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Mix online with YouDJ!

YouDJ web version, without installation

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Anyone can become a DJ

YouDJ's main mission is to make DJing as easy as possible.Powerful technologies like AutoSync or AutoBPM help you mix music like a pro, even if you don't have any prior knowledge. YouDJ is, in a way, the first perfect DJ software.

All essential DJ tools

Although YouDJ is minimalist DJ software, it includes all the must-have DJ tools: 2 virtual turntables, 16 sound effects like echo/flanger/crusher, sampler with 80 built-in samples, realistic vinyl scratching, auto beat sync, keylock, continuous loops, auto playlist mix, hotcues, 3-way equalizer bands, crossfader, music visualization (party mode), MIDI control, headphones...

Mostly FREE! no ads!

I'm a solo programmer with a passion for this, so YouDJ is FREE!!The mobile app is completely free, and the must-have desktop DJ tools are free, but you can buy more professional tools. You won't find any other free DJ software/app as good as YouDJ I can guarantee :D

Pre-installed with music

YouDJ comes preloaded with 3000 songs, no need for your own music!These songs are provided by upcoming artists, so please support them. You can also play music from different sources: YouTube, your local MP3 files, Beatport, Beatsource, Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes...

Mix online with YouDJ!

YouDJ web version, without installation

Download YouDJ now! Available on all platforms

Learn more about YouDJ

Why you DJ?

I believeAnyone can turn offand have fun doing it!
That's why I worked for over 10 years to build thisUltimate DJ software for new DJs.
I designed everything to be like thissuper fun and easy to use, be prepared to waste a lot of time* ;)
This is alsoVery powerful, you have all the tools you need to mix music and videos online!
Hope you love it :)
Eric the programmer

* (hope no one reads this) So... I'm not responsible for your wasted time on YouDJ, especially if it results in you getting fired from your job, getting bad grades on your tests, your mom freaking out, your hamster dying because you forgot to feed you, your girlfriend or boyfriend to break up with you, your ears are bleeding, your dad's speakers are broken or any problem that can ruin your life ;)

How to mix (video tutorial)

What you have is a traditional DJ setup: 2 turntables and a mixer.
Your mission is to play two songs on each turntable at the same time and use the mixer in the middle to mix them.
Then you can enhance your mix with DJ effects, loops, scratch, EQ, sampler...

Click here toRestart YouDJ Startup Tutorialor click on the video below to watch DJ Thomas' tutorial :)

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Who are you DJ

Hi everyone, I'm Erik the programmer of YouDJ!
It all started in 2007 when I had the dream of buildingthe most fun and easy DJ software easy that my girlfriend or even my mom could mix it up! I have a great passion for electronic music and internet technologies, soIn my spare time I started programming YouDJ, sometimes in the parking lot of my main job during lunchtime!! (Photos below). At one point I got mad enough to quit my job and it took me over 10 years of work to build what you see today. I hope you like it :)YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (2) YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (3)

The site is virtually free and ad-free (!), which is quite rare on the internet, but then again, YouDJ is made with passion! :)
But since YouDJ takes a long time to build, there are some things to buy, but you don't have to if you don't want to.
Your money allows me to continue working full time at YouDJ (= not having another job) and thus develop new things!
I have a lot of great ideas and you may see new things in the future! :)

If you love YouDJ, you canshare with your friends on facebook, orwrite a nice commenthere helps a lot :)

Also here are all our social links:FacebookInstagramYouTube

Again, A BIG THANK YOU EVERYONE for loving the site, it means a lot to us as I'm working so hard on it!

PS: A few years ago a good friend of mine who was a film student made this amazing YouDJ promotional video!
I really want to share it with you so you can get a little bit of the YouDJ vibe. Enjoy the music and have fun!! :)
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Did you know that YouDJ has a mobile version?It took me a few years to build it, but it's finally here!

The app is a little simplified because the cell phone screen is smaller than a computer, but it's still very cool and TOTALLY FREE!

If you like YouDJ,Please leave a 5 star review on the Google/Apple store, IT WILL HELP ME A LOT :)

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (6)YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (8)

YouDJ-Desktop-AppFOR FREE

YouDJ Desktop is traditional software that you install on your computer, instead of just a website. This allows for things not possible in an internet browser, such as B.: Offline use and direct hard drive access to mix your own mp3 files!YouDJ Desktop is FREE and you can download it belowfor Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS and Linux.

Click here to download YouDJ Desktop for free :)


Beatportis the leading music provider for DJs. They recently released a Music Discovery DJ apppowered by YouDJ technology! If you love YouDJ but want something more professional,Try the Beatport DJ app, the first month is free!
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YOU.DJ's sister site isMIX.DJThis is an amazing catalog of DJ mixes and videos sorted by genre (Edm, House, Trance, HipHop...). If you want to listen to good music for hours,go straight to MIX.DJand have fun, it's all free, no bullshit :)
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YouDJ for EducationFOR FREE

YouDJ is used by music teachers in many schools around the world. I've received many emails from teachers requesting a kid- and teen-safe version that doesn't contain profanity (either in community chat or YouTube songs). So I made this version because I loved the idea. I really think YouDJ is the perfect tool to introduce music to schools. Simple, fun and free! To access the secure educational version, go to:
Note: If YouDJ is in educational mode and you want to return to normal mode, clear your browser's cache.

Add YouDJ to your websiteFOR FREE

Do you have a website? You can integrate YouDJ for free, just add this line in your HTML code:

<iframe src="" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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YouDJ Extension for ChromeFOR FREE

Do you use Chrome? In that case, you can install our FREE Chrome extension, it's something you must try!!

Lets you add DJ controls to any website like YouTube, Spotify or SoundCloud!

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (13) Click here to install the free version
YouDJ Extension for Chrome

YouDJ Art GalleryNEU

I opened a DJ art gallerythis Instagram page. I will add artwork over time to better accompany the site.

YOUDJ - MIX MUSIC ONLINE for free :) (14)

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