
Thaumawolf BajeekLevel 71From the Defense Tower landmark #3, head north.Wolf Spirit (Skill)
reap antielLevel 72In a room northeast of Ferronis Arsenal #3: Landmark N. Gate.Healing Mastery (Skill)
Desired Ururialevel 86Go south from the hangar, Lower: Main Gate Landmark.Savage Alignments (Skill)

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How do you unlock Soulhacker skills? ›

Of all 19 unlockable hero classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Soulhacker is easily one of the most interesting and flexible to have in your party setup. You'll unlock the ability to use Soulhacker by recruiting Defiant Triton into your party.

Which Soulhacker is best xenoblade 3? ›

Lanz and Mio make the most effective Soul hacker characters. They can readily unlock Soul Hacker Master talents thanks to their high-class rating. You can no longer steal enemy art by using the Soul hacker class if you have the Soul Hacker Master Skill.

How many Unique Monsters are in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

There's a ton of these massive beasts to find and fight in Monolith Soft's latest adventure — somewhere in the region of around 140 — and plenty of them are super-tough to locate, hidden away in secret areas and hard to reach spots.

What are Unique Monsters Xenoblade 3? ›

The Superbosses are special Unique Monsters that have special Named Graves marked by red auras that allow their levels to be raised upon rematches, up to a maximum level that varies for each Superboss. There are five Superbosses that can be found across Aionios.

What is the best party setup in Xenoblade 3? ›

Best party setup in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you're playing on normal it's generally a good idea to go with three Attackers, two Defenders, and three Healers. If you're playing on Hard, it's a good idea to switch to two Attackers and three Healers.

How do you unlock Triton in Xenoblade 3? ›

Tritonis one of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who can recruit to join your team. This Hero can be unlocked by completing the required Hero Quest - Doing it My Way.

Who is Shulk's dad? ›


Did Zanza create Shulk? ›

Alvis reveals that Zanza created a new god — Shulk — and that is why he came to his side. He also reveals that Alvis himself is an administrative computer — that of the one Zanza and Meyneth used before Zanza created the new universe.

Who is Shulk's sister? ›

She is the younger sister of Dunban and a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn.
Mechon Homs Official artwork of Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.
UniverseXenoblade Chronicles
DebutXenoblade Chronicles (2010)
7 more rows
Nov 14, 2022

Does Pyra have a Monado? ›

Pyra's sword is the form Pneuma's Monado takes when Pneuma is personified as Pyra. Pyra is a personality constructed by Pneuma to restrain her powers and avoid a potential destruction of Alrest.

Is Shulk a girl? ›

In Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk is an 18-year-old "Homs" — the game's fictional equivalent of a human. He is the game's primary protagonist, portrayed as favoring "brains over brawn". He lost his parents 14 years prior to the game during an expedition for the Monado, a powerful sword that only a select few can wield.

Is Shulk a good guy? ›

Good Guy Shulk

Shulk is loyal to his friends, steadfast to his cause, and puts others before himself. Nowhere is this more evident than the conclusory act of Xenoblade Chronicles, when the boy's true nature is revealed.

Is Zanza the Monado or Alvis? ›

At the end of the game, we finally learn the truth and it is revealed that Alvis is in fact The Monado itself, and was responsible for creating Xenoblade's entire world from scratch.

Does Rex have a Monado? ›

The Monado is a clone of the Shield Hammer weapon, but has faster attacks and is a ATK weapon instead of a TNK weapon. It can be used by Rex, Nia, Mòrag and Zeke, each one of them with their own arts, including a variation of Monado Shield for Rex and Zeke.

What is the best healer class in Xenoblade 3? ›

The Best Healer Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

But if there's no chaff to separate the proverbial wheat from, there's still enough of a hierarchy to separate the great from the merely good. Among the game's eight total healer classes, our favorites are these three: War Medic, Strategos, and Lifesage.

What is the best healing class in Xenoblade 3? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Every Healer Class, Ranked
  1. 1 Taion.
  2. 2 Eunie. ...
  3. 3 Teach. ...
  4. 4 Valdi. ...
  5. 5 Fiona. ...
  6. 6 Isurd. ...
  7. 7 Miyabi. Miyabi is talked about throughout the game via Mio before she gets unlocked. ...
  8. 8 Nia. Nia is a strong character offensively as well as being a great healer in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. ...
Aug 23, 2022

What is the best class Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

What are the best classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?
  • Ogre is the most versatile attacker to start with, though its slow auto attack speed means you don't get to pull off quite as many skills. ...
  • Martial Artist was, for me, a much better choice, almost like a faster and more focused Ogre.
Aug 5, 2022

How old is Monica Xenoblade? ›

Monica (XC1)
LocationColony 9 (Fortress Entrance)
2 more rows
Jun 22, 2022

How do you unlock Ashera ascension quest? ›

Visit Old Kana Battlefield With Ashera

After completing Side Story: Noah, go to the Old Kana Battlefield with Ashera. There you'll see a question mark and upon approaching it, will trigger the start of Ashera's Ascension quest, “A Deep-Seated Scar”.

