Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (2023)

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is perhaps the biggest and certainly the newest title from Monolith Soft and Nintendo's notoriously expansive lineup of RPGs. A lot has changed since 2010, when a young mechanic named Shulk and his best friend Reyn started to learn more about the mechon in the original Xenoblade Chronicles. Different worlds, different casts, different stories, different struggles.

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One thing that hasn't changed is the show's penchant forunique monsters, super-powered variants of dangerous fauna that offer excellent rewards in exchange for an extreme challenge. Read on to find out where to find every unique monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

What are unique monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (1)

Before we take you on a fast-paced tour of all the hard-boiled bad guys who call Aionios their hunting ground, let's take a second to spur series newcomers (and long-dormant veterans) in their tracks. What exactly is a unique monster, other than its obvious nature as a unique enemy?

Since the first Xenoblade Chronicles, there have been individualized variations on most enemy categories.migrated statisticsbuilt to terrify all but the bravest players. They usually, though not always, spawn at significantly higher levels than other monsters, and some even surpass level 99. Importantly, 99 is the highest level your own party can reach!

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you can distinguish a unique monster from the rest because it has an orange border when targeted.. It will also have a pretty prominent name like Lapdog Veece and Househunter Carly. (Compare this to Poison Brog for common enemy names, for example.)

Try not to confuse unique monsters withelite monster. Elite monsters, new to the series in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, have blue borders instead of orange and no special names. They are not as powerful as the unique monsters, but they are great for leveling up as they give you 250% experience bonus on defeat.

Unique Monster Rewards

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (2)

Now you know what they are, but why bother fighting unique monsters? Noah and his friends end up having a world to save, and there's certainly never been a case where a JRPG has simultaneously insisted that you have a limited window of time before it's all over andAlsoprovided dozens of hours of optional content.


All kidding aside, it's a fair question when so many of these animals can really overwhelm you. Unique monsters, for all their problems, have two significant advantages over the rest of Aionios's wildlife -For one, they have significantly better drop rates. Unique monsters are the best method of farming items in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Whether you are looking for top of the rangeaccessories, a new batch ofNopon Coins, powerfulpatchwork, whatever you like, Unique Monsters are the most versatile. Certain quests can offer the game's truly unique rewards, but other than that, you're covered.

Fishman Tricks

The other consideration ishack the alma, and no, we didn't suddenly change the subject to Shin Megami Tensei. Soul Hacking will not come into play until Chapter 5 and refers to the acquisition of a hero unit that is not mandatory to complete the game. In other words,Anything related to soul hacking is optional.

The way it works, you level up the Soulhacker class (obtainable by recruiting Triton) by defeating unique monsters around the world. Each unique monster's specific attack can be learned from the Soulhacker, and if you conjure up an image of the Enemy Skill Materia from Final Fantasy 7, or perhaps more specifically, the work of the Blue Mage from this franchise, you'll totally understand.

Our Exclusive Monsters Guide is a WIP - a work in progress. Once complete, not only will we list each monster, but we will also strive to include images and quick tips for the most difficult task.There are several "super bosses" in this gamewhich we will write down when we go!

Every unique monster in the Aetia region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (3)

We've sorted this list by region, in the order you'll unlock each vast area of ​​Xenoblade Chronicles 3.Note that at certain points in the game you can only access a fraction of a new region, therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not master everything at once.

Also, you might find Aetia's roster to be particularly long, even if it doesn't seem like it early on in the game. This accords with what we have just said; We won't reveal the details, but Aetia really opens up later on.




Altruistic Maribel


Southeast part of the map

King of Clavine Dams


Depths of Elgare

sparkling masquin


Go east from Colony 9

Carly de Hausjäger


Alfeto Valley near the Camp

indiscreet gombaba


Millik Meadows

Veece lap dog


At the end of Melnath, in the dense forest

Wandering Circe


From Hillside Ferronis, venture southwest

Ryuho, o Dangerwing


This is one of the super bosses in the game. Soon we will tell you how to defeat him.

troublesome bilkin


Millik Meadows

Petrivore Judomar


Head to Melnath starting in Colony Gamma

Fantasma Streya


Southeast part of the map

repulsive deepus


Go east from Colony 9

Sensitive Catullus


Skip the trip to the Sepulchral Cliffpath

Seraphische Ceratina


Duration:This is the final superboss of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and we're going to give you suggestions on how to defeat him as quickly as possible.