How do I get Cammuravi? ›

Recruit Cammuravi

After finishing Mio's Ascension Quest and defeating the Consul of Colony Omega, head back to the colony to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, Cammuravi will join your team and you will then have to complete his Hero Quest.

How do you unlock Triton ascension quest? ›

XBC3 Triton Ascension Quest – How To Unlock

Like other classes, in order for you to remove the limit and allow the Soulhacker class to reach 20, you must first have a character with rank 10. Make sure to have at least one character with rank 10 to get the info required for Triton's Ascension Quest to spawn.

How do you unlock the ascension quest in Xenoblade 3? ›

To unlock their Hero Ascension Quest, you must make it to Chapter 6. In The City, go to Michiba's Canteen and eat there to get the Cerise-Caprice Acqua Pazza recipe for Manana. Next, go to the Inlet Camp at Erythia Sea with Riku and Manana in the party.

How do you get to the wicked wolf in Xenoblade 3? ›

Wicked Wolf Aranqui is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is a member of the Vvarga family and can be found at level 70 at Fuschian Fields in Millick Meadows, accessible after entering Origin for the first time. The Thunderclap Art can be earned by the Soulhacker class.

How do I get to gracious Titania? ›

Gracious Titania is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is a member of the Arachno family, and can be found at level 50 in the Urayan Tunnels, accessed by taking the rope slide near the Roaring Spring. The Battle Pheromone Art can be earned by the Soulhacker class by defeating it.

How do you unlock Ashera? ›

In combat, hold down ZL to access tactics and select Fusion First to encourage the party to use their Fusion Arts and transform into Xenoblade 3's Ouroboros. After the battle, Ashera will join the party as a permanent member.

How do you unlock Fiona in Xenoblade 3? ›

Fiona is one of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who can recruit to join your team. This Hero can be unlocked by completing the required Hero Quest - Transparent Dreams.

How do you unlock the Nia Hero quest? ›

You'll encounter Nia as you make your way through the main missions in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. However, it won't be until the end of the game and in the post-game content that you'll be able to unlock Nia. When you return to the Hall of the Serene, you can speak to Nia to unlock her and her Lifesage class.

What is the max level in xc3? ›

Ascension Quests in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are special Hero Quests that allow you to break past the original boundaries set in place for Class Ranks, raising the Level Cap from Level 10 to Level 20.

What is the max class rank in Xenoblade 3? ›

Class Rank limit

After completing the quest, the rank limit reaches 20 for the party members and the Hero automatically increases their rank from 10 to 20.

How do I get Ethel back? ›

To finally have Ethel back, you need to clear her Ascension Quest. Her Ascension Quest is directly connected to Cammuravi's so clearing that nets you two classes with unlocked ranks. Not only that but her Ascension Quest is required for you to get her back to tip-top shape.

How many secret areas are there in Xenoblade 3? ›

There are Secret Areas in every region of the game, and 12 for you to find in total.

How to farm CP Xenoblade? ›

The most surefire way of gaining CP is to fight Unique and Elite monsters. These will give a set amount of CP depending on the player's levels. The higher the player's level is compared to the Unique or Elite Monster, the less CP they'll gain.

How many Superbosses are in Xenoblade 3? ›

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Superbosses are high-leveled Unique Monsters with unique tombstones that allow them to be refought at progressively higher levels. There are five Superbosses throughout the world.

How old is Shania Xenoblade? ›

Shania Reid
Japanese VAHaruka Terui
English VALouise Stewart
AppearancesXenoblade Chronicles 3
3 more rows
Jan 30, 2023

How do you get to bloodsucking Elvis? ›

Bloodsucking Elvis is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. It is a member of the Vang family, and can be found at level 53 in the Pentelas Region, near Colony 5. The Double Strike Art can be earned by the Soulhacker class.

How do you unlock Seraphic ceratinia? ›

Seraphic Ceratinia is fought at level 200 during the fourth wave of the Challenge Battle The Four Devas.


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