Spiralhorn Baccroe


Captocorn (Rua Tsang)

Lilith Lilith


Near Colony 9 at the start of the game

Timbercorn Cthinos


Captocorn (You bark)

Kujjat Wind Witch


Everlight Plain, Rottswoe Battlescar

Every unique monster in the Fornis region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (4)




Crystallines Du Garre


In the Dannagh Desert, explore the northwest section

Sepia elegantly


Rae-Bael Tableland - Underground Peak

Psychic Pyrtet


Venture from Dies Arch to Ribbi Flats

Dangerous Jerradhead


Eagus Wilderness - Racine-Platte

turkish hedonists


Ribbi Flats - Sede Türkin

Heretic Saurov


Search the Rae Bael Plateau

Kilocorn Grandeps


This is one of the super bosses in the game. Soon we will tell you how to defeat him.

oldar perceptive


Go west from Lyn Nyddwr Camp

deep hoszuki


From Visura Park Land, look southwest

Raquino confused


East of the Rae Bael Plateau

Rambler Curalie


Eagus Desert - Bennel Cave

rattle asparagus

On the way to Colony 4 Events, near the fountain with cutscenes

repulsive deepus


Plains of Yzana

Grokken imprudente


Finding Lake Magglia

Despicable Daria


Dannagh Desert - Great Idalla Gorge

Scharfsinnige Tracy


Reith Valley (this is part of the smaller part of Fornis that can be explored in Chapter 2 before things open up even more)

Ginster stone cutter


Search the northern part of the Dannagh Desert

Tender Rumi


Rae Bael Plateau - Lisza Garden

calm narra


Ribbi Flats - Laprel Knoll

son of Igna


Igna Conglomerate Cave

Any unique monster in the Pentelas region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (5)




the young franz


Climbing down a purple vine while hiking Great Cotte Falls

Bushwhacker Farritt


Past the Engardo Camp Pass on the edge of the region

stupid turks


Find Tirkin Cave in the Upper Maktha Wild Forest

Dreadwyrm Nizoont


One of the super bosses. We'll have detailed coverage soon!

Gallivant Buckley


Near the top of Great Cotte Falls

Imovel González


Gogols Baum em Maktha Wildwood

Georges Massif


Great Cotte Falls - Hidden Freshwater Inlet (on edge of one of the massive falls proper)

Phantasmagorischer Rist


Grande Cotte (Cotte ruins)

rough ron


noisy spring

Saber dorampe, mighty doramma

65, 64


scintillating marko


Caves of Kachurichu

Virion Rising


Great Cotte Cataract

Pentelas probably contains about20unique monsters.

Every unique monster in the Keves Castle region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (6)




Tirion Ambush


Floating Reefs off Syra - Aethermine

Flaming Carlos


Syra Floating Reef - Floating Reef 4

Craven Piggard


Syra Floating Reef - Floating Reef 3

The devilish Rindolph


Syra Floating Reef - Floating Reef 7

raio Dalton, determined Vatslav Turbulent Martinez,


No Castelo de Keves - Troop Reserve Department

Vengeful Dominator and Forsaken Lord


At Keves Castle - Lower hangar floor

Keves Castle probably contains arounddezUnique monsters.

Every unique monster in the Cadensia region

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (7)




Abyssal Rakshmi


Under Sandbar Island

Barbed wire


Northeast Sea Erythia

Conqueror Deepwan and King Crowkin


From Burning Beach, locate the Demi-human Chute in the southeast of the Erythia Sea

Demonic Crenolure



Fine blade faltar


Swordmarch Upper Bridge

Ghuldan galloping


caves of oblivion

Jealous Mizraile


Northeast of the Erythia Sea; Locate near Sandbar Island

Killhappy Brijaidor


Search near Vinisof Holm Camp

Order of the Empyrean Demon


One of the super bosses. Will cover as soon as possible!

Littlefort Morley


Southern reaches of the Erythia Sea

marine gyrus


Northern reach of the Erythia Sea

Helios Browser



Ragemaw Tempeldo


Daedal Island Center

Sharkblade Nedd



slack-jawed zephal


Daedal Island Center

Spectral Remy


Base of the Great Sword

Sunappled Floria


Near the March of Swords

Dirakha falante


Welkin Falls

Zuchtmeister Empire



Virtuoso Gulkin



Widershins Raddler


Insel Anu Shoals

Cadensia should be about ten more than we currently have; this place isgigantic.

Every single monster in the last dungeon

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Where to find every unique monster (8)

The final dungeon, which we're not naming for spoiler reasons, might be a long walk full of cutscenes - but it also has about eight unique monsters. We'll post them here soon and probably add some tactics to get you through the home stretch (not postgame) uniques on your way to the endgame.

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How many Unique Monsters are in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

There's a ton of these massive beasts to find and fight in Monolith Soft's latest adventure — somewhere in the region of around 140 — and plenty of them are super-tough to locate, hidden away in secret areas and hard to reach spots.

What are Unique Monsters Xenoblade 3? ›

The Superbosses are special Unique Monsters that have special Named Graves marked by red auras that allow their levels to be raised upon rematches, up to a maximum level that varies for each Superboss. There are five Superbosses that can be found across Aionios.

Which Soulhacker is best xenoblade 3? ›

Lanz and Mio make the most effective Soul hacker characters. They can readily unlock Soul Hacker Master talents thanks to their high-class rating. You can no longer steal enemy art by using the Soul hacker class if you have the Soul Hacker Master Skill.

What is the highest level monster in Xenoblade 3? ›

Levialord Empireo is the last open-world super boss. This massive sea monster is a whopping level 110, asking a lot from you and your fellow Ouroboros team members. To get to Empireo, you need to take a certain route.

Who is Shulk's dad? ›


Is Zanza a Shulk? ›

Alvis reveals that Zanza created a new god — Shulk — and that is why he came to his side. He also reveals that Alvis himself is an administrative computer — that of the one Zanza and Meyneth used before Zanza created the new universe.

Is Shulk a boy or girl? ›

AliasHeir to the Monado
11 more rows

Is Shulk a good guy? ›

Good Guy Shulk

Shulk is loyal to his friends, steadfast to his cause, and puts others before himself. Nowhere is this more evident than the conclusory act of Xenoblade Chronicles, when the boy's true nature is revealed.

Is Shulk a boy? ›

I just want to live my life as a Homs... in a world without you! Shulk defying Zanza. As the main hero of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk is a young man with strong qualities.

Is Zanza the Monado or Alvis? ›

At the end of the game, we finally learn the truth and it is revealed that Alvis is in fact The Monado itself, and was responsible for creating Xenoblade's entire world from scratch.

Who is Shulk's sister? ›

She is the younger sister of Dunban and a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn.
Mechon Homs Official artwork of Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.
UniverseXenoblade Chronicles
DebutXenoblade Chronicles (2010)
7 more rows
Nov 14, 2022

What is the best team setup in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

Best party setup in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you're playing on normal it's generally a good idea to go with three Attackers, two Defenders, and three Healers. If you're playing on Hard, it's a good idea to switch to two Attackers and three Healers.

Can a monster be level 0? ›

Monsters with a printed Level of 0 instead have a Level condition that treats their original Level as a different value. In the OCG and TCG, monsters' original Levels can range from 1 to 12.

How long does it take to 100 percent Xenoblade? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Xenoblade Chronicles is about 58½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 143 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Zanza Klaus? ›

Klaus, also referred as Zanza or The Architect, is a reoccurring character in the Xenoblade series. He is the the true antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and the creator of the world in both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He created the universe of each game by using the Conduit.

Is Shulk alive in Xenoblade 3? ›

After Z made Aionios, Shulk and Rex were unaffected by the cycle of life just like Melia and Nia. In fact they were both Founders as implied by the statues in the City. Shulk is also said to have died at the age of 80 which further confirms he escaped the 10 year lifespan.

Who is the main villain in Xenoblade 3? ›

Z is the main antagonist of the 2022 video game Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is the leader of the Consuls.

Does Mythra have a Monado? ›

Mythra's sword is the form Pneuma's Monado took after her awakening by Addam Origo during the Aegis War. In this form she is more powerful and is able to use her ability to predict the future in and outside of battles. It is with this sword that Mythra faced Malos during the Aegis War.

Is Shulk a real name? ›

The Shulk family name was found in the USA between 1880 and 1920. The most Shulk families were found in USA in 1880. In 1880 there were 7 Shulk families living in Wisconsin. This was about 54% of all the recorded Shulk's in USA.

Is Jin a blade? ›

Jin is a Blade, the so-called "Paragon of Torna", naturally one of the strongest Blades ever known. Unlike other Blades, his Core Crystal is on his forehead rather than his chest, which turns blood red after he becomes a Flesh Eater.

How many Unique Monsters are in Xenoblade? ›

There are 157 Unique Monsters, the only ones giving Affinity Coins when defeated. Five of them are superbosses, and eight of them are quest-exclusive. When a Unique Monster is slain for the first time in a given playthrough, each character of the entire party will earn an Affinity Coin.

How many Superbosses are in Xenoblade 3? ›

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Superbosses are high-leveled Unique Monsters with unique tombstones that allow them to be refought at progressively higher levels. There are five Superbosses throughout the world.

What are the enemy types in Xenoblade 3? ›

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Details Its 4 Monster Types; Normal, Unique, Elite & Lucky.

How many characters are in Xenoblade Chronicles 3? ›

There are a total of 19 Heroes you can unlock throughout Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Does Rex have a Monado? ›

The Monado is a clone of the Shield Hammer weapon, but has faster attacks and is a ATK weapon instead of a TNK weapon. It can be used by Rex, Nia, Mòrag and Zeke, each one of them with their own arts, including a variation of Monado Shield for Rex and Zeke.

Is Final Marcus a superboss? ›

Final Marcus is a unique monster and one of the superbosses in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Who is the hardest Xenoblade Superboss? ›

For many, Daedala can be the hardest superboss at a modest level 105.

Is there a secret boss in kh3? ›

Kingdom Hearts 3's Dark Inferno secret boss appears after the end of the game to challenge you.

Who is Shulk's best friend? ›

Reyn is one of the main protagonists and playable characters in the video game, Xenoblade Chronicles. He is Shulk's best friend from childhood and a member of the Colony 9 Defence Force.

Are Zanza and Klaus the same? ›

Klaus, also referred as Zanza or The Architect, is a reoccurring character in the Xenoblade series. He is the the true antagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and the creator of the world in both Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He created the universe of each game by using the Conduit.

Is Noah a girl xc3? ›

The dark-haired male protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Noah is an 18-year-old soldier that fights for the nation of Keves, the faction that has a particular talent for constructing powerful mech suits known as Mechas.

Who is Z in Xenoblade 3? ›

Z is the main antagonist of the 2022 video game Xenoblade Chronicles 3. He is the leader of the Consuls.


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